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The HOBIE Eyewear Cayuga Lake event hosted by Seneca County, NY!

Round 6 of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole takes us to Seneca County, NY and our first time to the Finger Lakes!  Anglers will be spread out on this natural and amazing New York fishery.  It is known for providing a variety of fishing opportunities to its anglers in structure, depth and vegetation! But also in its quality smallmouth and healthy largemouth population  This unique lake will provide our anglers an opportunity at post spawn conditions and we should be hitting this fishery capable of massive limits at the perfect time for an incredible experience!

Event Headquarters: Quality Inn near Finger Lakes and Waterloo, NY.  2468 Mound Rd, Waterloo, NY 13165

In order to support the host communities that support us, we encourage our anglers to stay, eat, and shop within Seneca County NY!   Make sure to tell everyone you are there for the Hobie Bass Open Kayak tournament!

You can also book to stay with us at this affordable and convenient hotel. https://www.reservationcounter.com/hotels/show/692155b/quality-inn-near-finger-lakes-and-seneca-falls-waterloo-new-york/

– To note this is vacation season in this region and lodging does fill up quickly and rates are high. Book accordingly.

– For information on all things to do in the area: https://www.discoverseneca.com/

A maximum capacity field of 225 or less will be competing for a cash payout to 15% of the field and the top 3 non-qualified anglers will earn their spot in the 2023 Tournament of Champions (TOC) at Lake Chickamauga, Dayton TN Nov 8-10.

The TOC is a 3-day, 60 angler Championship that saw a $100,000 payout in 2022!

If Maximum capacity is reached, anglers can use the waitlist feature on TourneyX  to get inline if any spots become available.

All BOS questions can be sent to:


Tournament Director- AJ Mcwhorter

Event Media  – Steve Fields

Official Schedule- All times are EST.

May 11th  -12 EST Registration Opens

June 3rd – Off- limits begins- Anglers are no longer allowed on the water in any capacity. Hiring, communicating, or receiving information from guides is no longer allowed through the end of the event. Public information from a guide that is available to anyone, like websites or social media posts are allowed to be utilized.

June 9th- Refund Process ends at 6pm EST.  This is the last opportunity to request a partial refund (70%).  No refunds will be processed after this date.

June 16th – Registration/ waitlist window closes at 7 pm EST if not already capped at 225.  Anglers will receive a practice email from BOS Officials to their Tourney-X registered email.

June 17th – Official practice window begins.  Anglers are now allowed to access the waters, but must be in a kayak and follow all practice rules. Motors are allowed for practice only.  Receiving and gathering info is allowed as long as the info isn’t paid or bartered for and the source is not a guide.

June 23rd-

4pm- Practice Window Ends/ Off the water

550- All Anglers are expected to be at Event HQ with their measuring device.

6-630- Angler Meeting and event Instructions

630pm- Board check/ Day 1 and Day 2 ID Distribution.  Sponsor Prize Giveaway

– If anglers can’t attend the Friday night events, they are still responsible for coordinating with the director, getting their Ketch board checked, receiving event IDs and being aware of everything covered during the meeting.

June 24th-

5:00 am- Pedal/ Paddle off

5:30 am- Fishing begins

2:00 pm- Fishing ends

3:00 pm- Submission deadline

8:00 pm- Facebook Live meeting and Day 2 ID code Announcement

June 25th-

5:00 am- Pedal/ Paddle off

5:30 am- Fishing begins

2:00 pm- Fishing ends

3:00 pm- Submission deadline

4:30 pm- Live Awards at HQ.  Anglers are welcome.

Event Boundaries:

Anglers are allowed to fish any legal and connected body of water or portion of Cayuga Lake and its tributaries as long as they launch AND land from the published launches and follow all BOS rules in accessing water.  Anglers are not allowed to wade or portage in this event.

Published launches:

Anglers must use launches from the Official list to launch and land on competition days. Anglers must follow the rules of the facility they use. Some ramps and locations have published hours that are not reflective of event hours. This is a live map and running list.  It is subject to updates at any time and will be announced to the field. Participants are expected to help this list stay up to date through communication with the TD as they learn additional details through local knowledge, map study and time during pre-fishing. Not all access areas will be considered legal launches for the event. Link is below.


The Hobie BOS requires a Metal Ketch Board for competition.  Anglers are expected to have and provide their own board.

Anglers must have a valid fishing License before they get on tournament waters.


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