March 6, 2021
Broken Bow, OK

Broken Bow Lake

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Hobie Outback

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Broken Bow Lake – Broken Bow, OK


March 6, 2021
March 7, 2021

Event Info

The third stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power Pole finally takes us to Oklahoma. Broken Bow will be rolling out the red carpet for our anglers and showcasing a gem of a lake known for numbers and giant largemouth bass. Amazing scenery and ample lodging opportunities away from large population areas will create a special experience for our anglers. A year ago, we set a BOS attendance record in this region, and we aim to do it again! Get registered and be part a great time and maybe the largest event to date!

Anglers will be fishing for large cash payouts and the top 3 anglers will automatically qualify for our 50 angler Tournament of Champions held on Lake Eufaula, in Eufaula AL.  This event will be the second point bearing event counting towards the coveted Angler of the Year Title presented by FarWide the Outdoor Access App.


Anglers Event Information:

For those anglers who have placed you will need to complete a W9 form, fill in and complete the W9 form and submit to Steve Fields ( )within 5 days (please) so we can process the event payments.

Top 11 Payout:
1st. $6200
2nd. $3450
3rd. $2200
4th. $1750
5th. $1350
6th. $1250
7th. $1150
8th. $1100
9th. $1050
10th. $1000
11th. $950
Bassin’ Big Bass is worth $400


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What a weekend at the 3rd stop of the Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series Anchored by
Power-Pole Total Boat Control on Broken Bow Lake in McCurtain County Oklahoma!
110 anglers spread out on this amazing fishery competing for over $21,000, some valuable Angler of the Year points presented by FarWide, and 3 automatic qualifications to our Tournament of Champions on Lake Eufala, AL in Nov.
Rus Snyders(TN) notched his first win of the season and earned a $6200 check with a 2 day Total of 170.50″ of bass! This wire to wire victory qualified Rus for the TOC and earned him some key Angler of the Year Points.
Justin Brewer (AR) earned The Bassin’ Magazine Big Bass $400 check today with a 22″ Largemouth in a tiebreaker finish. This fish elevated him into 2nd place with a 2- Day Total of 168.25″ and total winnings of $3850. This finish also secured his place in the 50 Angler TOC.
Locking down the final automatic qualifier for the TOC was 3rd Place finisher Luke Aryan (OK). With the largest limit on Day-2 (85.75″) added to a solid Day 1 Total, his 164″ earned him a cool $2200 and major bragging rights as the highest placing Oklahoma Angler at the event.


RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Rus SnydersTN2017.2517171788.25
2Zack HallMI2018.517.515.751384.75
3Jordan MarshallTN18.751716.25161684
4Justin BrewerAR17.7517.7517.5171484
5Cody MiltonAR18.517.7516.2516.251583.75
6Jason CassettyIN2016.251514.7514.7580.75
7James HaeberleOK20.751716.751312.7580.25
8Josh StewartTN1817.7515.25141479
9Jeremy MitchellMO19.516.2515.513.7513.2578.25
10Luke AryanOK17.51716.75141378.25
11Nick MatthewsIN16.7515.7515.515.2514.577.75
12Dwain BateyAR18.251615.2514.2513.7577.5
13Tou VueOK16.515.7515.2515.2514.577.25
14David ByrdOK18.7516.2514.251413.576.75
15The MexecutionerOK16.516.51513.7513.7575.5
16Matthew ScotchTX1615.7515.514.7513.575.5
17Rick ValadezNE17.2515.514.514.2513.575
18Houa XiongOK15.2515.2514.7514.7514.574.5
19Jeff MalottAR161514.7514.513.7574
20Brandon PrinceMO16.251614.51412.2573
21Jason AdamsAR16.7515.2513.7513.513.572.75
22Kyle LongAR1914.2513.751312.572.5
23Garrett MorganAR15.751514.51412.7572
24Michael RingOK1615.2513.7513.2513.2571.5
25Eric ThomasonTN15.514.51413.513.2570.75
26Dave SewellIN16.7513.7513.75131370.25
27Jason RayOK15.2514.2514.2512.7512.2568.75
28Keaton VoeghtlyPA1514.513.51312.2568.25
29Kristine FischerNE15.7513.51312.512.2567
30Guillermo GonzalezTX16.7512.512.512.251266
31Avery MetcalfOK16.2515.2515.251359.75
32Bill CampbellAR16.751614.512.2559.5
33Jason ThomasOK1814.251412.7559
34Blake KnightTX171413.7512.557.25
35Adam RiserTN16.7515.2512.512.557
36Tim RodmanTX1714.7512.51256.25
37Michael Galbraith Sr.OK15.7513.2512.2512.2553.5
38Pat LassekNE19.75161449.75
39Hayden CrossnoeTX17.7516.751549.5
40Richie McMichaelKS171615.548.5
41Steven GibletOK16.51615.7548.25
42Joe DouglasKS17.51413.545
43David KittrellAL1814.512.2544.75
44Johnny MaddoxAR1812.7512.543.25
45Josh UngerCO15.514.513.2543.25
46Marty HughesNE15.514.251342.75
47Lloyd MizeAR15.2514.51241.75
48Joey VanyoMN14.513.51341
49Kevin WorkmanNE15.2512.7512.540.5
50Dylan LoweryGA13.7513.513.2540.5
51David BestTN13.2513.2513.2539.75
52Treavus GageOK14.2512.51238.75
53Bryan HowellTX17.7515.7533.5
54Chris LongshoreNE19.7513.533.25
55Adam DewittNE17.7514.532.25
56Jeff SherwoodNM16.514.531
57Brad UhlOK1614.2530.25
58Joseph SandersonTX1514.529.5
59Thomas PratherTX14.7514.2529
60Kolt VolkerNE1413.7527.75
61Christian MartinME151227
62Caroline HibbsAR13.7512.7526.5
63Brent WilsonOK13.512.7526.25
64Robert PritchardOK2020
65Reginald CurrieTX1818
66Mark SpiessNM17.517.5
67Michael ArchuletaCO17.517.5
68Jordan WestermanIA16.7516.75
69Blake CollinsOK14.7514.75
70Lance McWhorterTX13.513.5
71Katherine FieldUT13.2513.25
72Josh GarnerOK1313
73Kaili PurvianceCO1313
74Jimmy ThomasOK12.512.5
75Gary RegierKS1212
76Sean AcordOK0
77Darin AndersonOK0
78Mel AsheMO0
79Markus AyersUT0
80Maverick BlairTN0
81Cher CoenTX0
82Faron DavidsonOK0
83Jason DembowskiNE0
84John FaulknerOK0
85Tyler GarnerOK0
86Ian GileskiLA0
87Josh GoforthAR0
88Jeremy GreeneTX0
89Dennis GuinnOK0
90Jeff HalversonOK0
91Brad HargisLA0
92Rick HaxtonNE0
93Rusty HelmsOK0
94Christa HibbsAR0
95Joshua HinzCO0
96Kenny HoodCO0
97Mike HusarIL0
98David HutsonOK0
99Brian MaguireOK0
100Joshua MasseyOK0
101Ryan PaskiewiczAR0
102Jeremy PierceCO0
103Jeanine PizorOK0
104Matthew RoggeNE0
105Brady ShortKS0
106Dale TarrantID0
107Chance VanWinkleTX0
108Jack WagnerTX0
109Zachery WarrenOK0
110Larry WhisnantAR0
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