September 17, 2022
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Hobie Bos 2022 Lake Dardanelle

Event Details




September 17, 2022
September 18, 2022

Event Info

The record breaking regular season of the Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole Total Boat Control concluded in dramatic fashion on Lake Dardanelle today.
A 2- day cumulative total of 165″ was caught by the top two anglers! The champion was going to come down to a big fish tie-breaker in a stacked field of 141 anglers from all over the country!
Winning the tiebreaker and the event was 1st time kayak angler and 15 year old Jackson Roumbanis (AR). Jackson was a quick learner in the kayak game and it complimented his skills as a young angler well on his home lake. His longest fish in this Catch, Photo, and Release style tournament measured 18.5″ and was just enough! Jackson takes home $8,100 for this impressive showing.
On the short end of the Tie-breaker was BOS veteran Francis Tran (MS). While securing his 165″ his big fish only measured 18″. And although he was only .75″ from winning the tie-breaker, he was still able to take home $4,200 for his equally impressive total and a 2nd place finish.
Reigning Angler of the Year, Jordan Marshall (TN) battled hard today for a strong limit and 2-day total of 163.50″. His 3rd place finish was worth $2,300.
All 3 anglers earned the final automatic qualifying spots for the upcoming $100,000 Guarantee Tournament of Champions on Caddo Lake in Shreveport – Bossier City, LA.
Official 50 Angler TOC roster and 2023 Schedule will be coming soon!



Welcome to Russellville, AR and Lake Dardanelle for the final and 9th Hobie BOS event of 2022.

If you are receiving this email unexpectedly, please contact immediately.

Below is what you Need To Know coming into the event.

*All times for this event will be Central Time.

Tournament Director.  AJ McWhorter is your direct contact for any tournament related questions or needs.  The best way to reach him during tournament days is through Messenger, or cell phone 859-351-3617. He should be your first contact for any questions or issues.

We are going to be gathering this Friday night for our event check-in meeting and to bring anglers from all over the country together.  Pizza will be served after anglers go through the check-in process and before the meeting. This will be held outside, please plan accordingly.

While in the community, we ask that you support the local restaurants, tackle stores, convenience stores, and lodging opportunities.  Make sure to tell them you are here with the Hobie Bass Open Series Kayak event!

Registration Headquarters:

Lake Dardanelle State Park 100 State Park Drive, Russellville, AR 72802

Weigh-in Pavilion, parking in the designated areas and lots around the park. 

– All times for this event will be CST. 

– By registering, you have already agreed to our terms and liability.  You have also acknowledged you read and will abide by all the rules.  We do not need a physical copy of this form.

– We are a METAL Ketch Board series only. We DON’T expect to have any Ketch Boards available for sale.

– 2022 BOS Hats, Buffs and T-shirts. They are here and in-stock!  $20 each or end of season sale @ Mix and Match any 2 items for $30. Cash only.

– Hobie Fishing TourneyTags. These are available for purchase to hold your identifier.  $8 cash only.

– Update TourneyX now. If you are not sure if you have the most up-to-date TourneyX app, please delete the current version and download the new version.  Having the most updated version could be the difference in your system working right this weekend. Log in and be prepared BEFORE tournament day, not just when you are ready to submit fish.

– Practice ends at 4pm on Friday.  This means back at the launch by 4pm. Done scouting, graphing and fishing. OFF the water.

– The check-in process will begin at 5pm and not earlier. We ask that everyone is in attendance for this process between 5-6:30pm. We will be checking anglers in, verifying their METAL ketch board, distributing Day 1 and Day 2 IDs and award our random draw winners some great prizes from our sponsors.  Pizza will be served upon checking- in. The meeting area is outside, so plan accordingly.  Anglers are responsible for meeting information, but do not have to stay.  Meeting will be broadcast live.

– We ask that you have your boards cleaned and dried for this check.  Please remove ALL stickers from your board before the check-in process, unless you already have a 2022 BOS bump sticker.

– You can bring a board to be checked for another angler that can’t attend and pick up their ID, but that will be your responsibility.

– After we wrap up the check-in process and anglers have finished eating and gathering, we will have our sponsor prize giveaway before we start our event meeting around 630pm. During this meeting we will go over all details for the event and weekend.  All info in this meeting is your responsibility.  We will not go over the series rules word for word in this meeting, they can be found on our website and the event page.  This meeting will also be live on the Facebook group page if you aren’t able to stay in person after checking in.

 Saturday night we will NOT have an in-person check-in.  We WILL have a live Facebook meeting to go over all details from day 1, announce the Day 2 ID code, and finalize details for Sunday.

– Anglers are responsible for verifying their launch/access is within the boundaries, legal, and public.  The TD cannot do this for you.  Boundaries are published and the TD can help with those.

 Boundary Clarifications-  For Launch Boundaries… We use the verbiage “at or inside,”  At means that either side of the bridge, but at the bridge would be considered a legal area.  Portaging is not legal.  Your launch area, if not published specifically, can not be in an area that is disconnected from the main river or legal tributary.  Fluctuating water levels of the river system will impact legal areas and angler access.

– If anyone has equipment issues while here, please let us know and we can do our best to assist and get you back on the water as soon as possible. Support staff is on site.

Thank you all again for your support, we couldn’t do this without you.  There is lots at stake this event, including some hard earned AOY points as we will qualify 22 additional anglers for the TOC, the final 3 auto-qualifiers to the Tournament of Champions, and a nice payout opportunity awarded this weekend!  You all are part of a historic and special season for the BOS and we are looking forward to our 3rd event in 3 years on Lake Dardanelle.

Hobie BOS,
Tournament Director


Welcome to Lake Dardanelle Week!  The final BOS event of the year.  Just a few notes as you travel into Russellville for the week.

Registration and Refunds:  Registration will Remain Open until Wednesday at 6pm CST.  Please let your friends know there is still time to get in.  We are outside of the refund window.  No more refunds for this event will be processed.  If you are not able to come or receiving this email by mistake, please let us know.

– There have been reports of theft at boat ramps in the area over the last couple weeks.  Please be aware of your surroundings and your gear while you are practicing and fishing this week.

– We encourage you all to stay in or near Russellville this week if you have not already booked your stay.

– We are Metal Ketch boards only.  We are hoping to have a few extras there for sale, but haven’t confirmed that we will yet.

– We do allow Motors on your kayak for Practice Only.

– If you are unable to make it to our check-in and meeting on Friday night at Lake Dardanelle State Park, you can have someone bring your board and get you IDs.

– Hobie staff will be getting into the area by Thursday.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me via messenger, cell (859-351-3617), or

– We will have a very limited amount of parts and pieces if you have anything pop-up on your Hobie this week.  Please let us know.

– Be safe traveling, share that you are coming and what you are fishing for on your social posts!  Make sure folks know that they can still get in and we are going to have an amazing season ender because of your support.  There will be 3 automatic qualifiers and 22 AOY point bearing anglers that will know they are in the TOC after this event.  So much at stake and plenty of dollars to be paid out!

Hobie BOS,
Tournament Director

The final stop of the 2022 Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us back to the Natural State.  The famed section of the Arkansas River is known as Lake Dardanelle and is host to many top professional tournaments each season.   The series 3rd visit to the lake, anglers can expect a diverse fishery where current and vegetation will play a factor.

Event Headquarters: Lake Dardanelle State Park, 100 State Park Drive, Russellville, AR 72802

We encourage all of our anglers to stay with us in or near Russellville, AR.  There are ample opportunities close to water, good food and our headquarters. Please support our host community so they will continue to support series like ours

A maximum capacity of 200 Anglers will be competing for a cash payout to 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in the 2022 Tournament of Champions (TOC) on Caddo Lake Nov 11-13 in Shreveport- Bossier City, LA.

The TOC is a 3- day, 50 Angler championship with a $100,000 payout guarantee.

If maximum capacity is reached anglers can email to get on the official wait list.

All anglers entering will have a chance to win a 2022 Hobie Outback in custom Orange and Black ‘BOS Camo’ color way. In addition to the Outback, every angler registered will be eligible to win a Torqeedo 1103 Ultralight motor.  Along with many other prizes that will be randomly given away from our sponsors.

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter


June 10th  – 12pm EST Registration opens

August 27th  – Anglers are no longer allowed to hire, communicate with guides, or receive information originated from a guide on this fishery or about this fishery.

September 9th- Refund process ends at 5:00pm CST.  This is the last opportunity to request a partial refund (80%).  No refunds will be processed after this date.

September 12th – Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must begin using a tournament approved vessel.  Motors on kayaks are allowed for practice only.

September 14th- 6pm CST registration will end if not already capped at 200 anglers.

September 15th- Anglers will receive their Need to Know email to provide details for the check-in process.  This will be sent via their registered TourneyX email.

All times for the Event will be CST-

September 16th –

4 pm Practice ends

5-630 pm Mandatory registration, board check, and ID distribution at event Headquarters.  Meal to be provided.

630- Prize Giveaway

7 pm  or earlier, Mandatory event meeting

–       If anglers can’t attend the Friday night events, they are still responsible for coordinating with the director, getting Ketch board checked, receiving event IDs and being aware of everything covered at the meeting.

September 17th –

6:00 am- First Launch

6:30 am- First Cast

2:30 pm- Fishing Ends

3:30 pm- Submission Deadline

730 pm- Facebook Live meeting and Day 2 ID code announcement.

September 18th –

6:00 am- First Launch

6:30 am- First Cast

2:30 pm- Fishing Ends

3:30 pm- Submission Deadline

4:30 pm- Live awards.  All anglers are welcome.

Refunds:  Anglers have until September 9th to request a refund. All refunds by or before that date will be processed at 80%.  There will be no refunds after September 9th at 5pm CST. Email for this process.

Event Boundaries:

Physical boundaries:  Anglers will be able to launch at any public access or ramp above The Dardanelle Lock and dam up to the next Lock and dam on the Arkansas River. The spillway will be the boundary for the Illinois Bayou.

Launch Boundaries: Anglers must launch at/inside Hwy 359 on Little Piney Creek and Spring Slough. Anglers must launch inside I40 in Clarksville.  Anglers must launch inside Hwy 64 in Slough Creek. Anglers can fish past the launch boundaries, but must Launch and load inside the launch boundaries.

Portaging is not legal.  Anglers must be able to Pedal and Paddle in AND out of an area for the area during tournament hours to be considered legal.

Hobie BOS uses Metal Ketch Board Only. Boards will be checked at the Drive- thru.

Please register early so we can communicate with you on any updates and changes for the event as we get closer.



Roumbanis claims tie-breaker victory to become youngest Hobie BOS winner.


OCEANSIDE, Calif. (September 26, 2022) – In a stunning victory that required a tie-breaker procedure to decide the victor, 15-year-old Jackson Roumbanis from Russellville, Arkansas, became the youngest competitor to win a Hobie Bass Open Series (BOS) Anchored by Power-Pole® event.

Competing on Russellville, AR’s famed bass haven, Lake Dardanelle, Roumbanis finished in a first-place tie with Francis Tran, 30, of Starkville, Mississippi, each recording 165 inches of largemouth bass in the two-day, catch, photograph and release (CPR) tournament. The tie was broken by the largest fish taken between the two competitors, an 18.50-inch lunker giving the young angler the victory over Tran’s 18-inch top effort. Jordan Marshall, 27, of Maryville, Tennessee, finished third with 163.5 inches of bass.

“What a great event this turned out to be!” said Hobie BOS tournament director, A.J. McWhorter. “This is our third visit to Lake Dardanelle, and it was our largest attended event here – and the largest kayak tournament event of any kind ever held in the state of Arkansas. September is always a challenging time of year for bass as the fish transition into their fall patterns. Those challenges, however, showcased the skills of our anglers as they worked hard to come away with some solid scores and many familiar names made big moves to improve their AFTCO Angler of the Year (AOY) standings. Add in a teenage, first-time kayak tournament angler winning against a stacked field of national-class competitors from around the country and it proved to be one of the most entertaining events of our season.”



Indeed, it was, as Roumbanis tallied 86.5 inches of bucketmouths to finish third on Day One of the event and moved into a first-place tie with Tran after adding 78.75 inches of bass to his tally with an eight-place finish on Day 2. Tran finished in seventh-place on Day 1 with an 82.25 limit and followed that up with 82.75 inches on Day 2, which was good for fifth. Third-place finisher Jordan Marshall, meanwhile, rallied from a 23rd-place finish on Day 1 with a 75.75-inch haul to lead the field on Day 2 with 87.75 inches.

For their efforts, Roumbanis earned $8,100, Tran took home $4,200, and Marshall received $2,300. James Haeberle of Colcord, OK, took home Bassin’ Big Bass honors and a $500 check for a 21.5-inch lunker caught on Day 1. AFTCO AOY points were also distributed to the first 100 finishers. Additionally, Roumbanis, Tran and Marshall qualified for the Hobie Tournament of Champions (TOC).

“I’ve won a few fishing tournaments for juniors,” said Roumbanis, “but this is the first time I’ve competed at an adult level, so it’s hard to believe I came out on top. This was my first Hobie BOS event – and first kayak tournament. I was a little worried at the start because my options were limited. I don’t drive so I had to have my Dad drop me off at the lake. That meant I had to make my spot work both days until he picked me up in the afternoon. If the bite wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be able to pull my boat and head to another ramp.”


Hobie Bos 2022 Lake Dardanelle


Turns out Roumbanis had no need for concern. Working main points, lily pads and deeper grasses off of sandbar points, he scored right out of the gate and had his best action tossing frogs early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Following a solid performance on Day 1, he hit the same area to clean-up on Day 2.

“I just happened to be in the right spot at the right time,” explained Roumbanis, humbly. “Both Frances and Jordan fished really well, too. Finishing in a tie was awesome – I didn’t realize I had won until I heard my name called at the awards ceremony. I’d like to thank my family for their support and the Hobie community for treating me so well during the event,” continued Roumbanis,” adding that tips learned from his father, pro bass angler Fred Roumbanis, factored heavily in his victory. “I would especially like to give a shout out to Drew Gregory,” he continued. “I met him at some fishing shows, and he encouraged me to enter this event.”

For his part, Tran, who has now competed in all three Hobie Lake Dardanelle events, spent a week scouting and pre-fishing only to return to his favorite spot. Probing a backwater pond with big matts of milfoil, extremely shallow water and clean visibility on both days, he threw a weedless soft-plastic frog and followed-up missed hits with a Berkley PowerBait® MaxScent The General worm.

“I worked that frog real slow because the mats were so thick,” revealed Tran. “If a bass missed that frog, I’d immediately pitch that General into the hole it left behind. I probably connected with 50-percent of the fish that missed on their first strike. I had limits before 9:30 a.m. on both days. The fishing was consistent, but I just couldn’t find a big kicker to put me over the top.”


Hobie Bos 2022 Lake Dardanelle


Tran made a point to recognize the performance by Roumbanis, noting it’s the kind of story every young angler dreams about. “He competed against a star-studded field with some big names here. To walk away a winner, that’s just amazing. With kayak fishing at this level, everything has to go perfect on both days for that kind of outcome. I fish the Hobie BOS because it’s the most difficult, challenging and competitive kayak fishing tournament out there. If you get a victory here, you really earned it. Congratulations on a job well done.”

As for Marshall, he was pleased with his third-place finish. “I’ll take it every time,” said the frequent Hobie BOS competitor who fishes from a Hobie Pro Angler 14180. “I had found some fish around main islands in practice, but they were gone come tourney time, so I has to scramble a bit,” he revealed. “I ended up pushing far back into a creek and the action there was solid. On Day 1, I used a Jackhammer and had my limit in 20 minutes once I got on that spot. At that point, I left those fish to rest.”

Returning on Day 2, Marshall found the bite still red-hot and pounded away with a 20.5-inch brute helping him take the day’s top limit at 87 inches. “I thought I might win the event because I was in first when the leader board was turned off,” he recalled. “Still, I was working moving baits both days, which is what I love to do, so it really was fun fishing.”


Hobie Bos 2022 Lake Dardanelle


Marshall, too, offered kudus to Roumbanis on his improbable win. “I’ve had some strong finishes but never won a Hobie event, so he’s off to a great start,” he said. “Obviously, he’s a fantastic angler. I hope to see him again at the TOC.”

So does McWhorter, who summed up the event as being a real thriller. “Lake Dardanelle and the city of Russellville has always welcomed the Hobie community while sharing their great bass fishery with our kayak anglers,” he concluded. “This was our last open event for 2022, and it was wonderful to see a 15-year-old in his first national level kayak event get the win. As we wrap up this season, it shows us a bright glimpse into the future of competitive fishing, and kayak fishing in particular.”

The final stop for the 2022 Hobie BOS Anchored by Power-Pole® series is the 2022 Hobie Tournament of Champions (TOC) on Caddo Lake, November 11-13, in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana. The TOC is a three-day, 50-angler championship with a $100,000 payout guarantee and $45,000 first-place prize.


RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Garrett MorganAR2019.751716.751689.5
2Armando SolaTX19.7518.7517.2516.516.2588.5
3Jackson RoumbanisAR18.5181716.516.2586.25
4Brandon PrinceMO19.7518.516.2515.7513.2583.5
5Troy EnkeMO19.2517.2516.2515.7514.583
6Rus SnydersTN1716.7516.516.251682.5
7Francis TranMS17.751716.7515.515.2582.25
8Brian NelliFL17.516.516.515.7515.7582
9Drew GregoryOH18.51716.251514.7581.5
10Jason IsaacsOH1716.516161681.5
11Cody HenleyUT18.7518.515.2514.514.2581.25
12Guillermo GonzalezTX18.2517.7514.7514.51479.25
13Adam PetroneKY16.5161615.751579.25
14Andrew GreenLA1915.515.514.51478.5
15Cody MiltonAR19.7516.2515.513.751378.25
16Jay WallenKY17.7516.514.7514.7513.577.25
17Cole SikesAR16.51615.2514.751476.5
18Darren WilliamsTX17.7517.2515.513.751276.25
19Hayden HallNE181514.7514.513.7576
20Jason BroachSC17.51614.5141476
21Stephen SistoPA16.516.2515.51413.7576
22Billy BowdenAR171615.51413.2575.75
23Jordan MarshallTN15.7515.515.2514.7514.575.75
24Kurt SmitsOH16.7515.514.514.513.7575
25John HutsonTX20.51712.512.512.2574.75
26Richie McMichaelKS181514.5141374.5
27Jack WagnerTX1715.2515.2513.751374.25
28Lance McWhorterTX16.7515.515.2513.513.2574.25
29Chris NeedhamAR18.25151413.513.2574
30Daniel MerrittTX15.515.2514.2514.2513.7573
31Larry HollisAR1615.7515.512.7512.572.5
32Corey HopperAR15.515.514.2513.7513.572.5
33Tyler ZengerleAR15.515.514.251412.7572
34Mel AsheMO16.251614.7512.512.2571.75
35Brady StorrsNE16.2515.2513.7513.51371.75
36Jim WareGA1615.2513.7513.513.2571.75
37Rick HaxtonNE15.2514.514.513.7513.7571.75
38Rolando NandinTX1615.7514.251312.571.5
39Nic GillilandOK15.514.514.251413.2571.5
40Adam RiserTN17.7513.7513.513.512.7571.25
41Jason CassettyIN1514.7514.513.251370.5
42Austin ApplegateKS17.7513.513.251312.570
43Wayne LobbLA16.751413.512.7512.569.5
44Dave SewellIN15.25141413.512.7569.5
45Eric SiddiqiOH15.2514.251413.751269.25
46Dale GriffinTX15.514.251412.7512.569
47Jody QueenWV16.7514.2513.2512.2512.2568.75
48Jeff MalottAR14.514.513.75131368.75
49Kristine FischerNE161413.512.512.2568.25
50Matt MillardTN15.751413.512.7512.2568.25
51Mike ElseaIN15.513.7513.513.2512.2568.25
52Caleb CunninghamTN212013.2513.2567.5
53Justin BrewerAR16.2513.251312.512.2567.25
54Luke AryanOK20.7519.751412.567
55Bryan HowellTX14.25141312.7512.566.5
56Matt BallOH13.7513.513.513.2512.566.5
57Ian GileskiLA14.2513.25131312.7566.25
58Roy GrubbAR1413.513.513.251266.25
59Kenny JableckiTN14.513.51312.512.566
60Michael KervaskiFL18.7517.251514.2565.25
61Kevin WorkmanNE19.7516.515.51364.75
62Todd SegravesKS13.7513.512.7512.2512.2564.5
63Josh StewartTN1312.7512.25121262
64Dustan AtkinsonAR1915.513.2512.560.25
65Matthew ScotchTX16.515.2514.512.7559
66Jerod BrockelmanTX1715.2513.2513.2558.75
67Lance BurrisMO16.7515.513.7512.7558.75
68Chris RobersonAR15.514.75141357.25
69Jerry AycockAR1614.751412.2557
70Chris HartmanAR15.2515.2513.2513.2557
71David ByrdOK1713.7513.2512.7556.75
72Ryan LambertTN16.514.513.2512.556.75
73Andrew JacobsonTX14.514.251413.7556.5
74Adam McCluskeyUT16.513.513.251356.25
75Ron ChampionGA14.513.512.7512.7553.5
76Gordon ParhamAR14.513.7512.51252.75
77Justin LargenVA1413.512.7512.2552.5
78Johnny MaddoxAR20.518.513.2552.25
79Nick ChabarriaMO13.513.512.512.2551.75
80Kim BruggerMO1716.7515.2549
81James HaeberleOK21.514.2512.548.25
82Caymen RasmussenUT1716.2514.2547.5
83Larry WhisnantAR16.7514.7514.2545.75
84Erick SimienTX19.2512.7512.544.5
85Greg NosarVA14.514.514.543.5
86Kyle CunninghamAR16.2513.7513.2543.25
87Justin PatrickTN15.51413.7543.25
88Alex ShlekharOK15.7514.2512.2542.25
89Lawrence MellingerTN15.7514.251242
90Calvin DeeIL15.513.51342
91Jeff IshamTX17.512.251241.75
92Isaac DuncanMS161312.2541.25
93Larry WoodSC1413.7512.7540.5
94Michael RingOK15.25121239.25
95Jason TrunkTN13.513.51239
96Jeff SherwoodNM13.513.51239
97Jason KincyAR13.7512.7512.2538.75
98Phillip WyattTX17.51734.5
99Chad DagleyTX16.7513.530.25
100Caroline HibbsAR16.513.7530.25
101Joshua MasseyOK15.251530.25
102Arlie MintonNC15.2514.7530
103Ronny PaeperOK1712.7529.75
104Ron Butler Jr.TN15.751429.75
105Ronald ButlerTN15.513.529
106Levi SchneiderAR14.514.529
107David BestTN15.7512.2528
108Will DuncanMS14.2513.7528
109Brad TromburgOK14.2512.526.75
110Kyle LongAR14.2512.526.75
111Cristian AstorgaTX1412.526.5
112Derrick BosticTN13.251326.25
113Jason AdamsAR13.251326.25
114Jason RobersonAR13.2512.525.75
115Cody BuerkleTX1312.7525.75
116HEATHER SwindlerAR1312.525.5
117Christa HibbsAR1312.525.5
118Tou VueOK12.7512.2525
119Timmy StraightLA12.751224.75
120Travis DockinsGA12.51224.5
121Sean AcordOK15.2515.25
122Tony SorluangsanaAR1515
123Dylan CurranMD14.514.5
124Garrett WadeAL14.2514.25
125Denny DavidAZ13.7513.75
126Daniel GlenneyTX13.2513.25
127Mark CothrenAR1313
128Robbie AndersonOK1313
129Mike MooneyGA12.2512.25
130Micah BoyettAR12.2512.25
131Weslie GrayTX1212
132Markus AyersUT0
133Jeff BeckerAR0
134Anthony BertschyAR0
135Adam DewittNE0
136Clay KnightenAR0
137Joe McElroyAL0
138Chase PeeveyAR0
139Sean RastanisLA0
140Jason RayOK0
141Houa XiongOK0
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