June 13, 2020
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Kentucky Lake

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1st Kentucky Lake HBOS

Event Details


Kentucky Lake, Kentucky


June 13, 2020
June 14, 2020

Event Info

The Hobie Bass Open once again returns for its seventh straight year to Kentucky Lake! This is where it all started for the series as a single annual event, and we’re excited to bring the series back to crown a new champion of Kentucky Lake! Following tradition, this year’s champion will qualify to compete in the most prestigious international kayak fishing tournament in the world, the Hobie Fishing Worlds 10, plus take home a large check and some awesome prizes Cash and prizes from our amazing sponsors will be awarded to many anglers, whether it’s in the form of a top finish or out of pure luck in our raffle.

Kentucky and Barkley Lakes are the culmination of two of the biggest and most notable river systems in the southeast offering deep and shallow water fishing opportunities for anglers, especially this time of year. Anglers can catch Largemouth, Smallmouth and Kentucky Spotted Bass on both fisheries with plenty of opportunities to catch personal best trophies.

This year, due to COVID-19 and the threat of the coronavirus, the logistics of the event will be different compared previous years. For the safety of our competitors, and everyone involved with the event, we will have no official meetings or gatherings, but instead everything will be run digitally. We ask that anglers do not gather in large groups after hours and respect the precautions we as a community are having to take in order to allow this event to happen. We will have more information and guidelines for how we have to operate during this time coming soon, including a mandatory COVID-19 waiver that all participants will need to read and sign. This event will be a model for how events will be run during this pandemic and we are relying on staff, volunteers, and our anglers to showcase that we CAN still have these events all over the country, within our format.

We can’t wait to crown a new champion, qualify another angler for Hobie Worlds and most importantly get back to hosting competitive events for our amazing anglers.

Timeline: All times are Central Standard Time

June 8th- Official practice period begins.  Anglers can no longer use motorized fishing boats on tournament waters.  Motorized kayaks, if legally registered, will be allowed during practice only.

June 11th- Registration Ends at 11pm CST.  Anglers must be registered and have the all waivers turned back into to Hobie. Registration at the Drive thru Check- in will not be available.

*NOTE: Registration is ending Thursday (one day earlier than we usual) so do not miss out! Registration is CLOSED on Friday!

*Detailed check-in instructions and waivers will be provided closer to the event date.

June 12th 

4:00 PM – Practice ends

4:30 – 6:30 PM – Mandatory Drive thru check-in and board check at tournament HQ

7:00 PM – Virtual Safety and info meeting

June 13th

5:00 AM – First launch

5:30 AM – First cast

3:00 PM – Fishing ends

4:00 PM – Submission Deadline

4:30 – 6:30 PM – Drive thru Check-in, ID pickup

7:00 PM – Virtual Meeting

June 14th

5:00 AM – First launch

5:30 AM – First cast

3:00 PM – Fishing ends

4:00 PM – Submission Deadline

5:00 PM – Virtual awards with top 10% present


Drive thru Headquarters will be the Kentucky Dam Village Marina and Ramp parking Lot.

Tournament Boundaries:
Anglers can enjoy launching at any PUBLIC ACCESS or PUBLIC RAMP on Kentucky and Barkley lakes. The launching boundaries for KY Lake will extend from the Dam all the way south to the I40 Bridge. The launching boundaries for Lake Barkley will extended from the Dam south to the US79 Bridge in Dover TN.  Anglers CAN fish beyond the launching boundaries, but must launch and land in bounds. Any disconnected body of water in Land Between the Lakes will be considered off limits unless an angler can launch lake side and paddle or pedal into that area.

Lodging info:  Kentucky Dam Village has been closed throughout the Pandemic, we would love to give back and help them get the season started right. Please check their variety of offerings before booking elsewhere.

Kentucky Dam Village Phone
Group code: 3343 (necessary to receive discount)

Accommodation Rates:
1 BR Cottage 99.95
2 BR Ctg (sm) $119.95
Lodge Rooms $79.95

1 BR Cottage $119.95
2 BR Ctg (sm) $139.95
Lodge Rooms $94.95

Camping- As of now Camping in KY is scheduled to open June 11th. If you are camping longer, you may evaluate opportunities in TN before the KY opening date.


1Jody QueenWV18.519.25177.5
2Adam RiserTN18.521.25176.5
3Cody MiltonAR19.7520.25175.75
4Mark DavisAL2020172.5
5Josh StewartTN17.2520170.75
6Eric SiddiqiOH2120165
7Jaxton OrrIN1817.75163.25
8Cory DreyerNC20.2519.5160.5
9Ron ChampionGA19.2516160
10Kirt PequignotTN17.516.75160
11Rus SnydersTN15.7517.75159.5
12Charles MizerTN16.518.25157
13Anthony WinklemanKY17.516.25155.75
14Kenny JableckiTN17.2519154.5
15Guillermo GonzalezTX18.517154
16Kurt SmitsOH18.7516.25153.5
17Jason IsaacsOH17.7516.5152
18TOBY KLEFFMANIN19.2518.25151.5
19Greg VickersWI18.517.25151.25
20Bert GuthausKY17.516.75151
21Matt BallOH14.2519.5147.25
22Steve LeamanMO15.2516146.75
23Wayne LobbLA1619.75146
24Matthew ScotchTX16.2520145.25
25Kris HummelTN1718.25145.25
26Kevin WorkmanNE16.7515145
27Tim IsaacsWV1814.5144.75
28Andrew GreenLA15.515.25143.75
29Keith FreeseTN16.520.25142.5
30Jeremy KleffmanIN16.2515.5141.5
31Steven MaxwellTN16.7519.5134.75
32Nick HuddlestonNC15.7519.75131.75
33Adam CartwrightIN1718130.5
34Kristine FischerNE17.2514130.5
35Donald HarshmanPA19.516.5129.75
36Dave SewellIN15.518.25127
37Brandi VanoverKY1813.75124
38Garrett MorganAR1816118.75
39Nathan WoodTN14.2516.5117.25
40Josh CounceFL17.514.5117
41Cole KleffmanIN1516117
42Nathan GreenVA15.7515116.5
43Roy GrubbAR14.7518115.25
44Tory BoumaNE16.7518.25110.75
45Jimmy McclurkanTN1716.25107.5
46Mike CheathamTN17.515.5107.25
47Nick DyerAL18.2518106.5
48Jay WallenKY19.2514.25106.25
49Larry WoodSC16.519105.75
50Drew RussellKY18.2513.25105.25
51Jim DavisTN17.515104.25
52Jason BroachSC14.7518.75104
53Jim OrrIN16.514.75103.5
54Gino QuizonCA1419.25102.75
55Kyler BranaumKY15.7520.5102.25
56Randy CollinsKY1519.2599.5
57Susie RoloffIL14.751699.5
58Derrick BosticTN22.2597.25
59R.J. HooverMI152190.5
60Arlie MintonNC14.751688
61David KittrellAL15.51384.5
62Ben RayfieldTN14.751383
63Joe KomyatiNC19.51582
64CT NealOH1973.5
65Sean RastanisLA191273
66Brandon CarpenterOH15.2516.572
67William SonKY13.7514.568
68Robert BarnettGA15.559.5
69Joshua Starbuck15.558.75
70Brad UhlOK1712.7556.25
71Tim TurcotteKY14.514.554.75
72Brandon PrinceMO14.7554.25
73Tyler TacyOH19.549.5
74Christopher MilesIL1947.25
75Shane WilliamsFL1419.2546.5
76James HimelKY1714.545.25
77Jeff SherwoodNM1744
78Nick ChabarriaMO1416.543.25
79Justin PatrickTN16.513.7543
80James MinorTN1540.5
81Alex CarterKY13.751440.5
82Steve OwensTN1440.25
83Daniel ParrisGA192140
84Dean TurnerLA13.7512.2538
85Dylan LoweryGA18.7533
86Jordan MarshallTN16.7531.75
87Terrik WalkerOH17.7531
88Eric ThomasonTN1631
89Glenn LandstromIN1730.75
90Ryan LambertTN1630.75
91Martin KwickWI13.7515.2529
92Shane McIntyreTN14.7528.25
93Mickey CabeTN14.527.25
94Eric RominesTN13.525.5
95Brian TacyOH12.7525
96Gary RegierKS12.751224.75
97Chris PadgettGA12.2524.5
98Quinton EcholsOH20.520.5
99Brian DelahuntyKY19.2519.25
100Chris OdomAL1919
101Katherine FieldUT18.518.5
102Terry ElkinsKY18.518.5
103Russ KennedyTN17.7517.75
104Mitchell WhiteGA1717
105Sam Robertson16.7516.75
106Todd StovallKY16.516.5
107Brandon ShawKY15.515.5
108Brian CoyneOH15.2515.25
109Daniel MorrisTN15.2515.25
110Craig DyeGA15.2515.25
111Brian StumboKY1515
112Zack BishopKY14.514.5
113Mark BinkleyTN14.514.5
114David Hutson14.2514.25
115Jesse HalversonAL12.7512.75
116Gregg MulgrewNJ12.7512.75
117Brad OswaltIN12.2512.25
118David BestTN0
119Billy BowdenAR0
120Hernan CortezWI0
121Mark GebbiaNJ0
122Will Goris0
123Joseph GuglielmucciTN0
124Dustin Hill0
125Nick McBrideNV0
126Clayton ShillingLA0
127Noah StevensTN0
128Will Stumbo0
129John WaltersKY0
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