June 1, 2024
New York
Pedal, Paddle, Electric Motor

R6 – Jordan Westerman Takes the Win – HOBIE EYEWEAR Cayuga Lake Seneca NY

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Hobie Bass Open Series

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June 1, 2024
June 2, 2024

Event Info


The 6th season of the Hobie Bass Open Series in on!  Let’s GO!!!

Round 6 of the Hobie BOS will take us back to the Finger Lakes region of New York of Cayuga Lake.  A visit last year saw awesome catches and totals.  Anglers expressed a high desire to return, and we heard you!  A few weeks earlier this year should allow the smallmouth bass fishing to really be showcased as last year the largemouth really stole the show. With ample shoreline, emerging vegetation and world- class pedigree, this event is one you will not want to miss!  Let’s show off in the Northeast!

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter

Motor Status: Allowed for Practice and Competition

Event Headquarters– The Lux Hotel and Conference Center: 2468 NY-414, Waterloo, NY 13165

In order to support the host communities that support us, we encourage our anglers to stay, eat and shop within this community.  Make sure to tell everyone you are there for the Hobie Bass Open Kayak Tournament. Seneca Co has something for everyone so make sure to give them a shot!

The Lux Hotel has ample parking and a restaurant to make things easy!  Stay with us!

Additional lake area info: https://www.discoverseneca.com/

Up to a maximum capacity of 225 anglers will be competing for a cash payout to 15% of the field. There will also be Tournament of Champions qualifier spots earned on a sliding scale of attending anglers.

– Below 99 – 2 spots earned

– 100-149 – 3 spots earned

– 150-199- 4 spots earned

– 200+ – 5 spots earned

The Tournament of Champions is the premier championship in competitive Kayak Fishing. An exclusive field of 65 anglers will be competing for 3 days on the Santee Cooper Lakes in Clarendon Co, SC. in Nov 2024.  The prize pot is built throughout the year and paid out over $80,000 in 2023.

If maximum capacity is reached anglers can use the waitlist feature on TourneyX to secure a place in line for available spots.

Any questions or cancellation must be sent to: BOS@Hobie.com.

Official Schedule- All Time EST

4/8/24 –  Registration Opens

5/20/24 – Off-Limits period begins.

5/24/24 – 11pm- Official registration ends.

– Withdraw window closes.

5/25/24 – Official Practice Period Begins

– Late Registration Period opens for $325.

– Practice details email is sent out.

5/29/24 – 11pm – Late Registration Period ends

– Need to Know Email is sent out.

5/31/24 – 4pm -Practice Period ends.

– 5:00pm – Board Check Begins.

– 6pm – Mandatory Tournament Briefing begins.

6/1/24 – Day 1 of Competition

– 5:00am – Go Time!

– 5:30am – First Cast

– 2:00pm -Lines Out of the Water/ Picture Deadline

– 2:30pm – Submission Deadline

– 7:00 pm- Live feed ID distribution, Day 1 recap, Day 2 Prep. Watching is Mandatory.

6/2/24 – Day 2 of Competition

– 5:00am – Go Time!

– 5:30am – First Cast

– 2:00pm – Lines Out of Water/ Picture Deadline

– 2:30pm – Submission Deadline

– 3:30pm – Event Awards at Headquarters

Refund Policy: Anglers seeking a refund for any reason must email bos@hobie.com to formally request.  Refunds will be honored at 70% of initial buy-in until the Friday before the practice period begins. There will be no refunds or removal from the official tournament roster after the withdraw window closes.  Anglers should allow up to 30 days to receive refund.

Event Boundaries:

Anglers are allowed to fish any legal and connected body of water or portion of Cayuga Lake as long as they launch and land from the published launches and follow all BOS Rules in accessing water.  No portaging or wading.

Published Launches:

Anglers must use launches from the following list for competition days.  This list is subject to updates. Participants are expected to contribute to this list both in additions or removal of launches as needed, by communicating with the TD. No additions will be considered after 5/30/24 at 7pm.

Official launch map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1r3VG80SpPbNkHTiWMgNJ8iwT063hLVI&usp=sharing

The Hobie BOS is a Ketch Board only series.  We allow metal and Karbonate boards.  Boards must be checked and stickered before each event to be legal. There will be no boards available for sale at the event. Please clean your boards before getting them checked and the event

Anglers must have a valid NY fishing license to participate in this event. https://www.ny.gov/services/get-freshwater-fishing-license


Jordan Westerman dominates with 195.25″ of Smallmouth bass to become Champion over 133 anglers at The Hobie Eyewear Lake Cayuga event! His impressive 2- day total earned him $6450!
Jake Angulas also had a very impressive 2- day total of Smallmouth at 193.75″. His 2nd place finish earned him $3450!
Ryan Matylewicz had the largest single day limit of the weekend with 99.5″ on Sunday, elevating him to 3rd with a 2- day total of 192.25 and $2300 of prize money!
All 3 anglers qualified for the year end Tournament of Champions!
In a Tournament filled with BIG Northern Bass, one stood out caught by Jeff Beachem! His 22.25 largemouth earned him $500 YakGear Big Bass!



RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Ewing MinorVA2220.519.7518.518.599.25
2Jordan WestermanIA20.52019.519.2518.7598
3Christopher NielsenNY21.520.2519.2518.2517.7597
4Jake AngulasNH19.7519.7519.518.7518.7596.5
5Ryan MatylewiczPA21.7518.7518.7518.518.2596
6Kristine FischerNE2019.7519.518.51895.75
7Matthew ZapalaNY20.2519.519.2518.51895.5
8Jacob StemPA2019.2519.2518.7518.2595.5
9Zachary JurmuWI19.2519.2519.251918.2595
10Brian DelahuntyAL20.51918.7518.51894.75
11Jeffery Tyler StewartKY20.75191918.751794.5
12Bradley SandroniNY19.7519.2518.7518.751894.5
13Hernán CortezWI20.7519.7518.2517.7517.594
14Bruce RohdenburgNY19.7519.5191817.7594
15Dustin MurguiaIL19.519.2518.518.518.2594
16Ronnie CheslaPA2019.2518.7518.2517.593.75
17Samuel GomesNJ20.251918.518.517.2593.5
18John KlinePA2019.518.2517.7517.7593.25
19Bailey EigbrettNY212018.517.2516.2593
20Adam RiserTN19.751918.25181893
21Jose VuittonetNY19.2519191817.592.75
22Beau CanzoneriNY19.7518.7518.2517.7517.2591.75
23Mike ElseaIN19.2518.7518.2517.7517.7591.75
24Jody QueenWV19.519.518.2517.7516.591.5
25Francis MatylewiczPA19.51918.7517.2516.7591.25
26Nate ConleyON19.518.25181817.2591
27John NunezCT19.2518.751817.517.591
28Joseph MirandaCT1918.75181817.2591
29Andres ValbuenaNY21.518.2517.7517.251690.75
30Blake AbbeyFL19.519.2518.517.2516.2590.75
31Charles DaughertyNJ20.52017.7516.251690.5
32Abby AbbondanzaPA2018.517.517.251790.25
33Casey ReedVA18.7518.751817.517.2590.25
34John TibbensCT2018.517.5171790
35Aaron FettermanDE1918.7518.25171790
36Adam FinkbinerPA19181817.517.2589.75
37Brandon RiffleOH191918.516.7515.2588.5
38Joseph KrywalskiNY18.51817.7517.251788.5
39Dylan CrystaloskiPA19.519.518.25161588.25
40Antoine D.GagnonQUE19.51917.7517.7514.2588.25
41Dontrell SullivanNC18.7517.7517.7517.516.588.25
42Tim IsaacsWV18.518.517.751716.2588
43Ken WoodMA20.2519.2518.7514.7514.7587.75
44Ryan NyeCT1918.75181615.7587.5
45Benjamin BornhorstNY1918.51716.7516.2587.5
46Jordan LovejoyMD18.518.2517.75171687.5
47Craig PittsNY19.519.2516.5161687.25
48David ShieldsPA19191716.515.7587.25
49Brandon GeorgeNY1917.517.2516.7516.7587.25
50Stephen SistoPA18.7518.2517.517.2515.587.25
51Guillermo GonzalezTX18.751817.2516.7516.587.25
52Luke AryanOK1817.7517.5171787.25
53Rob SinkerNJ19.2518.516.7516.7515.7587
54Nicky EzellNC18.7517.517.251716.2586.75
55Alan ReedFL18.2518.2516.7516.7516.586.5
56Joe VacantiNJ19.7518.251716.7513.7585.5
57Matthew RotheryNY19.518.51716.513.7585.25
58Samuel EvansOH17.7517.516.7516.51684.5
59Tim PercyON17.517.251716.516.2584.5
60Ronny RuizNJ2018.2517.514.7513.7584.25
61Brandon PrinceMO17.751716.7516.7515.7584
62Ryan MeliaNJ18.7516.7516.516.515.2583.75
63Cory DreyerNC19.7519.7515.514.51483.5
64Russell BeverlyNJ18.2517.7517.2515.251583.5
65Kevin RamseyVA18.7517.517151583.25
66Kyler BranaumKY17.516.7516.7516.251683.25
67Bert GuthausKY1917.751615.7514.2582.75
68Jason MyersPA18.2518.2516.2515.514.582.75
69Arek SokolNJ20.517.515.7514.751482.5
70Travis DeckerVA1917.7515.515.2514.7582.25
71Kyle LivinghousePA18.2517.7515.515.2514.581.25
72Jack KlajaCT18.251615.7515.751580.75
73Richard OfnerON17.516.516.251514.579.75
74Aaron MacdonaldNY17.517.2515.514.751378
75Adam MilsteadPA1716.515.51513.7577.75
76Dan HargraveNY1716.251615.2513.2577.75
77Mark MariniPA19.519.251918.576.25
78Matt BallOH1715.514.7514.514.576.25
79Eric ThomasonTN16.2515.515.514.514.2576
80John TammaroNY16.516.514.751413.7575.5
81Jonathan RichardsonNH15.7515.514.7514.513.7574.25
82Braden KetchumNY15.7515.2514.7514.2514.2574.25
83Jesse SturdevantNJ1514.751413.513.2570.5
84Eric SiddiqiOH16.751513.2512.512.2569.75
85Jordan WelliverPA1514.75141312.569.25
86David AllenNJ1514.513.7513.751269
87Jonathan KislingburyNC15.2514.513.512.7512.568.5
88Mark DonioNJ18.517.2515.51465.25
89Darrell HenzePA17.7517.7515.2513.564.25
90Nathan YacuzzoNY19.251813.751364
91Tyler SweetNY18.7516.5161263.25
92Brett HollfelderPA1817.514.512.7562.75
93Tj SwaneyPA201413.513.2560.75
94Brian GundersonNJ211917.2557.25
95Ken KadonskyWI19.518.518.2556.25
96Nick AudiPA19.2518.751856
97Ben CurrieME1917.515.7552.25
98Benjamin SpiveyPA1917.251652.25
99Jayson HwangNJ1715.51345.5
100Aaron BickfordME17141445
101David SmithPA1615.2513.544.75
102Judy RichardsonNH15.514.51242
103Ricky OttmanNY14.251412.7541
104Jason IsaacsOH18.517.7536.25
105Kyle ThomasNJ17.7517.7535.5
106Jimmy EntwistlePA1816.534.5
107Pat VeomettNY1716.2533.25
108Brad CampbellCT181533
109Jake CarinMD16.516.533
110Cynthia SchamesNY17.514.2531.75
111Allen ChesnerNJ14.51428.5
112Adam HoehnePA2121
113Joshua BrewerNY20.520.5
114Bill DurborawPA20.2520.25
115Adam ShepardKY19.2519.25
116Vince LawyerNY19.2519.25
117Gary JollimoreON1919
118Matthew OsmancikliNY1919
119Tom JeserPA1919
120Chuck LintPA17.517.5
121Rodney MerrittME17.2517.25
122Sterling (Tray) LeachMD16.7516.75
123Dylan MillerPA16.516.5
124Jeff BeachamON0
125Andreia CostaNJ0
126Brent DamienCT0
127Theodore DouglasCT0
128Chelsea GoodwinKY0
129Travis HeilmanNY0
130Allen HurttMD0
131Joe McElroyAL0
132Steven MitchellNY0
133Daniel MunsellNY0
134Dan NapierNY0
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