April 23, 2022
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Hobie Bass Open Series - LAKE EUFAULA ALABAMA 2022

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April 23, 2022
April 24, 2022

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This weekend 177 kayak anglers spread out on Lake Eufaula, AL for the Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole Total Boat Control. Our anglers were presented with some challenging fishing conditions, but overcoming challenges makes victories that much sweeter.
Coming out on top of the stacked field was Bailey Eigbrett (NY) with an impressive 2- day total of 172″ of caught and released Bass. His total earned him the Champion title and $10,500!
Despite a late come back and 22″ kicker fish, Ron Champion couldn’t catch our leader and ended with 167.75″ and will be heading back to GA with $5,500.
Rounding out our top 3 was TN angler Josh Stewart who improved 20 places today catching the largest 5 fish limit of the weekend (92.5″) and a cumulative total of 165″ cashing in for $3200.
These anglers are now automatically qualified for the 2022 Tournament of Champions on Caddo Lake in Shreveport- Bossier City, LA this November. Our top 50 anglers will be competing for 10 paid places, a $45,000 1st Place prize, and $100,000 total prize payout guarantee.

Hobie Bass Open Series 2022

Hobie Bass Open Series 2022

Lake Eufaula, Eufaula Alabama

The third stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us to the home of the 2021 Tournament of Champions; Lake Eufaula, Eufaula, AL. With over 45,000 acres of water and 600 miles of shoreline our anglers will be able to spread out onto this waterway at one of the most opportune times of the year for high catch rates, the potential for big fish and huge limits. This impoundment of the Chattahoochee River has been host to numerous professional events and championships over the years.  Our anglers will have shallow cover, brush, cypress trees, and a variety of vegetation to locate the winning fish in.

A maximum capacity of 200 Anglers will be competing for a cash payout to 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in the 2022 Tournament of Champions (TOC) on Caddo Lake Nov 11-13 in Shreveport- Bossier City, LA.

The TOC is a 3- day, 50 Angler championship with a $100,000 payout guarantee.

If maximum capacity is reached anglers can email BOS@Hobie.com to get on the official wait list.

All anglers entering will have a chance to win a 2022 Hobie Outback in custom Orange and Black ‘BOS Camo’ color way. In addition to the Outback, every angler registered will be eligible to win a Torqeedo 1103 Ultralight motor.  Along with many other prizes that will be randomly given away from our sponsors.

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter BOS@hobie.com

Host:  Event Headquarters: Eufaula Community Center (Parks and Recreation) 750 Lake Dr. Eufaula, AL

Lakepoint State Park has rooms, cabins, cottages and camping along with a restaurant and ramp. https://www.alapark.com/parks/lakepoint-state-park

We encourage all of our anglers to stay with us in Barbour Co.  There are ample opportunities close to the lake and our headquarters. Please support our host so they will continue to support series like ours.



Hobie Bass Open Series - LAKE EUFAULA ALABAMA 2022


Cashes $10,500 first-place check. Champion takes second, Stewart third.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (May 4, 2022) – Stretching 31 miles with 600 miles of shoreline, lush vegetation, cypress forests, deep water, shallow flats and tons of nooks and crannies, Alabama’s Lake Eufaula certainly offers its heavy-hitting largemouth bass plenty of places to hide. Not enough, however, to avoid detection by the elite fleet of kayak bass anglers who pushed out across the hallowed waters here in hopes of making the leader board at the third event of the 2022 Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) Anchored by Power-Pole.

“It was an exciting and interesting event this weekend as our competitors had to overcome some challenging conditions in pursuit of victory,” said tournament director, A.J. McWhorter. “Overall, it was another great contest as anglers from all over the country showed up to compete, and there was a tight battle for the top three positions. Our winner, Bailey Eigbrett, drove 16 hours to get here from Buffalo, New York, and that really drives home that anyone who enters these events has a chance to win. The recipe for doing that is simple: do your homework before and during the tournament, put your head down, dig in, and fish clean. That’s how you get paid in the Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) Anchored by Power-Pole.”

That’s exactly the trail Eigbrett blazed in racking up 86.25 inches of bass on Day 1 before adding 85.75 inches on Day 2 to nail down the win with 172 total inches of bass in the two-day catch, photograph and release (CPR) tourney. Perennial contender Ron Champion of Richmond Hill, Georgia finished in the second spot with 167.75 inches of bass while Josh Stewart from Murfreesboro, Tennessee took home the bronze. Eigbrett earned a $10,500 check, Champion received $5,500 and Stewart took home $3,200 as the top 20 places finished in the money. Mississippi angler Brad Case also captured a $500 check for Bassin’ Magazine’s Bassin’ Big Bass honors with a 24.5-inch lunker taken on Day 2 and the top three finishers punched tickets to the Hobie Tournament of Champions (T.O.C.) at Caddo Lake, November 11 – 13, in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana. The TOC is a three-day 50-angler championship with a $100,000 payout guarantee.

Hobie Bass Open Series - LAKE EUFAULA ALABAMA 2022

“It was a long drive to get here, but it was worth it,” chuckled the 24-year-old Eigbrett, who was competing in his second Hobie BOS event. “I’ve done well locally, but I wanted to test my skills against the best competitors in the game. Fishing the Hobie BOS Series Anchored by Power-Pole is the way to get that done. I’m thrilled to have done so well against this talented field. To be honest, I was happy just to meet a few of these ‘hammers.’”

Eigbrett is also thrilled to have qualified for the T.O.C. “Just to be in that limited field of 50 anglers is a major accomplishment for any kayak angler,” he said. “Now that I’m in, I’m hoping I can ring up some big A.O.Y. points as well. Those titles – the Hobie T.O.C. and A.O.Y. – are the top rung for kayak anglers who take their bass fishing seriously.”

Eigbrett credited a 7-pound bass that smashed a frog in shallow water during practice with setting him on the path to victory. He originally hoped to locate some large spawning flats and then back off to deeper grass beds nearby to intercept fish coming off the spawn. “I got that big one a frog popped through a shallow weed mat,” he stated. “It convinced me the bass hadn’t moved to deeper water yet, so I started pushing back into the creeks.”

Moving shallow, Eigbrett encountered a heavy shad spawn in the early morning hours. As he pushed deeper into the hyacinth mats, however, he found the shad more scattered and less intense, making it easier for bass to find his baits.

Hobie Bass Open Series - LAKE EUFAULA ALABAMA 2022

“I was throwing a spinnerbait most of the time,” he revealed, “and my Hobie Pro Angler 12 360 proved clutch to my success. I had to keep my lure within inches of the weed mats to get hit, or actually cut my lure under canopies – that’s when I got slammed. With my Mirage 360 drive, I was able to hold those edges perfectly for cast after cast. I had almost all my fish by 10:00 a.m. on both days. That’s when the shad broke up and the bite died out.”

On Day 1, Eigbrett left the bass biting with four fish on record, hoping to rest the spot as he filled out his daily limit. On Day 2, he returned and focused on the hyacinth bite again to pull a limit before noon. His key this time, however, was noticing a ditch closer to the creek mouth. With water levels dropping, the bass were shifting toward the deeper water and he drilled them across a 50-yard stretch.

It was late in the afternoon on Day 2 when Champion made a serious charge at the leader. He had probed brush piles for a fifth-place tally on Day 1, taking four fish in rapid succession at one spot before letting it rest. With a top-three finish in his crosshairs at the start of Day 2, Champion decided to lean heavy on the piece he had previously rested and the strategy paid off.

“As soon as I got there, I had two nice bass,” he said. “So, I backed off again, picked up a third keeper nearby, and returned to fill my limit before resting it again.”


With about 90 minutes to go, Champion decided to hit a cypress tree surrounded by two feet of water he hadn’t had time to test earlier. In sixth place at the time, he was hoping for a 20-inch fish to bust into the top three. He started skipping his Senko around the trees saw a huge fish swirl on the lure. It turned out to be a massive 22-inch fish. “She was as big around as she was long and must have weighed close to 10 pounds!” he recalled. “I was praying she would stay connected, and you can bet the good Lord and I had a conversation as she dove under the boat. I was blessed to get her in the net.”

That fish moved Champion into second place, and he culled up another solid fish with seconds to go but it just wasn’t enough to catch Eigbrett.

Champion had most of his action fishing a black and blue, 5-inch Senko impaled on size 1/0 Gamakatsu G-Fineness weedless stinger hook. He used 10-pound test Sunline Super FC Sniper fluorocarbon line to make his wacky worm presentation.

As for Stewart, he managed to climb from 23rd place after Day 1 to a third-place finish. Finding water temperatures on the main lake to be in the low-60-degree range, he fished shallow rip-rap and rocks for a decent limit on Day 1. Working the same basic pattern on Day 2, he spotted Cormorants diving on shad and sent a cast into the mayhem. “I was grinding a crankbait rated for 10-foot depths against the bottom in two feet of water,” he stated. “Every time it bounced off a rock, a bass belted that lure. The fast action didn’t last long, but it helped me collect a nice enough limit to move up the leader board.”

Hobie Bass Open Series - LAKE EUFAULA ALABAMA 2022

Thinking back on the event, McWhorter called it another Hobie success. “It’s been fun this year to see some new names and anglers who drove across the country at the top of the leader board,” he stated. “It’s great to see these super-talented and competitive kayak anglers rewarded for their efforts, and it reinforces the idea that every entrant has a chance to come out on top at these events. Add in the camaraderie, supportive atmosphere, and opportunity for any entrant to win on this trail, and you begin to see what the Hobie BOS Anchored by Power Pole is all about.”

McWhorter went on recognize the town of Eufaula for its support of the Hobie BOS Series, both last year when they hosted the T.O.C. and with this year’s event. “This really is a fish-minded town with great hospitality and fun places to eat,” he stated. “We are thankful for their support.”

Up next on the Hobie BOS tour is Broken Bow Lake in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, May 14-15.


RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Brady StorrsNE20.2519.7516.516.51689
2Nick DyerAL21.752017.251413.2586.25
3Bailey EigbrettNY19.2518.516.516.515.586.25
4Bryan ScarberryTX201915.7515.251585
5Ron ChampionGA191716.2515.2515.2582.75
6Cody MiltonAR22.518.2514.25141382
7Jaxton OrrIN19.251815.2514.7514.7582
8Garrett WadeAL20.2516.251615.2513.7581.5
9Francis TranMS17.2517.2516.5151581
10Luke AryanOK1816.7515.7515.2514.580.25
11Christa HibbsAR201614.514.2513.7578.5
12Jason BroachSC17.5171615.512.578.5
13R.J. HooverMI18.2516.7514.251413.7577
14Jake SuvakFL16.2515.515.51514.7577
15Joshua DiehlGA191514.514.251476.75
16Kristine FischerNE16.7516.2515.2514.2514.2576.75
17Jay WallenKY17.515.2514.2514.251475.25
18Kurt SmitsOH17.516.2515.251312.7574.75
19David HamptonGA15.75151514.514.574.75
20Nolan MinorVA1715.2514.25141474.5
21Joseph GaytonGA17.2515.515.5131374.25
22Jason IsaacsOH15.2514.7514.7514.7513.573
23Josh StewartTN15.51514.51413.572.5
24Jim WilliamsGA1814.251413.751272
25Jesse HalversonAL1914.2513.5131271.75
26Matt MillardTN15.514.7514.2513.751371.25
27Josh CounceFL15.2514.751413.7513.2571
28Rick HaxtonNE14.51413.513.51368.5
29Jody QueenWV1413.7513.513.513.568.25
30Lawrence MellingerVA14.251413.51312.2567
31Tim IsaacsWV14.51412.512.51265.5
32Mark SpaughGA21.51514.513.564.5
33Jeremy MeadowsGA14.51312.5121264
34Adam RiserTN20.2514.7514.7513.563.25
35Rus SnydersTN1915.25151261.25
36Chuck BahanLA1615.514.2513.7559.5
37Jason CassettyIN1815.2512.7512.7558.75
38Jerry MeeceGA16.2514.7514.51257.5
39Nick HuddlestonSC15.7514.513.7513.2557.25
40Billy SlattonGA15.2514.2514.251356.75
41Daniel LyonsTN21.2516.512.550.25
42Jim OrrIN21.251513.549.75
43Guillermo GonzalezTX17.515.51548
44Mitchell WhiteGA16.516.513.7546.75
45Andrew GreenLA181513.546.5
46Adam DewittNE17.516.51246
47Jim WareGA16.7514.7513.2544.75
48Brian NelliFL16.2514.513.7544.5
49Travis DockinsGA15141443
50Justin DunnamAL14.2513.7513.7541.75
51Dustin MurguiaIL15.251312.7541
52Mark PendergrafTX14.751412.2541
53Ryan LambertTN14.251312.7540
54Garin ButlerGA12.75121236.75
55Brandon BartonFL18.2515.2533.5
56Chris PadgettGA161531
57William QueenNC15.7514.7530.5
58Chris HartmanAR1613.529.5
59Adam McCluskeyUT1514.529.5
60Joey DunnamAL17.251229.25
61Vicki McCluskeyTX1712.2529.25
62Trent SteegeFL14.7514.2529
63Roy GrubbAR1513.2528.25
64Andy MiddletonGA15.7512.2528
65John KlinePA14.2513.7528
66Allen SweatFL1512.7527.75
67Chris AndersonOH1512.7527.75
68Jeremy HughesNC13.7513.527.25
69David BurtMD13.7512.7526.5
70Joe GillWV13.7512.7526.5
71David KittrellAL13.7512.2526
72Stephen SistoPA13.2512.525.75
73John RushGA1312.7525.75
74Larry CriderNC12.512.525
75Ben RayfieldTN17.2517.25
76David BestTN16.516.5
77Nick McGuireKY16.516.5
78Nick MatthewsIN15.7515.75
79Todd PatrickOH15.7515.75
80Marcus VillanuevaTX15.2515.25
81Chad DagleyTX15.2515.25
82Charles ShelnuttGA15.2515.25
83Christopher DeckerNC1515
84Kris KirkpatrickGA1515
85Quinn BrockAL1515
86Jason SmithGA1515
87Brandon ElrodTN14.7514.75
88Kyler BranaumKY14.7514.75
89Corey RacerNC14.514.5
90Coley McGowanAL14.514.5
91Matthew VannFL14.514.5
92Nathan ConleyON14.2514.25
93Joshua MasseyOK14.2514.25
94Vincent Ferreri CommishSC14.2514.25
95Jim DavisTN1414
96Terry ElkinsKY1414
97Shane WilliamsFL13.7513.75
98Doug HillTX13.7513.75
99Matthew SandefurNC13.7513.75
100Lance McWhorterTX13.7513.75
101Katie BackaTX13.513.5
102James FosterMS13.513.5
103Dylan SmithGA13.513.5
104Katherine FieldUT13.2513.25
105Jeff MalottAR13.2513.25
106Coleman FowlerGA1313
107Russell RutledgeTN12.7512.75
108Todd BainGA12.7512.75
109Eric SiddiqiOH12.7512.75
110Billy SmithGA12.7512.75
111Mike MatthewsIN12.2512.25
112Daniel MerrittTX1212
113Ewing MinorVA1212
114Tim ArthurCA0
115Ryan BackaTX0
116Conrad BinettiFL0
117CJ BlackTX0
118Heather BrockAL0
119David ByrdOK0
120Beau CanzoneriNY0
121Jason CarrMS0
122Brad CaseMS0
123Jacob ChandlerGA0
124Mike EadySC0
125Adam FillmoreSC0
126Ian GileskiLA0
127Michael GrimsleyOH0
128David HabensteinKY0
129Troy HaynieCA0
130Caroline HibbsAR0
131Jonathan HicksTN0
132John HutsonTX0
133Ethan JettTN0
134Russ KennedyFL0
135Michael KervaskiFL0
136Keith LamberthAL0
137Jonathan LessmannAL0
138Brandon LindseyAL0
139Joshua LittleGA0
140Chris LoGA0
141Wayne LobbLA0
142Austin LovelessGA0
143Dylan LoweryGA0
144Jennifer MacNaughtonTX0
145Jordan MarshallTN0
146Nick McBrideGA0
147Joe McElroyAL0
148Saturday MelNC0
149Stephen OttingGA0
150Brandon PalmerOH0
151Daniel ParrisGA0
152Justin PatrickTN0
153Andrew PeakAL0
154Daniel PerryAL0
155Joey RandallNC0
156Darin RoutierTX0
157Robert SamsLA0
158Matthew ScotchTX0
159Dave SewellIN0
160Joshua SharpTN0
161Rob SnodgrassIN0
162Chris SpaughGA0
163Stuart StaplesTN0
164Steven StockingerNC0
165Jimmy TalleyTN0
166Derek TaylorAL0
167Eric ThomasonTN0
168Bobby ThompsonAL0
169Brian TibblesGA0
170Jason TrunkTN0
171Dean TurnerLA0
172Kong VanchiasongGA0
173Benjamine VangGA0
174Aaron WallaceMS0
175Casey WatsonAL0
176Larry WoodSC0
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