March 26, 2022
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Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2

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March 26, 2022
March 27, 2022

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Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2
This past weekend a full field of 200 anglers spread out over Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie of the Santee Cooper Lakes in Clarendon County, SC for the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by @PowerPole.
Battling heavy winds and tough competition, 10% of our field went home with almost $40,000 including a $10,500 first place prize to Canadian Angler Nate Conley for is 2-day total of 194″ and a $500 @BassinMagazine Big Bass Bonus to Kris Kirkpatrick (GA) for catching the largest fish of the event at 24″.
All three anglers punched their ticket to our 50 angler Tournament of Champions this November on Caddo Lake in Shreveport- Bossier City, LA with a $100,000 payout guarantee!
Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2
Rank Angler Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3 Fish 4 Fish 5 Fish 6 Fish 7 Fish 8 Fish 9 Fish 10 TOTAL PAYOUT
1 Nathan Conley 23 20 19.5 18.25 18 22.25 19.75 18 18 17.75 194.5 $10,500
2 Rus Snyders 21 19.5 19.5 19.25 19.25 21.75 21.25 18.25 17.75 16.5 194 $5,500
3 Cody Milton 20.75 20.5 20.25 18.5 17.25 19.75 18.75 18.25 17.5 17 188.5 $3,200
4 Teng Vue 22.25 17.75 17.75 15.75 23.75 22.5 21.25 20.75 19.75 181.5 $2,500
5 Adam Riser 22.25 19.25 18.5 17 16.75 20.5 16.5 15.5 15.5 15.25 177 $1,800
6 Nolan Minor 23 18.25 17.5 16 15 19.25 19 19 16.25 12 175.3 $1,550
7 Brandon Prince 18.75 17.5 16.75 15.5 14.25 18.5 18.25 16.5 16.5 16 168.5 $1,450
8 Matthew Sandefur 15.25 14.25 14 13.75 12.75 21.5 21.25 20.75 19.25 13 165.8 $1,350
9 Michael Mera 16.5 16 15 14.75 13.5 20 18.75 18 16.75 16 165.3 $1,250
10 Vincent Ferreri 18 17 12.25 12 22.25 22 20.75 20.25 20 164.5 $1,150
Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2

Santee Cooper Lakes, Manning SC

The second stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us to Clarendon County, South Carolina on Lake Marion and Moultrie. These 2 history- rich lakes will provide our anglers ample shoreline, cypress trees, vegetation, and docks to fish for this 2- Day tournament.  Lake Marion is home of the SC State record bass and the pedigree of this fishery puts our anglers on some of the best lakes in the country at one of the most opportune times to have record catches and record limits, all while protecting the spawn process in our Catch and Release format.

A maximum capacity of 200 Anglers will be competing for a cash payout to 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in the 2022 Tournament of Champions (TOC) on Caddo Lake Nov 11-13 in Shreveport- Bossier City, LA.

The TOC is a 3- day, 50 Angler championship with a $100,000 payout guarantee.

All anglers entering will have a chance to win a 2022 Hobie Outback in custom Orange and Black ‘BOS Camo’ color way. In addition to many prizes that will be randomly given away from our sponsors.

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter


Event Headquarters: Weldon Auditorium Gymnasium, 7 Maple Street, Manning SC 29102

Clarendon County Chamber of Commerce:

We encourage all of our anglers to stay with us in Clarendon County.  There are ample opportunities close to the lake and our headquarters in this county. Please support our host so they will continue to support series like ours.



HBOS Santee Cooper

Smashes B.O.S. single-day 5-fish limit, catches personal best bass, earns $10,500 check


“Our anglers faced some tremendous challenges at this event due to stiff winds, and it certainly affected how they could access and stay on the fish,” said tournament director, A.J. McWhorter. “Those who finished well brushed the weather aside, dug in and made things happen. These are big, wide-open lakes and it was snarly out there so the best scores came from anglers who fished places that buffered the wind. Despite the adversity, we saw a lot of big fish measuring over 20” – and our highest 5-fish daily limit of all time. This truly is a bucket-list destination and it lived up to its reputation.”

When all was said and done, it was Canadian Nate Conley, 39, of Ontario, who stood alone at the top of the two-day catch, photograph and release (C.P.R.) tourney. To be sure, the win didn’t come easily as Conley racked up 98.7” of bass on Day 1 and 95.7” on Day 2, but still had to hold off perennial threats Rus Snyders, 40, of Pegram, Tennessee, and Cody Milton, 28, of Searcy, Arkansas, down the stretch. Conley finished with 194.5” to edge Snyder by half an inch after culling up with just 18 minutes to go. Milton bagged the bronze with 188.50” as the trio separated themselves from the pack. Teng Vue, of Connelly Springs, North Carolina, meanwhile, smashed the single-day Hobie B.O.S. limit record with 108” of largemouth bass on Day 2 for a two-day total of 181.5” and a fourth-place finish.

Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2

“Our events have always had a strong contingent of Canadian anglers,” noted McWhorter, “but with the borders closed due to the pandemic over the past two years, it was good to see our friends to the north and meet some new ones. Nate drove 16 hours to get here from his home. This was his first Hobie event and it’s nice to see a fresh face atop the leader board.”

To be sure, Conley got off to a great start. He had scored with some nice bass in open water during pre-event practice sessions, but the stiff winds on Day 1 forced him to look for an area where he could fish safely. “I ended up pushing deep into a creek arm with a protected pocket area so I could mine the cypress trees,” he revealed. “I wasn’t power fishing. Instead, I used my new Hobie PA 14 360 to position myself perfectly to probe each tree. With the 360 Mirage Drive I was able to easily work both sides of the trunks as I slid past. That made a huge difference in my success. I upgraded a week before the event, which turned out to be a great move. I’m a big guy, 6’ 4”, and I’m extremely comfortable in that kayak. I love it.”

Conley, who also broke his personal best on Day 2 with a 23.75-inch hawg, mostly threw a 5” watermelon Gary Yamamoto Senko worm rigged wacky style on a St. Croix 6’ 8” Bass X spinning rod. “That rod,” he continued, ”is an economical choice, for sure, but I’ve caught so many fish with it that I never leave it home. I carry several Daiwa rods with Tatula spinning reels, too,” he added.

Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2

Snyders, meanwhile, opted to run upriver and look for cloudy, shallow water where he knew there wouldn’t be much pressure. “I was targeting spawning fish that I couldn’t see,” he revealed. “I had no trouble catching fish on a wide variety of lures including a weighted Texas-rigged fluke, a Senko and a square bill crankbait, but it was a spinnerbait that really proved effective on Day 2.”

A competitor who seems to always be on the fish, Snyders was more than in the running as time drew down. At points on Day 2 he was atop the leader board – and he actually had a potentially winning bass in his boat that slipped back into the water before being measured.

“You’ve got to fish clean to come away with a win when the competition is this tough,” he stated. “Nate’s performance was impressive. He slowed things down with that Senko. Like me, he was fishing an area that was out of the wind and less pressured. Smart move. There are no cypress swamps in Canada, so hats off to him for adapting to local and changing conditions.”

As for Milton, he rang up solid fish in practice sessions before the wind and cold descended upon the Santee Cooper Lakes but ended up pushing back into a flooded cypress forest to find protection and pods of bass on random trees, sometimes separated by as much as a quarter mile. “Day 1 was a spinnerbait day for me,” he stated. “Day 2 became a Senko day after that chilly weather rolled in overnight. The spot I ended up hitting had smaller fish on Friday but much bigger ones moved in by Day 1 of the tournament, so I just worked to stay on them. I had a blast, catching 20 to 40 fish both days, including 20.5” and 18” culls on Day 1 that really helped me move up in the standings.”

Like Conley, Milton noted his Hobie PA 14 360 provided a tangible edge in this event. “It’s super stable, comfortable, and turns on a dime, which allows me to always be in the best position to make a perfect cast,” he said. “That boat’s maneuverability is just unbelievable.”

HBOS Santee Cooper

For their efforts, Conley, Snyders and Milton took home checks for $10,500, $5,500, and $3,200, respectively. All three also punched tickets to the 2022 Tournament of Champions (T.O.C.) on Caddo Lake, November 11-13, in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana. The T.O.C. has a guaranteed $100,000 payout. Additionally, Angler of the Year (A.O.Y.) points were awarded to the first 100 places on the leader board. Khris Kirkpatrick walked away with Bassin’ Magazine Big Bass honors and a $500 check for a 24-inch brute he caught and released on Day 1.

“I really had an exciting time at this tournament,” summed up Conley, “With the field sold out well ahead of time, the great payouts, smooth organization and camaraderie between anglers, it certainly feels like a top-level, professional bass tournament. With an elite field so large, focused and skilled, you really have to earn your place here. I can tell you, it’s a different kind of pressure when you see guys like Rus and Cody breathing down your neck on the leader board. I can’t believe I won this event considering all the great kayak fishing names here. It really is an honor.”

“Well deserved,” concludes McWhorter, ”who also thanked the Clarendon County Chamber of Commerce for all their work in making this a tremendous event, and every angler who came and endured less-than-favorable conditions but took up the challenge to perform their best.”

Up next on the Hobie tour is Lake Eufaula, April 23-24. The first five Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) Anchored by Power-Pole events for 2022 are already sold out. Registration is now open for the Lake Winnipesaukee event, June 25 – 26.

Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2



AnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Nathan ConleyON232019.518.251898.75
2Rus SnydersTN2119.519.519.2519.2598.5
3Cody MiltonAR20.7520.520.2518.517.2597.25
4Terrik WalkerOH2322.7517.516.2514.2593.75
5Adam RiserTN22.2519.2518.51716.7593.75
6Tyler SmithSC22.25211716.7516.2593.25
7Matt HawjNC2019.518.2517.517.2592.5
8Nolan MinorVA2318.2517.5161589.75
9Alex FiolkaMD23.2518.251715.514.7588.75
10Matt CampbellVA2018.517.7516.515.7588.5
11Matthew VannFL21.7518.516.2515.7515.587.75
12Chris GravelyNC22.751816.2515.2513.585.75
13Jim JaniczekNC17.7517.51716.7516.2585.25
14Nick HuddlestonSC19.2517.51715.7514.584
15Shane WilliamsFL19.51815.7515.251583.5
16Brandon PrinceMO18.7517.516.7515.514.2582.75
17Ron ChampionGA1817.2516.7516.751482.75
18Eric SiddiqiOH23.7522.52015.7582
19Saturday MelNC17.251716.2515.7515.581.75
20Dave SewellIN17.516.7516.2515.7514.580.75
21Jay WallenKY19.517.5161413.580.5
22Aaron FettermanDE2115.7514.7514.7513.2579.5
23Drew GregoryOH22.751514.513.7513.2579.25
24Nathan GreenVA18.51714.7514.2512.7577.25
25Micah MarbraVA22.518.518.516.7576.25
26Michael Sebastian MeraTN16.5161514.7513.575.75
27Jordan MarshallTN15.7515.751514.7514.575.75
28Brian NelliFL16.751614.751413.7575.25
29Ronnie MurphyNC17.7516.2514.514.51275
30Teng VueNC22.2517.7517.7515.7573.5
31Russell JohnsonPA22.2518171673.25
32Matt MillardTN2118.516.515.571.5
33Twiggy .VA18.518.251815.570.25
34Matthew SandefurNC15.2514.251413.7512.7570
35Mikey HolcombeWV18.7518.516.515.7569.5
36William QueenNC19.2518.51713.7568.5
37Allen SweatFL18.7517.7516.2515.7568.5
38Jim OrrIN1918.7515.2514.2567.25
39Brian ArnoldON17.7516.2516.2515.565.75
40Larry MouaNC201615.2514.2565.5
41Ewing MinorVA17.2516.516.251565
42Ryan BrenemanNC18.51815.2512.564.25
43Corey RacerNC17.515.7515.515.2564
44Joshua GaugerWI17.7517.515.512.7563.5
45Wyatt NovakNC22.520.7519.2562.5
46Justin FingerNC15.7515.251514.7560.75
47Robbie SinkerSC16.7515.5151360.25
48Adam FillmoreSC19.251612.512.2560
49Dustin MurguiaIL16.7515.2515.2512.2559.5
50Vincent Ferreri CommishSC181712.251259.25
51Christopher DeckerNC2319.2515.7558
52Kyle YonceNC2217.7517.7557.5
53Brady StorrsNE15.7514.2513.2513.2556.5
54Tim SabellaSC16.751412.251255
55Kris KirkpatrickGA2417.2513.554.75
56Jason BroachSC21.251815.2554.5
57Chris GoodwinNC21.7516.515.7554
58Joey VanyoMN20.25171653.25
59Josh CounceFL21.51812.7552.25
60Phillip EhlenSC19.517.514.7551.75
61Greg ThomasFL22.2514.7514.551.5
62Jim MorrisseySC17.5171751.5
63Matt BallOH18.516.51651
64Matthew ConantMA19.7515.7515.2550.75
65Eric MillerTN17.516.7515.2549.5
66Eric OrtopanOH18.2516.513.7548.5
67Don BustamanteSC181712.547.5
68Tim FitzNC1816.7512.7547.5
69Jason LoweNC17.514.7514.7547
70Landon DavisTN16.7516.2513.546.5
71Austin RobertsNC18.7515.51246.25
72Guillermo GonzalezTX18.51512.2545.75
73Sterling (Tray) LeachMD17.2514.513.7545.5
74Tim IsaacsWV191412.2545.25
75Kurt SmitsOH17.513.7513.7545
76Tim Crabtree JrOH17.251413.7545
77Jeff BeachamON23.2519.2542.5
78John KlinePA21.2519.2540.5
79Mel AsheMO1413.2513.2540.5
80Ryan ParkerOH21.515.7537.25
81Charles LathanSC20.2516.2536.5
82Larry CriderNC1917.536.5
83Tony YangGA21.251536.25
84Brayden MorrisWV18.7517.536.25
85Greg KrasnowieckiRI1916.2535.25
86Brian CoyneWI18.7516.535.25
87Abel PatinoCA17.7517.535.25
88Joshua DiehlGA17.2517.2534.5
89HotRod JohnsonWV18.251634.25
90Oleadys HernandezNJ21.2512.2533.5
91Lee HawjNC17.51633.5
92Kenneth MorrisOH171633
93Barry DavisSC18.514.2532.75
94Leng VangNC17.2515.532.75
95Chris GrantSC17.2515.532.75
96Ryan BackaTX18.251432.25
97Chad WaldenSC19.512.532
98Brandon WatsonAL181432
99Frank WolfeSC1714.7531.75
100Shawn WorrellNC16.251531.25
101Zachary SweetNC16.514.531
102Jay ParkNC15.751530.75
103Jaxton OrrIN17.2513.2530.5
104Brad CaseMS171330
105Kristine FischerNE16.2512.7529
106Chris OdomAL22.522.5
107Adam WiantSC20.7520.75
108Jim DavisTN19.7519.75
109Jacob GaugerNC19.519.5
110Brandon PalmerOH19.2519.25
111David KittrellAL18.7518.75
112Mark GlendeNC18.2518.25
113David GoldingNC18.2518.25
114Storm CarverWV1818
115Tim PercyON17.7517.75
116Sean DwyerSC17.7517.75
117Paul RobertsNC17.7517.75
118Richard OfnerON17.7517.75
119Steve LeamanMO17.517.5
120Lawrence MellingerVA17.517.5
121Josh PolingSC17.517.5
122Mike CheathamTN17.2517.25
123Cameron TettertonSC17.2517.25
124Larry WoodSC16.7516.75
125Travis BelcherVA16.7516.75
126Lowell BrannanSC16.516.5
127Austin VangNC16.516.5
128Jimmy DavisTN16.2516.25
129Mark WilkinsNC16.2516.25
130JR RentzNJ1616
131Mike BairdKY1616
132Stephen SistoPA1616
133Jason WestSC15.7515.75
134Guillermo FuentesNC15.7515.75
135Peter ManthosVA15.7515.75
136Greg NosarVA15.515.5
137Eric ThomasonTN15.515.5
138Joey RandallNC15.515.5
139Ryan LambertTN15.515.5
140Skip LohmeyerSC15.515.5
141Philip BackusWV15.2515.25
142Ben McCoySC1515
143Christopher CatucciRI1515
144Michael GrimsleyOH1515
145David HabensteinKY14.2514.25
146Sai VangNC1414
147Joshua HinzCO1313
148Jackie HughesNC12.512.5
149Katie BackaTX0
150Curtis BaumgardnerNC0
151CJ BlackTX0
152Kyler BranaumKY0
153Johnathan BroachSC0
154Andy BrodeNC0
155Michael BrueningOH0
156David BurtMD0
157James BuschVA0
158Brian ButcherWV0
159Josh CarterVA0
160Eric CormackWV0
161Tim CrabtreeOH0
162William DurborawPA0
163Mike EadySC0
164Shawn FieldsGA0
165Joe GillWV0
166Steve GunterWV0
167Jason HagginsNC0
168Bee HangNC0
169Preston HarrisGA0
170Jake HarshmanPA0
171Jeremy HeathNC0
172Matthew HeaynON0
173Carl HegertyDE0
174Jeremy HughesNC0
175Jason IsaacsOH0
176Jared JonesNC0
177Amanda LockettNC0
178Dylan LoweryGA0
179Brandon MartinNC0
180Joe ParkuloNC0
181Justin QuearyNY0
182Alan QuearyNY0
183Robert RandolphNC0
184Ronnie RobinsonMD0
185Becky RobinsonMD0
186Kevin RohlandPA0
187Darin RoutierTX0
188Landon SmithNC0
189Stuart StaplesTN0
190Steven StockingerNC0
191Derek TaylorAL0
192Ken TeagueNC0
193Stephen TrainorSC0
194Alex VanDykeNC0
195Keng VangNC0
196Ped VangNC0
197Paul WalterNC0
198Ryan WashingtonNC0
199Shelley WhislerNC0
200Mitchell WhiteGA0
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