May 15, 2021
Anderson, SC

Lake Hartwell

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Lake Seminole HBOS

Event Details


Lake Hartwell – Anderson, SC


May 15, 2021
May 16, 2021

Event Info

Visit Anderson SC

The 5th stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us to Anderson, South Carolina on Lake Hartwell.  A perennial powerhouse of a fishery with an amazing host; this is a destination of tournament and recreational anglers from all over the country. A Blueback Herring lake full of big Largemouth and Spotted bass, anglers can expect to see plenty of fish action and potential for big limits. This time of year we expect great water conditions and even better weather making this event one you won’t want to miss.

Anglers will be competing for a cash payout of 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in our Tournament of Champions this November on Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, AL.  Many random giveaway prizes will be awarded as well.

Event Headquarters: Hilton Garden Inn Anderson; 115 Destination Blvd Anderson, SC 29621

For anglers wanting to stay with us at our host location, great rooms, great parking and centrally located:,WW,HILTONLINK,en,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT

We encourage all of our anglers to stay with us in our host community of Anderson SC.  An Additional source for lodging, food and amenities is;


April 24th- Anglers are no longer allowed to hire OR communicate with guides on this fishery or about this fishery.

May 10th – Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must begin using a tournament approved vessel.  Motors on kayaks are allowed for practice only.

May 12th – Registration Ends at 11:59pm.

May 14th –

4 pm Practice ends

4-6 pm Drive thru Check-in/ board check/ ID distribution @ Hilton Garden parking lot

630 pm- Facebook Live meeting will begin in BOS Group Page

May 15th –

5:30 am- First Launch

6:00 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

730 pm- Facebook Live meeting and Day 2 ID code announcement.

May 16th –

5:30 am- First Launch

6:00 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

5 pm- Facebook Live awards with Top 10% @ Hilton Garden Inn Anderson.

Event Boundaries:

The entire lake will be eligible for this event, Georgia and South Carolina waters are in play.  Dams will be considered the physical boundaries up all three tributaries (Chattooga River below Yonah dam, Keowee River and Little River below the Keowee Dam) down to Hartwell dam. Anglers must launch at a legal and public access.

Portaging is not legal.  Anglers must be able to pedal/ paddle in and out of an area at all water levels for the area to be considered legal.

For questions on legal areas, launches and boundaries we ask you to utilize the Farwide App.  A free app that is your gateway to the outdoors and your best source for learning access on a waterway.

South Carolina and Georgia have a reciprocal agreement on Lake Hartwell and the Chattooga River.  Anglers must have a valid fishing license in the waters they are fishing to be legal for this event.

We will be sharing the water with the Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing club.  They are hosting a single day event on Saturday and have mirrored BOS rules for simplicity to encourage many anglers to double dip.  Please check out their Facebook and event page for more details.

Hobie BOS uses Metal Ketch Board Only. Boards will be checked at the Drive- thru.

Please register early so we can communicate with you on any updates and changes for the event as we get closer.


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AnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
Ewing MinorVA2120.751715.7515.7590.25
Chris GrantSC19.51716.515.7514.7583.5
Nick HuddlestonNC21.251715.515.251483
Cody MiltonAR19.7516.7516.51514.7582.75
Kristine FischerNE17.251716.751615.2582.25
Vincent Ferreri CommishSC17.7517.5161614.7582
Anthony WinklemanKY1817.7517.2514.51481.5
Chris GoodwinNC1816.51615.751581.25
ADAM THOMASGA17.516.515.7515.751580.5
Travis DockinsGA19.251615.2515.2514.580.25
Adam ShepardKY20.517.514.51413.580
Jaxton OrrIN2015.7515.2514.7514.2580
Ronnie MurphyNC18.2516.751614.514.2579.75
Kurt SmitsOH17.751615.51514.7579
Robert BarnettGA17.2516.7515.515.2513.578.25
Jake HarshmanPA20.516.2515.7512.512.577.5
Tim SabellaSC18.251614.7514.251477.25
Skip LohmeyerSC17.2515.7515.7514.51477.25
Ryan BrenemanNC201514.7513.7513.2576.75
Mike CheathamTN18.251614.2514.251476.75
Jody QueenWV181514.7514.514.2576.5
Lowell BrannanSC16.25161514.7514.576.5
Patrick LowendickGA181614.513.7513.7576
Ryan LambertTN16.2515.2515.251514.2576
Ben HerGA15.7515.7515.2514.7514.576
Josh StewartTN20.2514.251413.513.575.5
Jay ParkNC16.516.2515.514.251375.5
Adam RiserTN16.515.514.7514.514.2575.5
Matt HawjNC16.7516.516131375.25
Charles ShelnuttGA16.251614.7514.251475.25
Lawrence MellingerVA20.515.513.2512.7512.7574.75
Jake SuvakFL16.2515.515.2513.7513.7574.5
Tracy StanfordNC16.251514.7514.51474.5
Bob BogdalTN19.2516.2513.251312.2574
Eric CormackWV17.516.51413.512.574
Dave SewellIN1716.2514.7513.512.574
Terry SmithSC15.7515.515.2514.2513.2574
Katherine FieldUT17.2514.514.2513.7513.7573.5
Andrew GreenLA161514.751413.7573.5
Mike BairdKY15.515.25151413.7573.5
Tim FitzNC17.2515.7513.7513.51373.25
Joey RandallNC16.514.514.514.513.2573.25
Dan HainesNC16161514.251273.25
Joshua LittleGA1615.751413.7513.573
Tony YangGA151514.514.2514.2573
Andy MiddletonGA1614.7514.514.2513.2572.75
Raymond LaPointeSC15.7514.514.2514.251472.75
Daniel DavisTN16.7516.7514.2512.751272.5
Landon SmithNC16.2514.5141413.7572.5
Michael PippinOH1814.513.2513.2513.2572.25
Adam FillmoreSC15.7515.751413.513.2572.25
Hernán CortezWI16.515.2514.513.2512.572
Austin VangNC161513.7513.7513.572
Tim IsaacsWV15.2515.251413.7513.571.75
Brian NelliFL20.51916.751571.25
Francis TranMS1614.51413.751371.25
Jonathan StanberryNC1514.5141413.7571.25
Jim OrrIN15.751514141270.75
TOBY KLEFFMANIN16.2514.7513.7513.751270.5
Aaron FettermanDE16.7513.7513.2513.251370
Terrik WalkerOH1615.2513.512.512.2569.5
Ryan HarderSC19.518.2517.2514.2569.25
Joe GillWV16.2513.7513.512.512.568.5
Jared KutilSC14.514.251312.7512.567
Brian DelahuntyAL14.2513.7513.5131266.5
Tyler SweetNY20.516.7515.2513.566
Eric ThomasonTN18.51413.512.558.5
Rus SnydersTN1713.7513.513.2557.5
Jason LoweNC16.513.513.51356.5
Darrell CorneliusOH1614.7512.7512.7556.25
Brandon PalmerOH1614.2513.7512.2556.25
David KittrellAL15.2514.51412.2556
Jeremy HeathNC1514.2513.251355.5
Chad WaldenSC17.2513.512.51255.25
Dylan LoweryGA16.7513.2512.751254.75
Chris GravelyNC14.251413.51354.75
Teng VueNC141412.512.2552.75
Mike WatsonGA20.517.2514.7552.5
Jordan MarshallTN1413.2512.251251.5
Josh CounceFL17.517.51651
Patrick GriffithGA13.7513.2512.7511.2551
Brandon StrockTN17.516.751549.25
James JaniczekNC2113.251347.25
Clint CarnahanOH171613.7546.75
David GoldingNC19.513.7513.2546.5
Joe ParkuloNC18.2514.7513.546.5
Barry DavisSC181412.7544.75
Tyler SmithSC17.514.7512.544.75
Lance ColeyAL16.514.512.7543.75
Tim CrabtreeOH14.7514.51443.25
Jason BroachSC14.514.51342
Billy SlattonGA13.7513.2512.7539.75
Tou YangSC13.513.251339.75
Charles LathanSC13.2512.251237.5
Joshua SharpTN21.513.2534.75
Allen SweatFL19.51433.5
Joshua EvansMD171633
Spencer EtzlerPA19.512.2531.75
Mike PenneySC15.251530.25
Stephen TrainorSC15.251530.25
John LaddNC1712.529.5
Phillip EhlenSC15.7513.529.25
Ben CrimmingerSC1514.2529.25
R.J. HooverMI15.7512.2528
Richard ToepferNJ15.512.528
Kyle YonceNC1413.527.5
Brian RossOH13.7513.527.25
Ian GileskiLA151227
Larry CriderNC141226
Paul AverillKY13.2512.7526
Derek TaylorAL12.51224.5
Bobby ThompsonAL12.2512.2524.5
Butch BoothSC20.2520.25
Johnny BarrettSC16.7516.75
William QueenNC16.516.5
Jeremy HughesNC16.2516.25
Jay WallenKY16.2516.25
Jackie HughesNC1616
Nate MoehringOH15.515.5
Corey RacerNC15.2515.25
Guillermo FuentesNC1515
Greg ThomasPA1515
Mitchell WhiteGA14.7514.75
Owen WhitehurstGA14.514.5
Shane WilliamsFL14.514.5
Cole KleffmanIN1414
Rashaad GoldsmithSC1414
Daniel LyonsTN1313
Steven StockingerNC12.7512.75
John FergusonTN12.512.5
Jason IsaacsOH1212
Durance LowendickGA1212
Tyler BartonKY0
Curtis BaumgardnerNC0
Christopher DeckerNC0
Shawn FieldsGA0
Raymond GarrenSC0
Lance McWhorterTX0
Saturday MelNC0
Arlie MintonNC0
Benjamine VangGA0
Jonathan YoderSC0
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