May 4, 2024
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R5 – KRISTINE FISCHER SHOWS HOW ITS DONE at Wright Patman Lake Texarkana Texas

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Hobie Bass Open Series - R5

Event Details




May 4, 2024
May 5, 2024

Event Info


May 4th

Message regarding Tournament : Round 5 Hobie BOS Lake Wright Patman 2024
Director : Hobie Cat Company II LLC
Director Email :

Thank you all for a great 1st day on Wright Patman Lake!  But it all comes down to how it plays out tomorrow!  So many of you are right in the mix as limits are at a premium and totals are so tight.  Tomorrow is sure to be a different day and anything can happen on the water!

–        – Please be aware of weather tomorrow as there are chances of storms and rain throughout the day including right at launch.  We trust our anglers to be smart and make the right decisions and will not be adjusting our times.  Make sure to wear your PFD over your jacket or gear.

–        We will message the top 8 anglers to come back to HQ for awards. Everyone is invited back to the Southwest Center.  We hope to go live around 4:00.-

–        Remember to keep your fish mouth’s closed and take quality pictures.  It will matter.

–        I have to see the 3 digit code in your pictures tomorrow-  TK7

Thank you all for your support of this series and understanding of changes made for your safety.  I truly appreciate you all following us to a new venue and lake.

If you think you are out of it, remember you are fishing for some very valuable points and you just have to catch a fish to score.  You are also fishing for YakGear Big Bass and a $500 check that could be earned on any cast!



Hope you all have a great time tomorrow and safe trip home.

Hobie Cat Company II LLC,
Tournament Director

MAY 2, 2024 8:42 ct

Message regarding Tournament: Round 5 Hobie BOS Lake Wright Patman 2024
Director: Hobie Cat Company II LLC
Director Email:

Below is what you Need To Know coming into the event and to prepare you for our meeting details.  If you missed the Practice email, you can find it at the link below in the event page.

Thank you all for your support and traveling in for this event!  We hope you have a great time on a new lake and a new community!

*All times for this event will be Central Standard Time.

Tournament Director.  AJ McWhorter is your direct contact for any tournament related questions or needs.  The best way to reach him during tournament days is through cell phone 859-351-3617 or messenger. He should be your first contact for any questions or concerns.

While in the community, we ask that you support the local restaurants, tackle stores, convenience stores, and lodging opportunities.  There are lots of great places to eat here, so make sure to enjoy yourself!  Tell them you are here with the Hobie Bass Open Series Kayak event!

Event Headquarters: Southwest Center 3222 W 7th St, Texarkana, TX 75501

Weather: The area has a chance of rain and thunderstorms at times through the weekend.  Please be aware, prepared and always put your safety first.  

– By registering, you have already agreed to our terms and liability.  You have also acknowledged you read and will abide by all the rules.  We do not need a physical copy of this form unless you are a youth entry.

– We are a METAL and KARBONATE Ketch Board series only. We won’t have any boards available for sale at events this year. These are also available at our local supporting dealerships if you need one.

– Hobie Fishing TourneyTags. These are available for purchase to hold your identifier. Cash only.   These are a convenience item and not mandatory to hold your ID. limited quantities. $8

– Hobie BOS Hats ($20) will be available. Cash only.  Limited quantities.

– Update TourneyX now. If you are not sure if you have the most up-to-date TourneyX app, please delete the current version and download the new version.  Having the most updated version could be the difference in your system working right this weekend. Log in and be prepared BEFORE tournament day, not just when you are ready to submit fish.

– Practice ends at 4pm on Friday.  This means back at the launch by 4pm. Done scouting, graphing and fishing. OFF the water.  You can NO Longer Solicit Info from anyone after practice period is over.  You are still allowed to communicate about fishing to competitors or non-competitors.

Friday Agenda – We will open up check-in at 5:30pm at the event HQ.  We will pass out Day 1 and Day 2 IDs, and check anglers boards.  We will end this process a little before 6 and start the brief meeting.  We encourage folks to stay and enjoy the time with fellow anglers and brand representatives.

– We will not go over the rules word for word, we will discuss details and expectations as well as a few rules at this meeting.  It is your responsibility to know all published rules and event details as well as everything covered in the meeting.

– We ask that you have your boards cleaned and dried for this check.  Please remove all stickers from the bump, including 2023 BOS Sticker. If you have a 2024 BOS sticker, you do no need to remove it.

–  As needed, you can bring a board to be checked for another angler that can’t attend and pick up their ID, but that will be your responsibility.

 Saturday night we will NOT have an in-person check-in. 

Anglers are required to launch and land at the launches that are listed below.  If an angler finds any of these launches are not public, they are to report that to the TD Immediately. There will be no more additions to the list after 9pm Thursday night, only removal of ramps that are no longer public or available for the weekend. 

The following launches have been removed due to the facility only being available to active campers.  They are not considered public for the event. An angler staying at these facilities are not allowed to use them on tournament days. 

– Clear Spring Landing

– Rocky Point Landing

– Some of the public launches have published/ official times that do not coincide with the event times. At no time or location can an angler launch before the public opening of the facility, even if they are camping or staying there. The facility must be open and available to all to be usable.

– Please let me know if you need anything and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the meeting!

Hobie Cat Company II LLC,
Tournament Director


Message regarding Tournament : Round 5 Hobie BOS Lake Wright Patman 2024
Director : Hobie Cat Company II LLC
Director Email :


Welcome anglers to our 6th season and the official practice period of the Hobie BOS Powered by Lowrance; Wright Patman Lake Event.  We are excited to have you here with us for our 1st visit to the area 5th Round of this season.

Please make sure you have the most updated version of TourneyX.  Please make sure you are shown as active in this tournament on your TourneyX app.

Before we get into details, I feel the need to apologize to you all, the supporters of this series and this event that there aren’t more participants.  As a TD locally and nationally, I haven’t run a tournament with these few participants in over 7 years and never nationally.  Its head scratching for us and sad for the anglers.  The Hobie BOS doesn’t make money off participants, the only ones that hurt when the attendance is poor are the anglers there and the championship pot.  This is frustrating to me because I know how much y’all invest and how hard you work.  Maybe we will get a few more and break 50 before the Wednesday deadline.

-We run events for who does show up, not who doesn’t.  There is plenty of money, points and qualifications to be had and we are going to show off the lake and community like we always do no matter how many show up.  We truly appreciate yall!

Practice period details:

All times are CST.

April 27th – Anglers are allowed to begin fishing the tournament waters.

May 1st – The late registration period ends.  If you have any friends that still want to enter, please let them know they can still do so until this time for an increased fee.

May 2nd- Anglers will receive the need-to-know email that goes over all the details for Friday and the weekend. Please read this email!

May 3rd – Final day of practice. Off the water by 4pm.  Once the practice period is over anglers are no longer allowed to solicit info from anyone outside of the event participants.

During Practice anglers must follow all Published practice rules, including the following:

–        Must be in a tournament legal vessel and are allowed to utilize a motor during this period as long as craft is equipped for motor usage.  Motors are NOT allowed to be used on tournament days.

–        Must have a valid Fishing License for the waters you are fishing in.

–        Cannot solicit, utilize, pay for or receive information that comes directly or indirectly from a guide.

–        Anglers are allowed to gather information from tackle shops, fellow anglers, and ‘dock talk’, etc.

Launches and boundaries-

Anglers are allowed to launch outside of these published ramps for Practice Only.

Anglers need to utilize this link for the Official published ramps list. This link is live and may have changes throughout the week.  Please check this link often and communicate any issues to BOS staff.   If you are attempting to utilize a ramp and it is closed, not public, hazardous, etc… please contact BOS staff immediately @  Please include the ramp name, pin drop, details of the situation, and your concerns.  We will address as quickly as we can.  You can submit ramps to be evaluated to this list until 9PM on May 2nd.

Not all ramps are free and not all ramps have hours that coincide with event hours. This is the angler’s responsibility to know and follow facility rules.

Due to changing conditions, launches on this list are subject to change through the end of the tournament and any changes will be published/ announced.


We hope all of our anglers have already secured lodging, but if you haven’t, we encourage you to check out the options in Texarkana, TX.  This is the community that has invested in us and we would greatly appreciate our anglers supporting them back!

We greatly appreciate any and all support for the community and its businesses that support us. Let them know you are here for the Hobie Bass Open Series!

Hobie Parts/ Needs-

We encourage anglers to check, maintain and prepare their equipment prior to arriving.  There are many dealers on the way that you can check with.  If you are on-site and need anything, contact Mariner Sails as they are the closest well stocking dealership to the area.

Our event Hobie parts will arrive later on Thursday.  We are limited on what we will have. In addition, Hobie staff will no longer be able to offer any repairs tournament week, only supplies to help get you back on the water. Hobie has a great support page with directions and video instructions of almost all repairs.  We encourage checking and fixing gear prior to arriving at the event.


15% of the field will get paid this year. We will announce the pay table once the field is set completely.  Traditionally payscale is announced to the anglers in their email Saturday night.    Hobie BOS will pay shortly after ALL anglers submit their payment forms at the conclusion of the event.

Proper/ Legal Lighting: 

We expect all anglers to be legally lighted on their kayak if they plan to take advantage of our early launch times.  If you are going to be on the water during low light conditions you must have a 360 style light. This applies to all kayaks.

If you are going to be using a motor and be under power during low light- you must have navigation lights.

Wright Patman is big water with big boats, please exercise all safety precautions during practice.


We highly encourage sharing your travel and fishing experiences this week.  Please share on your personal page! You can also submit to the BOS page for approval, and/or send pictures directly to our staff at  Please include any or all of the following hashtags in your post!

– #HobieBOS #Hobiefishing #HobieBassOpenSeries #GOTKX #Wrightpatmanlake

-#Newportvessels, #Lowrance, #engelcoolers, #berleypro, #yakgear, #railblaza, #tasline, #hobieeyewear, #stcroixrods, #marinemat, #fpvbatteries, #hobiewayoflife, #Hobie

Final Notes-

Metal or Karbonate Ketch boards are mandatory for this event.  We won’t have any available at the meeting, it is the anglers’ sole responsibility to have all the required equipment for this event.

All information is published at the TourneyX event page and the event page. As things update, those will be too.

The refund period is over, if for whatever reason you can’t come, please communicate with the event staff so they are aware.

The TD is AJ McWhorter and can be reached if needed at 859-351-3617.  He will not be on-site until Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Mandatory Check-in on Friday night!  Safe Travels, be safe on and off the water, meet someone new and have fun this week!
Hobie Cat Company II LLC,
Tournament Director



The 6th season of the Hobie Bass Open Series in on!  Lets GO!!!

Round 5 of the Hobie BOS will take us to new waters in the great state of Texas!  The Texarkana community has been eager to bring kayak fishing to Wright Patman lake! A lake that boasts a good population of Bass and a lake record of a 12 pounder caught and released in 2010. With tremendous backwaters and off-shore fishing, at great post-spawn timing this one has the components to be a shootout with plenty of fish caught! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore a new fishery for the series!  This location is conveniently placed to bring in anglers from all over the region!

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter

Motor Status: Allowed for Practice, NOT for Competition

Event Headquarters– Southwest Center, which is located at Address3222 W 7th St, Texarkana, TX 75501

In order to support the host communities that support us, we encourage our anglers to stay, eat and shop within this community.  Make sure to tell everyone you are there for the Hobie Bass Open Kayak Tournament. Texarkana has something for everyone, so please stay with us there!

Additional lake area info: goTXK | Attractions, Entertainment, and Best Places to Eat in Texarkana

Lodging Block available with a room block until April 21st:,WW,HILTONLINK,EN,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT

Up to a maximum capacity of 225 anglers will be competing for a cash payout to 15% of the field. There will also be Tournament of Champions qualifier spots earned on a sliding scale of attending anglers.

– Below 99 – 2 spots earned

– 100-149 – 3 spots earned

– 150-199- 4 spots earned

– 200+ – 5 spots earned

The Tournament of Champions is the premier championship in competitive Kayak Fishing. An exclusive field of 65 anglers will be competing for 3 days on the Santee Cooper Lakes in Clarendon Co, SC. in Nov 2024.  The prize pot is built throughout the year and paid out over $80,000 in 2023.

If maximum capacity is reached anglers can use the waitlist feature on TourneyX to secure a place in line for available spots.

Any questions or cancellation must be sent to:

Official Schedule- All Time CST

3/27/24 –  Registration Opens

4/22/24 – Off-Limits period begins.

4/26/24 – 11pm- Official registration ends.

– Withdraw window closes.

4/29/24 – Official Practice Period Begins

– Late Registration Period opens for $325.

– Practice details email is sent out.

5/1/24 – 11pm – Late Registration Period ends

– Need to Know Email is sent out.

5/3/24 – 4pm -Practice Period ends.

5:30 – 6:00 pm – Board Check Begins.

6pm – Mandatory Tournament Briefing begins.

5/4/24 – Day 1 of Competition

– 5:30am – Go Time!

– 6:00am – First Cast

– 2:30pm -Lines Out of the Water/ Picture Deadline

– 3:00pm – Submission Deadline

– 7:00 pm- Live feed ID distribution, Day 1 recap, Day 2 Prep. Watching is Mandatory.

5/5/24 – Day 2 of Competition

– 5:30am – Go Time!

– 6:00am – First Cast

– 2:30pm – Lines Out of Water/ Picture Deadline

– 3:00pm – Submission Deadline

– 4:00pm – Event Awards at Headquarters

Refund Policy: Anglers seeking a refund for any reason must email to formally request.  Refunds will be honored at 70% of initial buy-in until the Friday before the practice period begins. There will be no refunds or removal from the official tournament roster after the withdraw window closes.  Anglers should allow up to 30 days to receive refund.

Event Boundaries:

Anglers are allowed to fish any legal and connected body of water or portion of Lake Wright Patman as long as they launch and land from the published launches and follow all BOS Rules in accessing water.  No portaging or wading.

Published Launches:

Anglers must use launches from the following list for competition days.  This list is subject to updates. Participants are expected to contribute to this list both in additions or removal of launches as needed, by communicating with the TD. No additions will be made after 5/2/24.

Official launch map:

The Hobie BOS is a Ketch Board only series.  We allow metal and Karbonate boards.  Boards must be checked and stickered before each event to be legal. There will be no boards available for sale at the event. Please clean your boards before getting them checked and the event.

Angler must have a Texas Fishing Liscense:


Challenging conditions were overcome this weekend on Wright Patman as Kristine Fischer held on to win the Hobie Bass Open Series Powered by Lowrance!
The former TOC Grand Champion took home $2400 for her efforts over 2 days and smoked the field with a total of 173.50″! She is now auto qualified for the Tournament of Champions!
Jason Ray fished hard and submitted some nice fish for a total of 164″ earning $1330 and also qualified for the TOC!
Fellow Okie Luke Aryan also had some big bites, putting up 162.75″ for 2 days and going home with $1100!
Joe McElroy overcame a tough day 1 and landed the largest fish we’ve seen in a few Tournaments with his 23″ TX stud! This earned the $500 YakGear Big Bass!
Huge shoutout to Texarkana TX for being amazing hosts and showing out anglers a great time! #gotxk


RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Adam DewittNE1918.517.7517.7515.7588.75
2Luke AryanOK20.5181716.515.7587.75
3Kristine FischerNE19.2518.251716.751687.25
4Ian GileskiLA18.5181815.51484
5Chris HartmanTN191816.7515.2513.2582.25
6Bradley RussellKY17.7517.51514.7514.2579.25
7Jason RayOK1916.251514.7512.7577.75
8Jacob MoellerTX1814.514.251312.7572.5
9Jordan MarshallTN16.7513.7512.512.251267.25
10Phillip WyattTX20.515.2513.51362.25
11Johnny MaddoxAR17.7515.2512.512.2557.75
12Jordan RozenblumTX17.7514.7512.7512.2557.5
13Eric ThomasonTN2018.514.7553.25
14Eric SiddiqiOH1413.2512.7512.552.5
15Breck HotardLA14.512.7512.512.2552
16Garrett MorganAR1816.7516.2551
17Guillermo GonzalezTX17.2516.2515.549
18Kaden ArgyleUT17.516.2512.7546.5
19Jack WagnerTX16.513.251342.75
20Cameron SmithTX1613.512.2541.75
21Garin ButlerGA1513.251341.25
22Beau CanzoneriNY1716.7533.75
23Francis TranMS1715.532.5
24Daniel LyonsTN1712.7529.75
25Brian HernandezTX14.513.528
26Cristian AstorgaTX14.251226.25
27Wayne LobbLA1312.525.5
28Jay MullerNE18.7518.75
29Tim RodmanTX1818
30Kyle CunninghamAR17.2517.25
31Chance VanWinkleTX1717
32Rolando NandinTX12.512.5
33Grant BlakeneyLA0
34Reese BlakeneyLA0
35Kim BruggerMO0
36Keith FreeseTN0
37Daniel GlenneyTX0
38Chelsea GoodwinKY0
39Jeremy HumphreysTX0
40Desmond JamesTX0
41Joe McElroyAL0
42Luke SandersKS0
43Adam WagnerTX0
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