June 5, 2021
Jasper, TX
Human Powered

Lake Sam Rayburn

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Lake Sam Rayburn – Jasper, TX


June 5, 2021
June 6, 2021

Event Info

This stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us to Jasper, TX and home of one of if not THE best largemouth bass fishing lake in the country, Lake Sam Rayburn. Known for potential huge bass and an abundant population of really big bass, this event could set up to provide some our largest 5 and 10 fish limits of all time and any cast could be a potential personal best for our anglers.  With Texas events traditionally being our largest of the season the only question is will TX and surrounding areas show out for the first national kayak even on this famed fishery?  What isn’t in question is that whoever does come out is sure to have a chance at a fish of a lifetime, and a great time on and off the water!

Anglers will be competing for a cash payout of 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in our Tournament of Champions this November on Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, AL.  Many random giveaway prizes will be awarded as well.

Event Headquarters: Umphrey Family Pavillion: 5438 Sam Rayburn Parkway Brookeland texas 75931, Brookeland, TX 75931

We encourage all of our anglers to stay with us in our host community of Jasper, TX.  An Additional source for lodging, food and amenities is; https://www.samrayburn.com/


May 14th – Anglers are no longer allowed to hire OR communicate with guides on this fishery or about this fishery.

May 31st – Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must begin using a tournament approved vessel.  Motors on kayaks are allowed for practice only.

June 2nd – Registration Ends at 11:59pm.

June 4th  – 4 pm Practice ends : 5-7 pm Drive thru Check-in/ board check/ ID distribution @ Umphrey Family Pavillion

730 pm- Facebook Live meeting will begin in BOS Group Page

June 5th

5:30 am- First Launch

6:00 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

730 pm- Facebook Live meeting and Day 2 ID code announcement.

June 6th

5:30 am- First Launch

6:00 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

5 pm- Facebook Live awards with Top 10% @ Umphrey Family Pavillion

Event Boundaries:

The entire lake will be eligible for this event.

Launch Boundary for the Angelina River will be the Marion Ferry Public Boat Ramp.  All access to that river must be done at or below that ramp.

Portaging is not legal.  Anglers must be able to pedal/ paddle in and out of an area at all water levels for the area to be considered legal.

Anglers are solely responsible for verifying their launch is public and legal before the event. For questions on legal areas, launches and boundaries we ask you to utilize the Farwide App.  A free app that is your gateway to the outdoors and your best source for learning access on a waterway.

Hobie BOS uses Metal Ketch Board Only. Boards will be checked at the Drive- thru.

Please register early so we can communicate with you on any updates and changes for the event as we get closer.

Anglers Event Information:

For those anglers who have placed you will need to fill in and complete a W9 form,  and submit the completed form to Steve Fields ( stevefields@hobie.com ) within 5 days (please) so we can process the event payments.


OCEANSIDE, Calif. (June 11, 2021) – It was no secret last weekend’s Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) Anchored By Power-Pole® event on Lake Sam Rayburn in Jasper, Texas was going to be challenging. Recent flooding in the region had left the waters of the 140,000-acre reservoir, the largest lake in the Lone Star State, a whopping 8 to 12 feet above normal in some areas.

Still, with the opportunity to fish what many bass fans consider a “bucket list” destination for fast action and lunker fish, 114 kayak anglers set out fully focused and determined to make the best of their shot in the two-day photo, catch and release (CPR) tournament – no excuses. As things turned out, none were needed as the elite fleet of kayak sharpies fanned out across the big lake and tallied 1,406 largemouths measuring up to 24-inches in length, nearly two dozen of which stretched the tape past the 20-inch mark.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of these anglers,” said tourney director A.J. McWhorter at the event’s conclusion. “These guys and gals put it all on the line every time we get together. They’ll rise above any challenge Mother Nature puts in their way and keep on catching. With the high water and many launch ramp and access points closed due to the flooding, it would have been easy to get down at this competition, but not with this crew. Although I feel like we only scratched the surface of the overall potential here, this lake and its surrounding community gave us a serous glimpse of what it has to offer on an everyday basis while our fleet got to showcase their incredible determination and amazing fishing skills.”

Kayak anglers rise to the challenge at Lake Sam Rayburn

Indeed, 88 anglers filled their five-fish limits on Day 1 and 84 anglers limited out on Day 2. The top seven finishers all measured at least 170 inches of bass for their full two-day ten-fish limits. Still, none scored better than Bryan Scarberry. The 32-year-old from Boerne, Texas put up a solid haul of bass measuring 86.25 inches for the seventh spot on Day One, then followed up with a whopping 97 inches on Day 2 to seal a victory in his first-ever Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) Anchored By Power-Pole®  event. Jim Ware, 51, of Rome, Georgia captured the silver with 177.5 inches of bigmouths while 26-year-old Caleb Helbig of Connor, Texas, also fishing in his first Hobie event, grabbed third place with a 176.25-inch total.

For their efforts, Scarberry took home a $6,300 first-place check, Ware pocketed $3,450, and Helbig walked away with $2,150. All three anglers also qualified for the 50-angler Hobie Tournament of Champions (T.O.C.) at Lake Eufaula, Alabama, November 12 – 14. Additionally, Jeff Isham of College Station, Texas received a $400 check for Bassin’ Magazine’s Big Bass award with a 24-inch brute tempted with a Zoom Ol’ Monster 10.5-inch worm on Day 2. Robert Harris, from Dallas, Texas, was the winner of the Dakota Lithium Power Move award, which recognizes the angler with the greatest leap up the leader board from Day 1 to Day 2. He jumped from 61st. place to tenth place, earning a Dakota Power Box with a 10-amp lithium battery. Of course, all-important points toward Angler of the Year (A.O.Y.), presented by FarWide the Outdoor Access App, were distributed to the top-100 competitors.

Nice Bass at Lake Sam Rayburn

“I had very little time to practice but found some fish in the right places, so I came into this tournament with a good mindset,” said Scarberry. “On Day 1, the fish were where I expected them in some hay grass and hydrilla beneath the floodwaters, but they didn’t chew my baits quite right. I was picking away with a variety of moving lures including Rattletraps and spinnerbaits, but nothing was consistent. Late in the day I switched to an 8-inch green-pumpkin ribbon-tail worm and that really paid off as I drilled three fish to fill out my limit.”

On Day 2, Scarberry headed right back out to the same spot throwing the ribbon-tail and a red swim jig tipped with a Zoom Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw. On both days, he found it tough to catch anything over 15 inches after noon, but he did notice a bit of a flurry with bigger fish between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. “I really tried to make the most of that time slot on Day 2 he said. All of my big fish on both days ended up biting in that part of the day.”

Around 8 a.m. on Day 2, Scarberry had connected with a 22.5-inch largemouth that had a big red crawfish claw sticking out of her throat. That little clue prompted him to throw his red swim jig to mix it up and get some bites that he may have been missing with the ribbon-tail. With that adjustment he landed two more fish in the 20-inch range to pull ahead of his closest competitor by almost 10 inches. With his smallest bass measuring 16.25 inches, and recognizing the stout competition you’ll find at any Hobie B.O.S. event, Scarberry worked hard to cull that fish and guarantee the win. That didn’t quite play out, but he still held on for the victory. “It’s hard to believe I pulled it off,” he said.

Like Scarberry, Ware was concentrating his efforts on a pod of bass holding in flood water. “Normally, that spot would have been a fairly shallow grass flat with lily pads,” he revealed, “but with all the rain of late those pads had ten feet of water on top of them so it was actually 16 feet deep. There was a huge concentration of solid fish there holding along a creek bed, so I attacked that piece again and again from all angles on both days.”

In practice, Ware had shaken off two fish that were 5 or 6 pounds apiece. On Day 1, he pulled a limit by 6:45 a.m. After that he culled all day long with a Texas-rigged finesse worm and a slow-rolled Picasso Shock Blade Pro ChatterBait. “I ended the day in the top slot with 92.75 inches of bass. I was plenty happy with that result,” he chuckled.

On Day 2, Ware tried to pick up where he left off but found his finesse worm ineffective. Still marking fish, he switched to a Texas-rigged Berkley Power Worm and dragged it painfully slow through the ditch to catch his first fish. From there, he rotated through a variety of lures including an Owner Flashy Swimmer, just picking away without ever moving out of casting range from his initial hot spot.

“I leaned really hard on those fish because I was only culling up a quarter-inch at a time,” revealed Ware. “On Day 2, I thought about moving to a new area for the later part of the day but was reluctant to leave the fish to look for something better. In the end, it worked out pretty well, I just couldn’t find a couple bigger fish. Still, I’m on ‘Cloud 9” right now with a second-place finish and a berth in the Hobie Tournament of Champions. I’ll tip my cap to Bryan, too. He had a heck of a tournament.”

Helbig, meanwhile, set his sights on what was dry land only weeks ago. “With the lake so high, I didn’t know what to expect but I came in with a game plan and stuck to it. I spent the entire weekend flipping and pitching, focused on thoroughly probing fishable water rather than covering a large area. The section I fished would have normally been dry land with forest cover, but it was under 15-feet of water this weekend. Still, the bass there were pretty aggressive. I was often getting smacked before my lure settled more than a couple of feet.”

Fishing from his Hobie PA14 180 was a big help, added Helbig. “I just love that boat,” he stated. “It covers a lot of water when I need to, lets me stand up for pitching and flipping, and quietly gets me in and out of the tangles I like to fish. It really performed great this weekend as there was a lot of debris along the shore and I was able to just pick my way through it, hands free, while I continued to work my baits.”

Scarberry, who also fished out of a Hobie PA14 180, praised his fishing platform as well as his competitors. “You need every edge you can get when you fish these Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) Anchored By Power-Pole® ,” he said. “The competition is so sharp that you have to get right on the fish, stay on them, and keep your line in the water as much as possible. My Hobie helps me get the job done. This is a terrific series, the best one on the kayak trail right now. I’m thrilled to have won this event, and can’t wait to test my skills against everyone else who qualifies for the Hobie Tournament of Champions (T.O.C.) at Lake Eufaula, Alabama, this November.”


AnglerCountryStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
Jim WareUSGA22.518.7518.2517.7516.593.75
Guillermo GonzalezUSTX20.520.2519.7516.7516.2593.5
Caleb HelbigUSTX2317.7517.51615.589.75
Andrew JacobsonUSTX2019.2517.51715.7589.5
Bryan HowellUSTX18.2517.517.251716.7586.75
Eric SiddiqiUSOH19.251816.516.516.2586.5
Bryan ScarberryUSTX19.751916.516.2514.7586.25
Tony SebrenUSTX191817.7516.2515.2586.25
Matt RameyUSNM19.251816.251615.7585.25
Francis TranUSMS18.2517.7516.516.2516.2585
Katherine FieldUSUT20.2516.7516.7515.7515.2584.75
Adam RiserUSTN19.2517.516.2515.7515.7584.5
Ewing MinorUSVA20.520.514.7514.251484
Rus SnydersUSTN17.51716.7516.2516.2583.75
John MooneyUSTX21.2516.7515.51514.7583.25
Tyler HixUSTX21.2516.515.5151583.25
Joey VanyoUSMN17.2516.516.516.2515.7582.25
Joseph SandersonUSTX18.51715.515.515.582
Jacob LavergneUSLA17.51715.7515.7515.7581.75
Adam WagnerUSTX19.7515.7515.7515.514.7581.5
Jason CrawfordUSTX1716.7515.7515.7515.7581
Andrew GreenUSLA1816.2516.25151580.5
Terry PhamUSLA19.2517.2516.7513.7513.2580.25
Matthew ScotchUSTX18.516.7515.251514.7580.25
Steve ThorkveenUSTX19.251615.2514.7514.579.75
Jack WagnerUSTX17.516.515.515.251579.75
Jamie BroadUSLA17.2516.515.7515.251579.75
Mike HebertUSLA21.7517.7514.513.51279.5
Brandon PrinceUSMO1716.2516.25151579.5
David BestUSTN1716.75161514.579.25
Brian CoyneUSWI1716.515.515.251579.25
Randy McGinnisUSLA2015.515.2514.513.2578.5
Brian DelahuntyUSAL17.2516.25151514.578
Brady StorrsUSNE161615.515.2515.2578
Robert MortonUSTX21.7514.751413.7513.577.75
Cody MiltonUSAR17.516.514.514.514.577.5
Kyle CunninghamUSAR1716.515.75151377.25
Levis CastieUSTX16.7516.515.514.251477
Chad DagleyUSTX15.7515.7515.5151577
Chris LongshoreUSNE16.7515.7515.2514.514.2576.5
Mark SpringerUSMO16.51616141476.5
Tracy DeadmanUSTX1615.2515.2515.2514.7576.5
Ryan LambertUSTN17.251615141476.25
Jeff MalottUSAR16.515.251514.7514.576
Steven QuillenUSLA15.7515.515.2515.2514.2576
Joshua EvansUSMD1715.7515.7513.513.575.5
Dean TurnerUSLA1615.51514.514.575.5
Mel AsheUSMO16.251614.7514.251475.25
James PennyUSTX1715.25151413.7575
Zack HallUSMI16.515.2514.7514.2514.2575
Todd PatrickUSOH1615.7514.7514.51475
Dave SewellUSIN17.2515.7514.251413.574.75
Jeff SherwoodUSNM1615.7514.514.2514.2574.75
Eugene Mora IIIUSTX16.515.75151413.2574.5
Doug HillUSTX15.5151514.7514.2574.5
Andrew MiddlebrookUSTX15.51514.7514.7514.574.5
Garrett MorganUSAR16.251514.7514.7513.574.25
David CruzUSKS15.7515.515141474.25
Robert SmithUSTX1716.5151312.574
Clayton ShillingUSLA1615.7514141473.75
Ryan BackaUSTX16.51514141473.5
Robert HarrisUSTX15.751514.75141473.5
Johnny MaddoxUSAR15.2515.2514.514.51473.5
Silas GarrettUSTX15.7515.2514.514.2513.573.25
Carl BirdsongUSTX1615.515.5131373
James HaeberleUSOK15.7514.7514.2514.251473
Kristine FischerUSNE16.515.514.2513.51372.75
Wayne LobbUSLA16.51514.2513.7513.2572.75
Breck HotardUSLA15.515.2514.251413.7572.75
Larry AndersonUSTX15151514.2513.572.75
Justin PatrickUSTN16.2514.514.2513.7513.7572.5
Billy BowdenUSAR15.514.514.2514.251472.5
Sean RastanisUSLA16.515.2513.7513.51372
Shane KitchensUSTX16.251614.2512.7512.571.75
Rick HaxtonUSNE15.514.2514.2513.7513.7571.5
Nathan McIntoshUSTX15151413.7513.571.25
Daniel GlenneyUSTX15.515.2514.513.512.2571
Kyle SchroederUSTX15141413.7513.7570.5
Jared PentonUSTX17.25141412.2512.2569.75
Mike SmithUSLA1514.514.25131369.75
Michael MorganUSTX14.514.513.513.2513.2569
Michael KervaskiUSFL15141413.51268.5
Jonathon CarterUSLA1513.7513.7513.512.568.5
Keith FreeseUSTN14.2513.7513.7513.51368.25
David ByrdUSOK14.514.2513.251312.7567.75
Dwight RansonetUSLA14.2513.513.2513.251367.25
Benjamin PecnikUSLA14.5141412.2512.2567
Markus AyersUSUT15.25131312.751266
Ryan HERZOGUSTX1914.7514.751361.5
David BurtUSMD16.2515.513.251257
Ian GileskiUSLA1513.513.251354.75
Blake KnightUSTX14.514.25141254.75
Joshua LewisUSLA19.25151549.25
Katie BackaUSTX17.514.2513.7545.5
Eric MorrisUSAR16.7516.2512.545.5
Josh DuffelUSLA1614.7514.545.25
Weslie GrayUSTX17.7514.512.2544.5
Marcus VillanuevaUSTX16.251512.543.75
Kalon JohnsonUSLA17.513.512.2543.25
Roy GrubbUSAR15.7514.2513.2543.25
George WheelerUSTX16.2513.2513.2542.75
Gary SharpeUSTX15.513.751241.25
Douglas MenefeeUSLA14.2513.2512.540
Logan LopezUSTX16.514.531
Jeff IshamUSTX16.7513.530.25
Jason WillisUSLA161430
Brian CarsonUSTX13.7513.527.25
Ricky SmithUSTN13.7512.526.25
Derrick DouglasUSLA15.2515.25
Desmond JamesUSTX0
Lance McWhorterUSTX0
Chase PeloquinUSLA0
Tim RodmanUSTX0
Vincent SolizUSLA0
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