April 6, 2024
North Carolina
Human Powered

R4 – Lowell Brannan holds off the field to win the Newport Vessels Lake Norman Event 

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Hobie Bass Open Series R4

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April 6, 2024
April 7, 2024

Event Info

Hobie Bass Open

The 6th season of the Hobie Bass Open Series in on!  Let’s GO!!!

Round 4 of the Hobie BOS will take us back to North Carolina and the largest fishery in the state.  This community and fishery hosted us in 2020, and our anglers enjoyed lots of fish, some big largemouth mixed in with the spots and great hospitality all around Mooresville.  This vast fishery will provide our anglers chances at great fishing using a wide range of techniques.  We anticipate this could be one of the hottest bites of the entire season!  Don’t miss out

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter

Motor Status: Allowed for Practice, NOT for Competition

Event Headquarters– The Brawley School Gym: 132 Swift Arrow Drive, Mooresville NC 28117

In order to support the host communities that support us, we encourage our anglers to stay, eat and shop within this community.  Make sure to tell everyone you are there for the Hobie Bass Open Kayak Tournament. Mooresville has something for everyone, so please stay with us there!

Lodging Block at Spring Hill Suites stays open thru Friday the 29th. Book your group rate for Hobie Kayak Bass Open Series 2024

Additional lake area info:https://visitmooresville.com/

Up to a maximum capacity of 225 anglers will be competing for a cash payout to 15% of the field. There will also be Tournament of Champions qualifier spots earned on a sliding scale of attending anglers.

– Below 99 – 2 spots earned

– 100-149 – 3 spots earned

– 150-199- 4 spots earned

– 200+ – 5 spots earned

The Tournament of Champions is the premier championship in competitive Kayak Fishing. An exclusive field of 65 anglers will be competing for 3 days on the Santee Cooper Lakes in Clarendon Co, SC. in Nov 2024.  The prize pot is built throughout the year and paid out over $80,000 in 2023.

If maximum capacity is reached anglers can use the waitlist feature on TourneyX to secure a place in line for available spots.

Any questions or cancellation must be sent to: BOS@Hobie.com.

Official Schedule- All Time EST

1/19/24 –  Registration Opens

3/25/24 – Off-Limits period begins.

3/29/24 – 11pm- Official registration ends.

– Withdraw window closes.

3/30/24 – Official Practice Period Begins

– Late Registration Period opens for $325.

– Practice details email is sent out.

4/3/24 – 11pm – Late Registration Period ends

– Need to Know Email is sent out.

4/5/24 – 4pm -Practice Period ends.

– 5:30pm – Early Board Check Begins.

– 6pm – Mandatory Tournament Briefing begins.

– 6:30 pm -Board Check and ID Distribution begins.

4/6/24 – Day 1 of Competition

– 6:00am – Go Time!

– 6:30am – First Cast

– 3:00pm -Lines Out of the Water/ Picture Deadline

– 3:30pm – Submission Deadline

– 7:00 pm- Live feed ID distribution, Day 1 recap, Day 2 Prep. Watching is Mandatory.

4/7/24 – Day 2 of Competition

– 6:00am – Go Time!

– 6:30am – First Cast

– 3:00pm – Lines Out of Water/ Picture Deadline

– 3:30pm – Submission Deadline

– 5:00pm – Event Awards at Headquarters

Refund Policy: Anglers seeking a refund for any reason must email bos@hobie.com to formally request.  Refunds will be honored at 70% of initial buy-in until the Friday before the practice period begins. There will be no refunds or removal from the official tournament roster after the withdraw window closes.  Anglers should allow up to 30 days to receive refund.

Event Boundaries:

Anglers are allowed to fish any legal and connected body of water or portion of Lake Norman as long as they launch and land from the published launches and follow all BOS Rules in accessing water.  No portaging or wading.

Published Launches:

Anglers must use launches from the following list for competition days.  This list is subject to updates. Participants are expected to contribute to this list both in additions or removal of launches as needed, by communicating with the TD. No additions will be made after 4/4/24.

Official launch map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=11BRoD-Uw3wHpqTpU6_S74jUzZ3rxvIQ&usp=sharing

The Hobie BOS is a Ketch Board only series.  We allow metal and Karbonate boards.  Boards must be checked and stickered before each event to be legal. There will be no boards available for sale at the event. Please clean your boards before getting them checked and the event.

Get your North Carolina Fishing License Here: https://gooutdoorsnorthcarolina.com/


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Lowell Brannan holds off the field to win the Newport Vessels Lake Norman Event for Round 4 of the Hobie Bass Open Series Powered by Lowrance!
His 2-day total of 182″ was more than enough to beat a field of 102 anglers that submitted over 1270 fish this weekend. He earned the ultimate crown and $5730 for his impressive showing.
Late day heroics by the following anglers shook up the standings! At the literal last-minute Jon House landed a 17.75″ for his final cull and a 2-day total of 178″. This improvement landed him 2nd place and $2785!
Bennett Nall also landed a 19″ in the last 10 minutes of day 2! This final cull elevated him to an impressive two-day total of 177.5″. He earned $1895 for his 3rd place finish.
All 3 anglers earned qualifications to this year’s Tournament of Champions of Santee Cooper Lakes, Clarendon Co SC.
Our Harris Chain Champion Blake Abbey stuck a 21″ Largemouth on day 2 to earn the YakGear Big Bass award and $500!
Congrats to everyone for an awesome event and we can’t wait to see you at the next one!


RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Ron ChampionGA19.251918.517.251791
2Lee HawjNC20.7517.7517.517.2516.589.75
3Matt HawjNC19.51917.516.7516.7589.5
4Lowell BrannanSC18.251817.7517.517.589
5Jon HouseNC20.7518.7516.751615.587.75
6Kevin RamseyVA2018.2516.7516.516.2587.75
7Brandon HallNC19181716.7516.587.25
8Bennett NallSC18.75181716.7516.7587.25
9Travis DeckerVA18.25181716.7516.7586.75
10John LaddNC20.519.7517.514.514.2586.5
11Alex FiolkaMD20.518.2516.251615.2586.25
12Chad WaldenSC19.7517.516.516.2516.2586.25
13Todd HershbergerSC1817.2517.251716.7586.25
14Tou YangSC20.7517.2516.51615.586
15Kurt SmitsOH19.7518.517.2515.51586
16Tyler SmithSC1817.2517.251716.586
17Jay ParkNC17.7517.2517.251716.7586
18Landon SmithNC1916.7516.7516.516.585.5
19Richard OfnerON19.2517.2517.2516.51585.25
20Cody PratherTN17.7517.251716.7516.585.25
21Adam ShepardKY1817.516.516.516.2584.75
22Brian NelliFL1817.516.7516.251684.5
23Landon MooreNC17.2517.251716.516.584.5
24Adam FillmoreSC18.51716.516.2515.583.75
25Paul AverillKY181716.516.251683.75
26Nate ConleyON19.517.7516.51514.7583.5
27Corey RacerNC17.7516.7516.7516.515.7583.5
28Nick HuddlestonSC18.251716.515.515.582.75
29Andrew WilsonKY18.7516.51615.7515.582.5
30Brandon PalmerOH17.251716.7515.7515.7582.5
31Beau CanzoneriNY1917.7515.5151582.25
32Jared StanleyNC18.2516.516.5161582.25
33Tim SabellaSC16.7516.7516.516.251682.25
34Jeremy HeathNC1716.516.5161682
35Jeff BeachamON17.7516.516.2516.251581.75
36Matt MillerVA1716.516.2515.7515.7581.25
37Blake AbbeyFL18.516.7515.515.251581
38Cameron SaxonNC181716151581
39Mark LindenNC17.516.7516.2515.51581
40Austin VangNC17.516.251615.7515.581
41Chuck LintPA17.2516.751615.515.581
42Bailey EigbrettNY1716.25161615.7581
43Kyler BranaumKY16.7516.516.2515.7515.580.75
44Joshua DiehlGA16.7516.51615.7515.7580.75
45Teng VueNC16.7516.516.516.2514.580.5
46Dustin MurguiaIL17.516.516.2515.2514.7580.25
47Nick MatthewsIN1716.7515.7515.515.2580.25
48Chris GravelyNC16.516.516.2515.515.580.25
49Abby AbbondanzaPA18.517.2515.25151480
50Tim FitzNC1816.2515.25151579.5
51Joey RandallNC181615.515.2514.7579.5
52Jaxton OrrIN19.75161514.51479.25
53Adam MilsteadPA17.2516.515.25151579
54Jason BroachSC18.517.2515.7513.513.578.5
55Garriett ChavisNC18.2516.515.751413.578
56Eric HawksGA18.7515.7514.7514.51477.75
57Shawn WorrellNC18.7515.51514.7513.7577.75
58Mason CheekKY1615.7515.515.514.7577.5
59Bryan KennedyWV17.7515.514.7514.7514.577.25
60John RappWV16.7516.51514.7514.2577.25
61Ryan HulseySC1716.2515.2514.51477
62Terrik WalkerOH16.751615.25151477
63Jay WallenKY15.7515.2515.2515.2515.2576.75
64David ShieldsPA16.2515.7515.514.514.576.5
65Logan WilsonKY16.51614.7514.514.2576
66Tim PercyON17.515.2514.514.51475.75
67Dontrell SullivanNC16.251615.51413.575.25
68Jason IsaacsOH17.7515.7514.7513.513.2575
69Jim JaniczekNC161614.514.51475
70Gino QuizonFL16.2515.51514.7513.2574.75
71Jason LoweNC17.7514.7514.513.513.574
72Garin ButlerGA16.516151412.574
73Mike MatthewsIN16.2515.514.2514.251373.25
74Aaron FettermanDE16.251514.251413.573
75Joe ParkuloNC16.7514.514.2513.513.572.5
76Joe McElroyAL15.7514.751413.7512.7571
77Daniel LyonsTN15.7514.514.513.7512.571
78Bradley RussellKY15.2514.251413.7513.7571
79Tyson PetersonKY1614.251413.2512.570
80Chris McMillanNC1514.2513.7513.51369.5
81Robert BarnettGA14.751413.2512.751266.75
82Adam DewittNE171514.513.2559.75
83Grant BlakeneyLA16.75151412.558.25
84Bobby BowersNC15.251514.2513.558
85James LambNC14.7513.7513.7512.554.75
86Branton ChampionGA171615.7548.75
87Hunter HernandezNC1615.515.547
88Tyler SweetNY1914.512.546
89Dustin JonesKY15.515.251545.75
90Tracy StanfordNC16.2514.513.544.25
91Stephen SistoPA1615.7531.75
92Jeremy HughesNC171229
93Luke SandersKS15.515.5
94Chelsea GoodwinKY15.515.5
95Jeremy SmithVA14.514.5
96Rodney GaylorTN13.513.5
97Kyle WilsonVA13.513.5
98Cory DreyerNC0
99Juanita McDonnellOH0
100Jim OrrIN0
101Paul RobertsNC0
102Mike ShepherdSC0
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