February 12, 2022
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Hobie Bass Open Toledo Bend 2022

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February 12, 2022
February 13, 2022

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The first stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us to Many, LA and the famed Toledo Bend. This reservoir of the Sabine River boasts over 1,200 miles of shoreline and any type of structure someone may want to fish.  Known for standing timber and submerged vegetation this powerhouse fishery has the reputation to produce giant bass and record breaking 5-fish limits. With so much water that is optimally accessed by kayaks, this early season bout points to an epic start to the year you won’t want to miss.

A maximum capacity of 200 Anglers will be competing for a cash payout to 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in the 2022 Tournament of Champions (TOC) on Caddo Lake Nov 11-13 in Shreveport- Bossier City, LA.

The TOC is a 3- day, 50 Angler championship with a $100,000 payout guarantee.

All anglers entering will have a chance to win a 2022 Hobie Outback in a custom Orange and Black ‘BOS Camo’ color- way. In addition to many prizes that will be randomly given away from our sponsors.

Tournament Director: AJ McWhorter BOS@hobie.com


Event Headquarters: San Miguel Park SRA; 381 San Miguel Rd, Zwolle, LA 71486



We encourage all of our anglers to stay with us in and around our host community in Louisiana.  An Additional source for lodging, food and all other things in the area; https://toledobendlakecountry.com/



Hobie Bass Open Toledo Bend 2022


Out-maneuvers weather challenges to land $10,500 prize on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (February 18, 2022) – Windy weather, rough water and sharp temperature changes greeted an elite field of kayak anglers primed for the season-opening event in the 2022 Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) Anchored by Power-Pole. Held February 12 – 13 on legendary Toledo Bend Reservoir, the two-day catch, photograph and release (C.P.R.) tourney was sold out weeks in advance with 200 participants, all hoping to kick off their season with a great start while challenging the largemouth population on one of the nation’s best-known bass waters.

“Gathering our community together is something this series has been based on from the start, so to have such a great turnout from across the country felt fantastic,” said tournament director A.J. McWhorter. “The conditions were incredibly challenging and kept changing throughout the weekend but those who were able to adjust and adapt best were the ones who ultimately finished in our top 20 paid places.”

Indeed, the weather featured several shifts that truly tested the skills, intuition and determination of the Hobie fleet. Just prior to the tourney the temperature hit 71 degrees on Thursday and Friday. Then a big front pushed through on Saturday bringing fierce winds and heavy rain to parts of the lake. Temperatures plummeted after the front passed, and anglers had to endure a sub-freezing morning with bluebird skies and challenging post-frontal conditions throughout Sunday.

Hobie Bass Open Toledo Bend 2022

“To come out on top of our first 200-angler field which included some of the top anglers in our sport says a lot about our winner and his ability to overcome the competition, crazy weather, and the heavy boat pressure on Day 1,” continued McWhorter.

That winner would be Rolando Nandin, 39, from San Antonio, Texas. Competing in his first Hobie B.O.S. Anchored by Power-Pole event, Nandin culled five-fish limits each day, tallying 90 inches for second place on Saturday and 88.5 inches for third place on Sunday. His combined winning total of 178.5 inches edged out runner-up Cody Henley, 29, of Kamas, Utah, with 177.5 inches and Michael Sebastian Mera, 32, of Knoxville, Tennessee, who finished third with 171.25 inches. For their efforts, Nandin took home a first-place check for $10,500, Henley cashed a second-place prize of $5,500, and Mera walked away with $3,200 for third. Jonathon Carter from New Orleans, Louisiana, took home Bassin’ Big Bass honors with a 23.25-inch brute caught on Day 1. Angler of the Year (A.O.Y.) points were also distributed to the top 100 competitors.

“I generally fish local tournaments, so 200 anglers in one event are the most I’ve ever competed against,” said an ecstatic Nandin. “My plan was to just dig in and hopefully cash a check when the event was over. Going in with the expectation of winning against such heavy and fierce competition just seemed to be reaching a little high. So, I did a lot of map research, factored in the weather conditions and decided to let things flow from there.”

Ultimately, Nandin settled on two areas where he might dodge the elements and hit less obvious pieces of structure before they got pounded by the fleet. On Day 1, he focused his efforts along a lee-side creek mouth that emptied into the main lake, providing a highway to a nearby spawning area. The spot featured a bridge with pylons to offer obvious structure, had protected water at the back of a creek, and some deeper water at the creek mouth where he could use his electronics to find more isolated pieces.

“Throwing jerkbaits in 10- to 12-foot depths around laydowns and brush piles, I hit those less obvious locations first,” Said Nandin. “That worked out well because most of the nearby anglers raced to the visible structure while I was able to get my limit early without much competition. Late in the morning I had an hour-long slot when I was able to use my Hobie PA14 360 to muscle out into the main lake. I had found some good fish there in practice. They were still there, and I was able to cull my way to second place for the day.”

HBOS Toledo Bend 2022

On Day 2, Nandin figured his creek-mouth area had seen enough pressure and that less wind would allow him to hit some docks. Thus, he put in near the dam at the southern end of the lake and took advantage of his electronics to find a solid pattern in the vicinity of Indian Cove.

“I was looking for docks surrounded by deeper water, but the lake was low so I adjusted my maps to isolate docks jutting out into decent depths. I started casting jerkbaits but wasn’t having any luck so I switched to an Alabama rig that I could throw with my Daiwa Tatula 300 and that proved to be the winning ticket. I only hit five docks but pulled fish from each of them. Over both days, my Hobie platform really played a big part in my success. It really handles the elements, has 360-degree maneuverability, and I love it in conjunction with my electronics. At this level of competition, it can actually be a deciding factor.”

Henley, meanwhile, got off to a rough start on Day 1. Initially, he found “about 20 kayaks too many,” along with a bunch of tournament boats, in the first place he ventured. Pushing ahead, he hit a succession of 20 trees he had marked in practice but came away empty. Then he noticed a small pocket in the back of a cove. “It was a bit crowded but it was also out of the wind and had warm water,” he explained, “So I pulled in and culled up all my fish. I rolled out of there about 2 p.m., hoping to save some bass for Day 2, but after talking with other anglers who didn’t score as well in that stretch I decided to try a new location in the morning.”

Henley kicked off Day 2 by heading out onto the main lake and experienced a sluggish start. Returning to the pocket, he found the water had cooled off along with the bite. At that point, he pushed farther back where he found 50-degree water and the bite came alive. “I caught a limit of 14-inch fish and said a little prayer,” he recalled. “Suddenly, I had a feeling that I should turn around. I did, sent out a cast, and drilled a 21-inch bass, then an 18-incher. I started working that clear water with a Z-Man Golden Shiner ChatterBait and it turned out pretty good. I was trading places with Rolando but eventually he finished on top, so hats off to him for a job well done.”

Like Nandin, Henley noted that his Hobie PA14 360 played a big part in battling the elements. “I think it’s the number-one kayak on the market,” he stated. “You name it, I like it when it comes to this platform. It’s amazingly stable, offers 360-degree capability, and you can walk to the nose or stern. It really suits an active angler like me.”

While Nandin and Henley took gold and silver, Mera had the comeback of his fishing life on Day 2. After finishing in 49th place on Day 1, he led the field with a 94-inch limit to close out the tourney and leapfrog his way to an improbable third-place overall finish.

“I sat out the first two hours on Day 1 due to the weather,” said Mera, “but I fished well once I got out. I actually left my initial area and ran to my Day 2 spot because there were white caps where I first planned to fish. Eventually, I scored well with Berkley crankbaits, and finesse shaky heads bounced across the bottom.”

On Day 2, Mera decided to work an area about two miles from where he had his Day 1 success. “As I was pedaling my Hobie Mirage Compass,” he related, “I got an uneasy feeling that I should turn around and start where I ended Day 1, and maybe extend that area a little bit. That intuition turned out to be right on target because it resulted in the biggest bag of the tournament and the biggest fish on Day 2, the latter earning me extra A.O.Y. points. I crushed the bass once I finally started casting. I really wish I had spent more time actually fishing both days. It’s hard to compete when you give away a couple hours to such a talented field.”

Hobie Bass Open Toledo Bend 2022

In the end, Nandin, Henley and Mera all noted that despite the challenging conditions the Toledo Bend event was impressive not only for the fish that were caught and released, but also in the level of competition, camaraderie, and how smoothly the tournament was run.

“I’ve fished about 70 tournaments on the local level, but this was a completely different deal,” summed up Mera. “I’m elated with my results, and Hobie couldn’t have done a better job. The competition was top shelf, the rules were clear, and the competitors were friendly, supportive and focused. It really was a great experience.”

Which, concludes McWhorter, is exactly what this series is all about. “It’s exciting to see our events exploding on the national scene, and we’ll keep doing all we can to ensure our competitors have a thrilling, fun and respected series to compete in.”

The next two Hobie B.O.S. Anchored by Power Pole events, Santee Cooper Lakes, March 26 – 27, and Lake Eufaula, April 23 – 24, are already sold out. Registration for the Broken Bow event, May 14 – 15, opens February 25 at 12 p.m. EST. Visit Hobiebos.com/events for details.


AnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Robert SmithTX22.7519.25181813.7591.75
2Rolando NandinTX21.2517.7517171790.00
3Garrett WadeAL18.7518.51817.517.2590.00
4Cody HenleyUT19.518.751816.7516.589.50
5John HutsonTX22.51917.251713.7589.50
6Jason CassettyIN19.51817.5171688.00
7Caymen RasmussenUT20.7516.7516.516.515.586.00
8Jeff IshamTX1817.517.2516.516.585.75
9Dale GriffinTX19191716.751485.75
10Jonathon CarterLA23.251915.2514.251485.75
11Guillermo GonzalezTX19.51817.2515.514.7585.00
12Cody MiltonAR19.7517.2516.75161584.75
13David BestTN18.2517.7516.516.251684.75
14Ethan JettTN19.517.516.515.7515.2584.50
15Matthew ScotchTX20.51715.515.51583.50
16Adam McCluskeyUT18.251716.25161683.50
17Aaron SpryTX2017.515.7515.251583.50
18Zack HallLA19.7517.51615.2514.583.00
19Dave SewellIN19.25161615.7515.582.50
20Jason IsaacsOH2016.516.251514.7582.50
21Andrew JacobsonTX20.751615.515.251582.50
22Jason WillisLA181716.7516.514.2582.50
23Steven QuillenLA17.251716.251615.7582.25
24Daniel LyonsTN19.2517.2516.515.251482.25
25Kyle SchroederTX17.517.2516.7515.51582.00
26Jeremy HughesNC18.5171615.251581.75
27Anthony GarciaCA19.516.25161514.7581.50
28Justin BrewerAR18.517.51716.51281.50
29Terrik WalkerOH2116.2516.251413.7581.25
30Michael IwasykTX1816.516.515.251581.25
31Joe McElroyAL1817.7515.515.2514.581.00
32Adam DewittNE17.7516.516.2515.7514.580.75
33Christa HibbsAR1716.516.515.51580.50
34Santos ZepedaTX19.515.7515.7514.7514.580.25
35Matt RameyNM17.51716.7515.513.2580.00
36Dave MosherTX201615.514.51480.00
37Quinton EcholsOH17.2516.515.7515.251579.75
38Joey VanyoMN17.51715.514.7514.579.25
39Joe LanzillottiTX17.2515.7515.515.2515.2579.00
40James PennyTX20.515.51514.2513.7579.00
41Adam FillmoreSC21.515.751513.251378.50
42Dylan LoweryGA1716.515151578.50
43David KittrellAL17.2516.251614.2514.2578.00
44Jason BroachSC1917.514.2513.751377.50
45Josh DuffelLA16.7516.51514.7514.577.50
46Marcus VillanuevaTX1716.51514.514.577.50
47Michael Sebastian MeraTN171615.514.514.2577.25
48Ryan BackaTX17.517.25171312.577.25
49Jeremiah SmithTX1715.515.2514.7514.7577.25
50Katie BackaTX17.751715.5141377.25
51Nolan MinorVA16.7516.251514.51476.50
52Jacob LavergneLA16.515.2515.2514.751475.75
53Ryan BeekmanMO15.7515.515.2514.514.575.50
54Justin LargenVA16.2515.7514.7514.514.2575.50
55Weslie GrayTX17.2516.7514.7513.513.2575.50
56Ernesto MendozaTX17.2516.2514.7514.512.575.25
57Cole GarlandIN16.516.251513.7513.7575.25
58Roberto RicoTX1716.2514.751413.2575.25
59Jordan MarshallTN16.2515.751514.7513.575.25
60Bryan ScarberryTX1815.2514.251413.575.00
61Jacob MoellerTX1615.7515.7514.51375.00
62Andrew GreenLA16.25151514.51474.75
63Matthew VannFL15.515.251514.514.2574.50
64Bailey EigbrettNY15.515.514.7514.514.2574.50
65Tim RodmanTX15.515.514.7514.2514.2574.25
66Ruben MartinezTX1814.7514.513.513.2574.00
67Joey RandallNC16.51514.7514.2513.574.00
68Tyler HowellTX1916.751312.7512.574.00
69Brady StorrsNE15.7515.514.7513.513.573.00
70Jim OrrIN15.515.251514.512.7573.00
71Stephen SistoPA17.7515.2513.75131372.75
72Wayne LobbLA15.251514.25141472.50
73Tyler CaldwellLA16.7514.51413.7513.2572.25
74Gary SharpeTX15.7515.2514.2513.7513.2572.25
75Josh CounceFL15.251514.7513.7513.2572.00
76Chuck BahanLA15.5151413.7513.571.75
77Darren WilliamsTX15.2514.7514.513.513.571.50
78Brandon WatsonAL16.7514.2514.2513.512.7571.50
79Jack WagnerTX16.514.2513.7513.513.2571.25
80Josh CarterVA15.7514.7514.2513.7512.7571.25
81Jeff MalottAR15.7515.7513.7513.512.2571.00
82Matt MillardTN15.751514.51312.570.75
83Robert BarnettGA15.7514.2514.2513.51370.75
84Luke AryanOK15.7514.251413.251370.25
85JEROD BROCKELMANTX1514.751413.512.7570.00
86Justin PatrickTN15.51513.251312.569.25
87Jennifer MacNaughtonTX1613.7513.7513.2512.569.25
88Nicholas KeyOK1613.7513.2513.251369.25
89Roy GrubbAR14.25141413.7513.2569.25
90Roger CalzadillaTX1514.7513.513.2512.569.00
91Steve LeamanMO14.751413.513.2513.2568.75
92Kristine FischerNE15.514.751312.7512.568.50
93Andrew HaywoodTX1413.7513.7513.7513.2568.50
94Andrew MiddlebrookTX1513.7513.7513.512.568.50
95Sean RastanisLA1413.7513.513.51367.75
96Tory BoumaNE14.25141412.7512.567.50
97Tracy StanfordNC14.2514.251412.751267.25
98Pat LassekNE1514.51312.2512.2567.00
99James RidenourLA15.2514.7512.512.251266.75
100Jaxton OrrIN14.7514.51312.251266.50
101Aaron WallaceMS1513.51312.51266.00
102Brian RossOH17.7517.515.7514.565.50
103Joshua MasseyOK22.514.514.51364.50
104K.C. KempTX13.7513.2512.512.251263.75
105Ewing MinorVA18.51813.7513.2563.50
106Carlos EstradaTX18.515.515.2514.2563.50
107James BuschVA17.751715.2513.2563.25
108Jon WhaleyTX20.2516.51312.562.25
109Chase PeloquinLA181614.513.562.00
110Armanzo SaucedoTX17.516.515.512.2561.75
111George WheelerTX2014.51413.2561.75
112Allen SweatFL16.7516.2514.7512.2560.00
113Daniel SuydamLA16.515.2514.2512.7558.75
114Mike HebertLA1814.251312.7558.00
115Jody MorrisTX1514.751413.2557.00
116Ian GileskiLA1614.2513.7512.7556.75
117Joshua EvansMD15.514.7513.2513.2556.75
118Joshua ButlerTX15.515141256.50
119Francis TranMS18.51312.7512.2556.50
120Brandon ElrodTN15.514.2513.751356.50
121Michael GrimsleyOH1713.512.7512.555.75
122Austin DassoTX15.7514.5121254.25
123Michael PippinOH14.2513.51312.2553.00
124Bobby ThompsonAL1512.5121251.50
125Chris HartmanAR1312.512.51250.00
126Johnny MaddoxAR18.516.514.7549.75
127Kyle CunninghamAR19.2515.513.2548.00
128Eddie MorrisTX17.7515.513.546.75
129Stuart StaplesTN1615.51546.50
130Katherine FieldUT16.2515.2514.7546.25
131Bryan HowellTX18.2513.7512.2544.25
132Daniel MerrittTX16.751413.544.25
133Robert RandolphNC15.751513.2544.00
134Lowell BrannanSC17.251412.543.75
135Brian CoyneWI15.514.7513.543.75
136Mario GarciaTX14.514.514.2543.25
137Ryan LambertTN16.2513.513.2543.00
138Blake SmithMS16.2514.51242.75
139Chris KobzaOK14.51413.7542.25
140Michael MorganTX15.514.51242.00
141Alan CoxTX15.513.51342.00
142Brent WilsonOK14.51413.542.00
143Steve ThorkveenTX14.513.251340.75
144Dean TurnerLA14.2513.512.7540.50
145Michael RingOK1413.512.540.00
146Caroline HibbsAR14.25121238.25
147Josh StewartTN18.2517.2535.50
148Dirk MillerTX19.515.535.00
149Silas GarrettTX17.751532.75
150Kristopher DelgadoTX16.51632.50
151Matthew ArmitageTX1715.2532.25
152Nathan McIntoshTX16.51430.50
153Paul CobbTX1514.529.50
154Keith FreeseTN14.51428.50
155Breck HotardLA14.513.528.00
156Jim DavisTN14.2513.7528.00
157Ben RayfieldTN15.751227.75
158Matt YturriTX15.51227.50
159Michael KervaskiFL13.7513.527.25
160Nicholas HebertLA19.519.50
161Armando SolaTX1717.00
162Jonathan AguirreTX16.2516.25
163Doug HillTX15.7515.75
164Vincent SolizLA15.7515.75
165Jason LyallOH15.2515.25
166Brandon PalmerOH15.2515.25
167Chuck SmithTN15.2515.25
168Daniel GlenneyTX1515.00
169Brandon CarpenterOH14.7514.75
170Caleb HelbigTX14.7514.75
171Garrett MorganAR14.7514.75
172Mark PendergrafTX14.514.50
173Douglas MenefeeLA14.2514.25
174Lance McWhorterTX14.2514.25
175Jason CrawfordTX1414.00
176Donnie PenaLA1414.00
177Jeff SherwoodNM1414.00
178Brandon McGuffeeMS13.513.50
179Larry AndersonTX13.513.50
180Jordan WestermanIA1313.00
181Russell RutledgeTN12.7512.75
182Randy McGinnisLA12.512.50
183Jacob MaeniusTX12.2512.25
184Andrew DixonTX0.00
185Naham KingMO0.00
186CJ BlackTX0.00
187Brad CaseMS0.00
188Steve ElliottTX0.00
189Treavus GageOK0.00
190Billi GibsonOH0.00
191Al HicksPA0.00
192Blake KnightTX0.00
193Joshua LewisLA0.00
194Kris MoralesTX0.00
195Samuel RodriguezTX0.00
196Darin RoutierTX0.00
197Ote ShawTX0.00
198Eric ThomasonTN0.00
199Lisa WashingtonTX0.00
200Chris WhitleyOK0.00
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