UPDATED RULES – New HBOS Cancellation Policy

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Hobie Bass Open Series - Santee Cooper Day 2

Dear Hobie Bass Open Series registrant,

We have had a significant number of last-minute cancellations prior to our first 2 events of the 2022 season. Some of these cancellations have affected others from signing up earlier for sold out events and caused us to scramble through our waiting list to fill the event last minute. This not only costs us time and money, but it puts stress on our team as we prepare for the event. Because of this we are tightening up our cancellation policy, so please read below for information on how we are changing our cancellation policy. In addition, please review the rules under Section 2. Payback and Participation for detailed changes.

As of April 12 at 12pm EST, we will be making some changes to our event registration cancellation policy. Please note that anglers who are currently registered for ANY events who decide to cancel their registration will receive a 100% refund until Tuesday, April 12 at 12pm EST. If cancellation requests are submitted and received after this time, registrants will be refunded 80% of their entry fee. Registration cancellations for an event made within 1 week of the start of that event will not be refunded. The start of an event is 5pm on the Friday before the 1st day of tournament fishing.

Thank you for your understanding as we continually work to improve the Hobie Bass Open Series.

Best Regards,

Hobie BOS Staff

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