April 17, 2021
Russellville, AR

Lake Dardanelle

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Hobie PA 14 Camo

Event Details


Lake Dardanelle – Russellville, AR


April 17, 2021
April 18, 2021

Event Info

Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole  Lake Dardanelle 2021 – Presentation

-This stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us to the central region of the country and into the Natural State.  The famed section of the Arkansas River is known as Lake Dardanelle and is host to many top professional tournaments each season.   The series second visit to the lake, anglers can expect a diverse fishery where current and vegetation will play.  This time of year the magic word is spawn and anglers should be able to find fish in all 3 stages and ample areas to fish their strengths.  Warming water should have plenty of fish and some real big ones making moves.  This should create some excitement and opportunities on the water you won’t want to miss.

Anglers will be competing for the following:

– A cash payout of 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in our Tournament of Champions this November on Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, AL.

– Valuable Angler of the Year, Presented by FarWide: The Outdoor Access App, points will be distributed to the top 100 anglers.

– Many random giveaway prizes will be awarded as well.

Event Headquarters: Lake Dardanelle State Park, 100 State Park Drive, Russellville, AR 72802

Event Host: Russellville, Arkansas



March 27th- Anglers are no longer allowed to hire OR communicate with guides on this fishery or about this fishery.

April 12th – Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must begin using a tournament approved vessel.  Motors on kayaks are allowed for practice only.

April 14th- Registration Ends at 11:59pm.

April 16th-

4 pm Practice ends

4-6 pm Drive thru Check-in/ board check/ ID distribution

6:30 pm- Facebook Live meeting will begin in BOS Group Page

April 17th-

5:45 am- First Launch

6:15 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

6:30 pm- Facebook Live meeting and Day 2 ID code announcement.

April 18th –

5:45 am- First Launch

6:15 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

5 pm- Facebook Live awards with Top 10% @ Lake Dardanelle State Park Fishing stage facility.

Event Boundaries:

Physical boundaries:  Anglers will be able to launch at any public access or ramp above The Dardanelle Lock and dam up to the next Lock and dam on the Arkansas River. The spillway will be the boundary for the Illinois Bayou.

Launch Boundaries: Anglers must launch inside Hwy 359 on Little Piney Creek and Spring Slough. Anglers must launch inside I40 in Clarksville.  Anglers must launch inside Hwy 64 in Slough Creek. Anglers can fish past the launch boundaries, but must Launch and load inside the launch boundaries.

Portaging is not legal.  Anglers must be able to Pedal and Paddle in AND out of an area for the area to be considered legal.

We suggest utilizing the Farwide App for learning access and legal right of ways for this event and others.  This free app is an amazing resource.

Hobie BOS uses Metal Ketch Board Only. Boards will be checked at the Drive- thru.

Please register early so we can communicate with you on any updates and changes for the event as we get closer.

Anglers Event Information:

For those anglers who have placed you will need to complete a W9 form, fill in and complete the W9 form and submit to Steve Fields ( stevefields@hobie.com )within 5 days (please) so we can process the event payments.


RankAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
1Mike HusarIL21.2518.2517.516.515.589
2Kevin WorkmanNE19.518.517.51716.589
3Brian DelahuntyAL18.751817.517.517.2589
4Nick ChabarriaMO201817.251716.588.75
5Eric MorrisAR19.517.2517.25171788
6Dwain BateyAR19.7518.2517.2516.7515.587.5
7Jaxton OrrIN201816.7516.2515.7586.75
8Ron ChampionGA1817.7517.2517.2516.2586.5
9Terrik WalkerOH19.5181816.2514.586.25
10Andrew GreenLA18.518.518.2515.515.586.25
11Cody MiltonAR1917.516.7516.516.2586
12Francis TranMS19.51817.7515.7514.7585.75
13Brady StorrsNE18.2517.7517.2516.2516.2585.75
14Brian CoyneOH19.7517.7516.516.51585.5
15Troy EnkeMO19.517.516.7516.2515.585.5
16Billy BowdenAR1917.51716.7515.2585.5
17Matt BallOH1817.75171715.7585.5
18Craig WoodAR201716.7516.7514.7585.25
19Jason IsaacsOH18.51716.7516.516.585.25
20Larry HollisAR20.25181715.2514.585
21Jay WallenKY1817.517.517.2514.7585
22Christa HibbsAR20.7518.25181512.584.5
23Bob BogdalTN20.2517.515.515.51583.75
24Richie McMichaelKS19.2516.751615.7515.7583.5
25ADAM SHEPARDKY17.7517.517.2515.51583
26James HaeberleOK19.516.516.251614.582.75
27Bryan HowellTX18.2517.51715.2514.7582.75
28Joshua SharpTN19.518.516.2515.512.582.25
29Jeff SherwoodNM17.7516.7516.515.7515.582.25
30Jody QueenWV2016.516.2515.251482
31Rick HaxtonNE17.7517.516.515.514.581.75
32Mike ElseaIN1917.251715.2512.7581.25
33Allen SweatFL17.51716.751514.580.75
34David ByrdOK1716.516.515.515.2580.75
35Katherine FieldUT17.517.2516.515.513.7580.5
36Brandon PrinceMO17.25161615.515.580.25
37William BurtAR17.51716.514.7514.2580
38Larry WhisnantAR17.516.515.515.514.579.5
39Rus SnydersTN16.516.51615.51579.5
40Wayne LobbLA19.5171514.513.2579.25
41Josh CounceFL1816.7515.2514.7514.2579
42Jason CassettyIN17.516.7516.2514.51479
43Cody PratherTX17.251615.515.514.7579
44Justin LargenVA16.516.25161613.7578.5
45Josue RodriguezOK1816.2515.51513.578.25
46Cole SikesAR1816.2515.514.51478.25
47Guillermo GonzalezTX1716.515.7515.2513.7578.25
48Kurt SmitsOH16.751615.751514.7578.25
49Tim IsaacsWV18.2516.751514.2513.7578
50Kristine FischerNE16.2515.7515.515.51578
51Luke AryanOK18.516.516.251412.577.75
52Chris NeedhamAR18.2515.514.7514.7514.577.75
53Chris JonesAR17.7515.2514.7514.7514.577
54Lance ColeyAL18.2515.251514.251476.75
55Drew GregoryOH16.515.515.5151476.5
56Jack WagnerTX1615.7515.7514.7513.7576
57Brandon CarpenterOH16.751614.514.51475.75
58Brad UhlOK17.2516.7515.2513.251375.5
59Roy GrubbAR16.516.251514.7512.7575.25
60Caroline HibbsAR161514.7514.7514.7575.25
61Chris LongshoreNE15.515.2515.2515.251475.25
62Kolt VolkerNE1715.514.7514.751375
63Shane WilliamsFL17.515.51413.7513.7574.5
64Marcus WashingtonNE17.514.2514.25141474
65Kyle LongAR17.51514.51412.7573.75
66Caesar NavaIL15.5151514.513.573.5
67Johnny MaddoxAR16.5151514.2512.573.25
68Arlie MintonNC16.2514.7514.7514.51373.25
69Joe McElroyAL17.2515.515.25131273
70David KittrellAL171514.251412.7573
71Mitchell WhiteGA15.75151513.2513.2572.25
72Matthew ScotchTX16.251514.51412.2572
73Jeff MalottAR15.75151413.7513.572
74Adam RiserTN17.7517.512.5121271.75
75Jeremy MitchellMO15.7514.7513.7513.513.571.25
76Kalon JohnsonLA16.2514.51413.512.570.75
77Mike BairdKY1614.251413.2512.7570.25
78Garrett MorganAR1514.7514.751312.7570.25
79Corey HopperAR15.515.514121269
80David BestTN14.51413.25121265.75
81Chris HartmanAR13.513.51312.7512.7565.5
82Pat LassekNE20.7516.51412.7564
83Ryan ThompsonMN16.251615.251562.5
84Dave SewellIN18.2516.51412.561.25
85Ian GileskiLA16.7515.514.51460.75
86Bobby ThompsonAL16.751614.2513.560.5
87Zack HallMI16.515.251512.559.25
88Paul AverillKY17.515.25141258.75
89Jim OrrIN16.2513.2513.251355.75
90Jason BroachSC15.751413.251255
91Jerry AycockAR181513.546.5
92Sean JohnsonLA161513.7544.75
93Trevor K. JohnsonKS17.514.751244.25
94Keaton VoeghtlyPA18.512.751243.25
95Chang YangAR15.2514.51342.75
96Frank SmithamTX14.7514.51241.25
97Ryan LambertTN21.516.538
98Ryan BackaTX2114.7535.75
99Hernán CortezWI1816.534.5
100Robert CogginsAR18.2514.7533
101Quinton EcholsOH16.7516.2533
102Zack BishopKY16.7514.531.25
103Tou VueOK15.7514.530.25
104Brandon FinkAR15.7514.530.25
105Mark SpringerMO16.512.2528.75
106Dani WendtNE16.51228.5
107Rick ValadezNE14.7512.7527.5
108Lance McWhorterTX14.512.7527.25
109Bob BahlerMN13.513.2526.75
110Joey VanyoMN1412.2526.25
111Christian MedinaOK1312.2525.25
112Markus AyersUT12.751224.75
113Jeff BeckerAR16.516.5
114Justin PatrickTN13.513.5
115Mark PendergrafTX13.2513.25
116Adam DewittNE1313
117Kyle CunninghamAR1313
118Katie BackaTX12.2512.25
119Jason AdamsAR0
120Nathan GreenVA0
121Frank ReedAL0
122Tyler SchaferNE0
123Matt SkeltonTN0
124Owen WhitehurstGA0
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