January 27, 2024
Pedal, Paddle, Electric Motor

College R1 – Dylan Crystaloski- PSU TAKES the WIN – LOWRANCE Harris Chain of Lakes

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January 27, 2024
January 27, 2024

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Hobie Bass Open Series 2024

Fri 1/26/2024 8:36 PM

Message regarding Tournament : Round 1 LOWRANCE Hobie BOS Harris Chain of Lakes 2024
Director : Hobie Cat Company II LLC
Director Email : bos@hobie.com

Thank you all for a great meeting and start to the 2024 season!

I had a couple anglers ask for a ruling and I wanted to confirm the rule to everyone based on my feedback to the anglers.

How our rule reads and the intent of it does not allow an angler to be in or fish into an area that reads no boats/ keep out/ no fishing etc,  even if their kayak is outside.  So, if an area is marked off limits or no boats, and buoyed/ roped off…  You CAN’T sit outside it and cast into it.

I understand this practice might be legal or accepted in areas here, but our rule remains firm on this.

If anyone has any questions on this or other, please reach out for me to help you feel comfortable going into tomorrow.

Thanks!   Have a fun and safe day!

Hobie Cat Company II LLC,
Tournament Director



Thu 1/25/2024 12:02 AM

Message regarding Tournament : Round 1 – Hobie BOS College Tour LOWRANCE Harris Chain of Lakes – 2024
Director : Hobie College BOS
Director Email : bos@hobie.com

Welcome to Lake County, FL for the 3rd season of the Hobie BOS College Tour

If you are receiving this email unexpectedly, please contact BOS@hobie.com immediately

Below is what you Need To Know coming into the event and to prepare your for our meeting details.  If you missed the Practice email, you can find it at the link below in the event page.

*All times for this event will be Eastern Standard Time.

Tournament Director.  AJ McWhorter is your direct contact for any tournament related questions or needs.  The best way to reach him during tournament days is through cell phone 859-351-3617 or messenger. He should be your first contact for any questions or concerns.

While in the community, we ask that you support the local restaurants, tackle stores, convenience stores, and lodging opportunities.  Make sure to tell them you are here with the Hobie Bass Open Series Kayak event!

Event Headquarters – Venetian Gardens 109 E Dixie Ave, Leesburg, FL

– There are detailed instructions within the event page on parking areas. Please follow these directions.  Carpooling and detaching trailers is suggested for your convenience. This and all event info can be found: https://hobiebos.com/events/r1-harris-chain-of-lakes-lake-county-fl/

– By registering, you have already agreed to our terms and liability.  You have also acknowledged you read and will abide by all the rules.  We do not need a physical copy of this form unless you are a youth entry.

– We are a METAL and KARBONATE Ketch Board series only. We wont have any boards available for sale at events this year. These are also available at our local supporting dealerships if you need one.

– Hobie Fishing TourneyTags. These are available for purchase to hold your identifier. Cash only.   These are a convenience item and not mandatory to hold your ID. limited quantities

– Update TourneyX now. If you are not sure if you have the most up-to-date TourneyX app, please delete the current version and download the new version.  Having the most updated version could be the difference in your system working right this weekend. Log in and be prepared BEFORE tournament day, not just when you are ready to submit fish.

– Practice ends at 4pm on Friday.  This means back at the launch by 4pm. Done scouting, graphing and fishing. OFF the water.  You can NO Longer Solicit Info from anyone after practice period is over.  You are still allowed to communicate about fishing to competitors or non-competitors.

Friday Agenda  –  The mandatory Angler Briefing will start at 6pm EST at the HQ. We will plan to check the bulk of boards after the meeting, however we will be trying a pre- meeting board check that will begin at 530 for those wishing to arrive early to help reduce the wait time after. All boards must get checked and stickered to be legal.  We will be passing out Day 1 and Day 2 IDs at this meeting.

– We will not go over the rules word for word, we will discuss details and expectations as well as a few rules.  It is your responsibility to know all published rules and event details as well as everything covered in the meeting.

– College Anglers will have the same meeting with the BOS anglers.

– We ask that you have your boards cleaned and dried for this check.  Please remove all stickers from the bump, including 2023 BOS Sticker. 

–  As needed, You can bring a board to be checked for another angler that can’t attend and pick up their ID, but that will be your responsibility.

 Saturday night we will NOT have an in-person check-in despite the event being completed.  We will go over the day on the live feed, but awards for the College event will be on Sunday. 

Anglers are required to launch and land at the launches that are listed below.  If an angler finds any of these launches are not public they are to report that to the TD Immediately. There will be no more additions to the list after Thursday night, only removal of ramps that are no longer public or available for the weekend. 


– Some of the public launches have published/ official times that do not coincide with the event times. At no time or location can an angler launch before the Public opening of the facility, even if they are camping or staying there. The facility must be open and available to all to be usable.

– If anyone has equipment issues, please let us know and we can do our best to assist and get you back on the water as soon as possible.  While we do have some parts and pieces, anglers will be expected to repair their own equipment. There are dealerships surrounding the area that may also have parts and pieces or even kayaks to help you stay on the water. The Hobie Parts truck will arrive Thursday evening.

Thank you all for your support of the College Tour.  We hope to see many new schools and faces on the trail this year.

Hobie College BOS,
Tournament Director





The 3rd season of the Hobie Bass Open Series College Tour is on!  Lets GO!!!

For 2024 College Anglers will be competing in 4 events that will coincide with the Hobie BOS events.  In these 4 events anglers will be fishing for points for their school and the coveted  School of the Year title!  Anglers are eligible to fish in the BOS event also and all rules of that series apply to the college series.

Round 1 of the Hobie BOS College Tour will open up in The Sunshine State on this popular chain of lakes!  There will be ample vegetation and structure for our anglers to target on their way to finding the largest bass over this 2- day event.  Potential for a series record bass or limit is of the highest possibility at this premium Florida bass factory. Come warm up and get your fishing season started right at the Harris Chain!

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter

Event Support: Steve Fields

Motor Status: Allowed for practice and Competition

Event Headquarters – Venetian Gardens 109 E Dixie Ave, Leesburg, FL

R1 Event Parking

In order to support the host communities that support us, we encourage our anglers to stay, eat and shop within Lake County.  Make sure to tell everyone you are there for the Hobie Bass Open Kayak Tournament.

Explore Lake County here:

Visit Lake: www.VisitLakeFL.com

GO Sports: https://greaterorlandosports.com/

City of Leesburg: https://www.leesburgflorida.gov/activities/recreation/index.php

Points for College anglers will be distributed as follow for the school-

1st place angler- 10 points

2nd place angler- 9 points

3rd place angler- 8 points

4th place angler- 7 points

5th place angler- 6 points

6th place angler- 5 points

7th place angler- 4 points

8th place angler- 3 points

9th place angler – 2 points

10th place angler- 1 points

Big Bass of the event- .5 point

Anglers must submit and score a legal fish for points to be distributed.

Any questions or cancellations must be sent to: BOS@Hobie.com.

Official Schedule- All Time EST

– Registration is Open!

– 1/15/24 – Off-Limits period begins.

– 1/19/24 – 10pm- Official registration ends.

– Withdraw window closes.

1/20/24 – Official Practice Period Begins

– Late Registration Period opens for $50

– Practice details email is sent out.

1/24/24 – 10pm – Late Registration Period ends

– Need to Know Email is sent out.

1/26/24 – 4pm -Practice Period ends.

– 5:30pm – Early Board Check Begins.

– 6pm – Mandatory Tournament Briefing begins.

– 6:30 pm -Board Check and ID Distribution begins.

1/27/24 – Day 1 of Competition

– 6:30am – Go Time!

– 7:00am – First Cast

– 3:00pm -Lines Out of the Water/ Picture Deadline

– 3:30pm – Submission Deadline

– 7:00 pm- Live feed Recap of the day.

BOS event ID distribution, Day 1 recap, Day 2 Prep. Watching is Mandatory.

1/28/24 – Day 2 of BOS Competition.

– 5:00pm – Event Awards at Headquarters

Event Boundaries:

Anglers are allowed to fish any legal and connected body of water or portion of the Harris Chain as long as they launch and land from the published launches and follow all BOS Rules in accessing water.  No portaging or wading.

Published Launches:

Anglers must use launches from the following list for competition days.  This list is subject to updates. Participants are expected to contribute to this list both in additions or removal of launches as needed, by communicating with the TD. No additions will be made after 1/25/24.

Official launch map:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1tfB5DrFVuBd0VOZyRub5usfTHvoYX2E&usp=sharing

The Hobie BOS is a Ketch Board only series.  We allow metal and Karbonate boards.  Boards must be checked and stickered before each event to be legal. There will be no boards available for sale at the event. Please clean your boards before getting them checked and the event.

Get your Florida Fishing License  Here:     https://license.gooutdoorsflorida.com/Licensing/CustomerLookup.aspx

HOBIE DEALER – Travel Country Outfitters

In Orlando: 407.831.0777

1101 E Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Social Media – We ask anglers to promote the following:

Facebook: DiscoverLakeCountyFL; GreaterORLSport; leesburgrecreation

Twitter: visitlakefl; GreaterORLSport

Instagram: discoverlakecountyfl; greaterorlsport; leesburgrecreation

LinkedIn: Lake County Board of County Commissioners; Greater Orlando Sports Commission






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