June 4, 2022
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June 4, 2022
June 5, 2022

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Fish Dayton Hobie Bass Open Series




HBOS LAKE CHICKAMAUGA Competition Day 2 June 5, 2022


Wins by nearly 20” with third-highest score ever on the Hobie BOS Trail. 

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (June 9, 2022) – Leading wire-to-wire, Justin Patrick left the rest of the field battling for second place at last weekend’s Hobie® B.O.S. Series Anchored By Power-Pole® Lake Chickamauga event. Racking up an impressive 97.5” of bass for a five-fish limit on Day 1 and 102.75” on Day 2, his total limit of 200.25” for the sold-out, catch, photograph and release (CPR) tourney is the third-highest score ever tallied in Hobie BOS competition.

“What an amazing performance by Patrick,” said Tournament Director A.J. McWhorter. “He simply dominated a field that saw over 1,700 bass measured and submitted over the 2-day event. Our second visit to this famed Tennessee River fishery allowed anglers the opportunity to fish the lake at summer pool, focus on that special ‘ledge’ bite, and also take advantage of shallow water opportunities. All the conditions came together for a truly spectacular event. The right lake at the right time, mixed with incredible community support and the highest level of competition, made it a truly special weekend for our anglers.”




To be sure, Patrick’s lead was never in doubt despite solid performances by second-place finisher Ethan Jett with a 180.50” total, and 2021 Tournament of Champions, Grand Champion, Kristine Fischer’s 179.25” third-place score. The 35-year-old from Bartlett, Tennessee, took home a $10,500 check for finishing atop the leader board. Jett pocketed $5,500 and Fischer picked up $3,200 for third.

Bassin’ Big Bass honors and a $500 check went to Jimmy Davis of Whitesburg, Tennessee, for a 23.25” lunker caught on Day 2. Additionally, AFTCO Angler of the Year (AOY) points were awarded to the top 100 finishers in the field. Patrick, Jett and Fischer also punched their way to the 2022 Hobie Tournament of Champions (TOC) on Caddo Lake, November 11-13, in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana. The TOC is a three-day 50-angler championship with a $100,000 payout guarantee and $45,000 first-place prize.

“It’s hard to imagine coming away with such a big win against the competitive fields that you always find at these Hobie events,” admitted Patrick, who fishes from a 2022 Hobie PA14 360. “It just goes to show what’s possible if you set up on the right stack of fish. I had six bass measuring greater than 20” in my total – including four on Day 2 that really helped me pull away from the pack.”

Patrick said he felt especially calm heading into the competition on the 36,240-acre lake. “I thought that if I could find some fish things would take care of themselves and I’d do pretty well.”




Focusing his efforts on a ledge area he discovered during Friday practice, Patrick keyed on stretches sporting bright green grass. “I was torn between ledge fishing and looking shallow because this is a very pressured lake with a lot of boat traffic,” he explained, “so I spent my three practice days scanning ledges while knowing I had a couple of shallow spots I could hit if those didn’t pan out.”

It was toward the end of Friday’s practice that Patrick pulled up to a nick in the ledge and reached for a drop-shot rig since larger jigs and worms weren’t drawing strikes. Right away, he drilled bass of 16” and 19” before dropping a 20” brute at boat side.”

Arriving at the launch ramp for Day 1 competition 90 minutes early to make sure he’d be first to his spot, Patrick hauled a limit in short order that included the exact same 20-incher he had dropped the day before. Deciding to manage his fish at that point, he left his hot spot and began sampling different creek channels along the ledge. That’s how he came across the perfect spot. “It had all the elements I was looking for – 15- to 20-foot depth, bright green grass, and it emptied out into the main channel,” he revealed. “I threw in there and started catching some real good ones, upgrading four of my earlier fish. At noon, I left that area to let it rest for Day 2 while I tried jigging some docks without much success.”

On Sunday, a bass boat was sitting on Patrick’s initial hot spot, so he headed directly to spot number two and immediately started pulling five-pounders. “My Hobie was critical to my success,” stated Patrick. “This is my first year with the 360-drive and it is incredibly responsive. Ledge fishing is all about making precise casts. You’ve got to put your bait exactly on that current break. Miss by three feet and you might not get bit. With my 360-drive, I was able to make quick adjustments to line up that perfect cast again and again even when the wind came up later in the day. That really was the difference maker.”

“My Hobie was critical to my success,” stated Patrick. “This is my first year with the 360-drive and it is incredibly responsive. Ledge fishing is all about making precise casts. You’ve got to put your bait exactly on that current break. Miss by three feet and you might not get bit. With my 360-drive, I was able to make quick adjustments to line up that perfect cast again and again even when the wind came up later in the day. That really was the difference maker.”




Jett, from Lewisburg, Tennessee, concentrated his efforts around isolated grass patches in shallow water for his first top-20 finish in Hobie competition. “I know there are fish out on those ledges in June, but there are also plenty of lunkers in shallow with the bluegill and mayfly spawns, so I was throwing a Rebel Pop-R and a bluegill-pattern Jackhammer with my Daiwa Tatula SV reel. That old-style popper still turns bass heads because most anglers are tossing frogs when they get around the grass. I love throwing it with my Tatula because that drag is super smooth when the big girls run yet you can also tighten it down and haul a beast out of heavy grass if necessary.”

Another key to his second-place finish, according to Jett, was his Hobie 14PA 180. “The stability on that boat is great,” he said. “It lets me stand and see my fish all day long – and being able to flutter kick really helps that Mirage Drive move easily through the grass. Nothing else comes close in that regard. Overall, I was really pleased with my results, especially since I caught a 22.5” brute on Day 1. That’s my personal best from a kayak. It was a fat fish. I’d bet it was pushing seven pounds.”

Fischer, from Weeping Water, Nebraska, pulled most of her catch from less than two feet of water. “I actually won a tourney here a couple of years ago and have a few backwater areas that normally produce well,” she noted, “But I figured with the lake seeing heavy pressure I’d be better off fishing by myself.”

To that end, Fischer set out in Friday’s practice to search for an area far enough away from any boat ramp that it was unlikely anyone in a kayak would give it a try. Roughly 12 miles later, her search paid off.


HBOS LAKE CHICKAMAUGA Competition Day 2 June 5, 2022


“I didn’t even cast once I got there,” she related. “I was just standing up, looking around. I saw an 8-pounder, a couple of 3-pounders, and brim everywhere. There were well-defined drains in the grass, several holes and deep wood leading into the area. I quickly decided that was where I’d make my stand and over two days of super fishing I saw only one bass boat that even came close.”

Fischer would throw a Berkley Choppo, half-ounce spinnerbait, bladed jigs and a Berkley Powerbait Maxscent The General Worm to finish fourth on Day 1 and 11th on Day 2, but it just wouldn’t be enough to take this event.

“Justin was absolutely remarkable in this tournament,” she said. “The amazing thing is I dropped several big fish but even if I had caught them cleanly, I wouldn’t have got him. He really earned this win. A 200” limit is remarkable, I’m really happy for him.”

Jett agreed. “Justin absolutely blasted us on Lake Chickamauga,” he said with a laugh. “There was just no catching him. He found the right spot at the right time and certainly made it count. That’s a great job on his part. He really got it done.”

The Lake Winnipesaukee Event, June 25-26, is next up on the Hobie® B.O.S. Series Anchored By Power-Pole® calendar. Registration remains open for this event, but spots are filling up fast. If you are hoping to enter, add your name to the roster soon.



RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Justin PatrickTN2120.51918.518.597.5
2Justin LargenVA22.7519.25191615.2592.25
3Adam RiserTN21.520.2517.7517.515.2592.25
4Kristine FischerNE2219.2517.2516.7516.591.75
5Matt HawjNC19.7519.51817.7516.7591.75
6Joe McElroyAL21.520.2518.2515.7515.7591.5
7Kyler BranaumKY22.519.251815.515.590.75
8Eric SiddiqiOH19.51817.7517.7517.590.5
9Ethan JettTN22.517.7516.7516.251689.25
10David HabensteinKY20.52017.516.514.7589.25
11Ron ChampionGA19.518.51816.7516.589.25
12Tim PercyON2217.517.2516.2515.7588.75
13Dylan SmithGA19.7517.7517.2517.2516.588.5
14Garrett MorganAR19.518.2517.517.251688.5
15Stephen SistoPA19.751817.516.7515.7587.75
16Steve OwensTN21.51816.75161587.25
17Bryan HowellTX18.517.517.25171787.25
18Jody QueenWV1817.517.517.2516.7587
19Josh StewartTN18.2518171716.586.75
20Jason CassettyIN20.517.7517.25161586.5
21Bailey EigbrettNY1817.75171716.586.25
22Dylan LoweryGA2018.251715.7514.2585.25
23Jordan MarshallTN18.7517.251716.2515.584.75
24Vincent Ferreri CommishSC17.75171716.7516.2584.75
25Beau CanzoneriNY20.2519.2516.514.7513.7584.5
26Joby BerryTN18.517.516.751615.584.25
27Micheal CooperAL19.7518.51614.7514.7583.75
28Matt BallOH19.751716.516.51483.75
29Guillermo GonzalezTX17.7517.517.2515.7515.583.75
30Jay WallenKY20.7518.516.51413.7583.5
31Stephen OttingGA1917.516.51614.583.5
32Reece StoughtonOH211817.7513.512.582.75
33Mike BairdKY1916.7516.2515.751582.75
34Jay MullerNE1917.7515.515.251582.5
35Jesse HalversonAL22.25171514.513.582.25
36Joe GillWV2017.51714.2512.7581.5
37JEROD BROCKELMANTX19.7516.2515.751514.7581.5
38Jimmy DavisTN20.2516.515.2514.514.581
39Dale GriffinTX19.516.2515.514.7514.7580.75
40Terry GoldenTN1817.7516.2515.513.2580.75
41Cody MiltonAR1917.2515.2514.7514.2580.5
42Rus SnydersTN16.7516.7516.515.514.7580.25
43Ewing MinorVA16.516.51615.7515.580.25
44Thomas DavisTN19.516.516141480
45Mark PendergrafTX18.51715.7515.513.2580
46Ben LowryTN18.7517.2516.2513.7513.7579.75
47Anthony ChuteTN181715.51514.2579.75
48Keith ShadwickTN20.515.514.514.514.579.5
49Larry WoodSC1716.7516.251514.579.5
50Jake HarshmanPA2016.7514.2514.2513.7579
51Jamie DenisonTN16.7516.515.75151579
52Joshua DiehlGA1918.51612.7512.578.75
53Garrett WadeAL17.2516161514.578.75
54R.J. HooverMI16.7516.251615.751478.75
55John Bubba JonesAL18.2516.515.2514.51478.5
56Chris LoGA16.7516.25161514.2578.25
57Jack WagnerTX17.7515.515.251514.578
58Tyler SmithSC17.516.514.7514.7514.578
59Nick McGuireKY17.2516.7515.251513.577.75
60Chuck SmithTN18.515.7515.25151377.5
61Brandon WatsonAL16.516.51614.2514.2577.5
62Matthew VannFL18.2516.251613.513.2577.25
63Benjamine VangGA16.51615.514.7514.577.25
64Tim IsaacsWV16.75161514.7514.577
65Charles ShelnuttGA18.2517.51413.7513.2576.75
66Kurt SmitsOH17.516.75151413.576.75
67Adam FillmoreSC16.7516.514.7514.51476.5
68Josh CounceFL16.515.7515.2514.514.576.5
69Hernán CortezWI16.251616141476.25
70Austin VangNC1815.514.5141476
71Toby KleffmanIN19.251614.2513.512.575.5
72Mike ElseaIN1816.2514.2513.513.575.5
73Colton HutchisonPA21161312.7512.575.25
74Randall WallaceAL17.2515.7514.7514.51375.25
75Travis GrimsleyMI1615.7515.251513.2575.25
76Jason IsaacsOH1914.2514.2513.7513.7575
77Josh KingTN2014.2514.2513.251374.75
78Chris WaltersTN1914.514.25141374.75
79Cole KleffmanIN16.2515.75151413.574.5
80Daniel DavisTN15.7515.515.514.2513.574.5
81Matt MillardTN16.515.7515.51312.7573.5
82Alex RuddTN15.7515.51514.251373.5
83Jake SuvakFL16.515.7515.251312.2572.75
84Wayne LobbLA17.51613.7512.751272
85Eric ThomasonTN16.7514.514.2514.2512.2572
86Ryan HavlicekOH16.2514.7514.2513.751372
87Matthew ScotchTX17.514.2513.513.512.571.25
88Chris HartmanAR15.2514.7514.2513.7513.2571.25
89Arlie MintonNC16.2515.2513.513.2512.7571
90Johnny MaddoxAR15.514.751413.513.2571
91Jacob MaeniusTX16.7514.2513.513.251370.75
92Mel AsheMO1514.251413.7513.2570.25
93Landon DavisTN22.517.7515.7513.2569.25
94Keith FreeseTN16.2514.751312.7512.569.25
95Brandon BartonFL1613.7513.7513.2512.569.25
96Stuart StaplesTN15.7513.513.513.51369.25
97Marcas GrubbsIN15.2514.513.51312.2568.5
98Kevin RohlandPA141413.7513.513.2568.5
99Aaron FettermanDE15.2514.513.251312.2568.25
100Jason BroachSC1614.251312.512.2568
101Travis DockinsGA16.7513.7512.7512.511.7567.5
102Ian GileskiLA2117.2514.513.566.25
103Will MillerTN1413.51312.2512.2565
104Mitchell WhiteGA151312.25121264.25
105Dave PooleON18.516.7515.51363.75
106James ParkerGA16.516.2515.7514.2562.75
107Lowell BrannanSC17.7516.2515.7512.7562.5
108Brian DelahuntyAL15.7515.515.2513.7560.25
109Christopher DeckerNC16.2515.7513.751358.75
110Glenn LandstromIN16.51413.7513.7558
111Karen PooleON16.51612.7512.557.75
112John GravesOH17.515.2512.2512.2557.25
113Daniel ParrisGA14.514.2514.2514.2557.25
114Jim WareGA15.514.2513.513.2556.5
115Abby AbbondanzaPA14.7514.2514.251356.25
116Jay ParkNC1514.513.7512.7556
117Shawn WorrellNC14.7514.75131355.5
118Brian TibblesGA1514.751312.555.25
119Nick HuddlestonSC15.7513.7512.7512.554.75
120Joey RandallNC1713.2512.251254.5
121Chris GrantSC1513.513.512.554.5
122Brandon ElrodTN1613.2512.512.554.25
123Lawrence MellingerVA13.7513.2513.251353.25
124Katie BackaTX14.513.5131253
125Garin ButlerGA19.2517.7515.2552.25
126Ryan LambertTN17.517.251549.75
127Robert BarnettGA1815.7515.549.25
128Richard OfnerON17.2515.7515.548.5
129Daniel LyonsTN17.7516.513.547.75
130Brandon PalmerOH1816.51347.5
131Dan CatronTN15.7515.515.546.75
132Joshua MasseyOK17.2515.7513.546.5
133Duc TranTX17.2516.51245.75
134Nick ChabarriaMO16.251514.2545.5
135Joshua LittleGA18.25151245.25
136Brad GoldenTN161612.544.5
137Jim DavisTN16.515.51244
138Michael BrueningOH15.514.513.7543.75
139Trent SteegeFL1614.751242.75
140Matt SkeltonTN15.7514.2512.7542.75
141Brian TacyOH15.2514.51241.75
142Johnathan CalbaughTN15.513.2512.7541.5
143Daniel MorrisTN15.7512.7512.541
144Roy GrubbAR14.514.2512.2541
145David BurtMD14.513.51341
146Richard BartoszekTN13.7513.251340
147Keith MartinGA1413.51239.5
148Dave SewellIN20.51636.5
149Weslie GrayTX1816.7534.75
150Michael GrimsleyOH19.751231.75
151Billy SmithGA16.2515.2531.5
152Jeremy HughesNC181331
153Joe EisnerPA17.2513.7531
154Quinton EcholsOH15.515.2530.75
155Kris KirkpatrickGA1713.530.5
156Billy SlattonGA1713.530.5
157Donny SimpsonAL1713.2530.25
158Nick DyerAL16.513.7530.25
159Luke SandersKS16.2513.2529.5
160Katherine FieldUT16.7512.529.25
161Clifford SmithGA16.7512.529.25
162Ryan BeckerIN15.7513.529.25
163Andy MiddletonGA15.2513.528.75
164Joshua EvansMD14.51428.5
165Brian RossOH14.513.7528.25
166Caleb CunninghamTN14.512.7527.25
167David GoldingNC14.2512.7527
168Kirt PequignotTN14.751226.75
169Brad OswaltIN13.512.7526.25
170Scott KingTN13.7512.2526
171Eric MillerTN13.512.2525.75
172James MinorTN13.251225.25
173Sam DeanAL12.51224.5
174Coy NeeleyOH1919
175Don GuthrieTN16.516.5
176Larry CriderNC16.2516.25
177Dirk WhiteTN1515
178Russell JohnsonPA13.7513.75
179Ed ParrishNC13.513.5
180John KlinePA1313
181Ryan BackaTX12.7512.75
182Jeremy HumphreysTX12.2512.25
183Brian BatkaTN0
184CJ BlackTX0
185Maverick BlairTN0
186Mike CheathamTN0
187William DurborawPA0
188Nick McBrideGA0
189Jimmy McClurkanTN0
190Corey RacerNC0
191Darin RoutierTX0
192Drew RussellTN0
193Coy ScottPA0
194Jimmy TalleyTN0
195Jackie TankersleyGA0
196Shane WilliamsFL0
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