August 28, 2021
La Crosse, WI
Human Powered

Mississippi River

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Mississippi River -La Crosse, WI


August 28, 2021
August 29, 2021

Event Info

This stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole, takes us back to La Crosse, WI and the Mighty Mississippi River.  Over the years pools 7,8, and 9 have been host to countless high level professional tournaments due to the plentiful population of Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.  Anglers will get to have their choice of main river and backwater fishing opportunities along with ample vegetation, current, rocks, and islands in this unique river fishery.

Anglers will be competing for a cash payout of 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in our Tournament of Champions this November on Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, AL.  Many random giveaway prizes will be awarded as well.

Event Headquarters: Onalaska Omni Center: 255 Riders Club Rd Onalaska WI 54650

We encourage all of our anglers to stay with us in our host community of La Crosse, WI.  An Additional source for lodging, food and amenities is;


August 7th – Anglers are no longer allowed to hire OR communicate with guides on this fishery or about this fishery.

August 23rd  – Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must begin using a tournament approved vessel.  Motors on kayaks are allowed for practice only.

August 25th – Registration Ends at 11:59pm.

August 27th  –

4 pm Practice ends

5-7 pm Anglers will bring their metal Ketch Boards and Check-in inside the Omni Center.  We will have pizza and prize giveaways.

730 pm- Angler meeting will begin and also be broadcast on Facebook for those that didn’t stay at the HQ

August 28th

5:30 am- First Launch

6:00 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

730 pm- Facebook Live meeting and Day 2 ID code announcement.

August 29th

5:30 am- First Launch

6:00 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

5 pm- Facebook Live awards with Top 10% @ Onalaska Omni Center

Event Boundaries:

Anglers can launch at any public access on pools 7,8, and 9 of the Mississippi River and its connected ‘backwaters’.  The eastern launch boundaries will be ramps/public access along or to the west of Great River Road/Highway 35. The western launch boundaries will be ramps/access along or east of Great River Road (X52) and Highway 26, Highway 16, Highway 14/61. Anglers must launch within the boundaries but can pedal or paddle up a tributary as far as they can.  No portaging is allowed. Body of water must be connected and navigable to the Mississippi to be considered legal.

Anglers are responsible for confirming their launch is legal.

Anglers must have a legal fishing license for the waters they are fishing. Special rules, regulations and agreements apply when fishing the Upper Mississippi River. Reciprocity agreements between Wisconsin and the states of Iowa and Minnesota allow a person to fish the boundary waters on the Mississippi River providing they have a valid fishing license from one of the adjacent states. The boundary waters area is defined by the railroad tracks that parallel both sides of the river. However, residents must possess a resident license when fishing in their own states boundary waters. Regulations between Wisconsin and the other states differ so anglers must obey the regulations in the state they are fishing.

Metal Ketch Boards Only

Please register early so we can communicate with you on any updates and changes for the event as we get closer.


The Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole Total Boat Control on the Mississippi River has come to a close and these 3 angler earned their spot on top of 110 anglers from all over the country. There were over 900 fish caught, released and submitted to the tournament management system this weekend.
Matthew Brannon (SC) was able to remain consistent both days and led the entire field all of day 2, ending with 167.25″ of Mississippi River bass. Earning him a spot at the TOC and a $6250 pay day.
Rus Snyders (TN) the reigning champion of this event also remained consistent all weekend and secured a 2nd place finish, some valuable FarWide AOY points and $3355 for his performance.
Jay Wallen (KY) is riding some late season momentum and caught the largest 5 fish limit of the event (85.75″) on Day 2 and locked down a 3rd Place finish worth $2155.
Because Rus and Jay had previously qualified, 4th place angler Eric Fletcher (PA) and 6th place finisher Guillermo Gonzalez(TX) secures their spot in the 50 angler TOC this November.
Joey Vanyo (MN) secured the Bassin Magazine Big Bass with his Day 1 brute smallie that measured 19.5″, a fish worth $400!


AnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5TOTAL
Eric FletcherPA1918.517.516.51485.5
Derrick JehnWI17.7517.2517.25171685.25
Richie McMichaelKS17.7517.516.2516.251683.75
Matt HinesIA1817.5161615.583
Adam RiserTN17.516.7516.516.2515.7582.75
Matthew BrannonSC17.2517.2516.25161682.75
Rus SnydersTN1816.516161682.5
Zach HumphriesWI1816.251615.7515.7581.75
Guillermo GonzalezTX17.2516.25161615.7581.25
Dylan LoweryGA17.2516.5161615.2581
Allen SweatFL19.2517.516.513.7513.580.5
Jeff MalottAR17.516.7515.7515.2515.2580.5
Brian DelahuntyAL17.2516.51615.515.2580.5
Anthony WinklemanKY17.7516.251615.514.7580.25
Hernán CortezWI17.7516.2515.7515.2515.2580.25
R.J. HooverMI18.751615.51514.7580
Chuck BahanLA17.2516.251615.7514.579.75
Cody MiltonAR18.2516.2515.7514.514.579.25
Dustin MurguiaIL17.516.7516.514.51479.25
Jason CassettyIN16.75161615.7514.7579.25
Brady StorrsNE16.516.2515.7515.51579
Jordan WestermanIA16.751615.7515.7514.578.75
Eric SiddiqiOH1715.2515.2515.251577.75
Nick MatthewsIN17.251716.51412.7577.5
Danny LeMN16.2515.515.2515.2515.2577.5
Jay WallenKY1615.7515.515.251577.5
Benjamin XiongWI16.515.7515.514.7514.7577.25
Chris LongshoreNE15.7515.515.515.2515.2577.25
Cody PratherTX19.2517.7514.7512.7512.577
Kevin WorkmanNE1716.516.25141376.75
Jeremiah BurishWI16.7516.2515.2514.513.7576.5
Tim IsaacsWV17151514.7514.576.25
Jody QueenWV16.515.51514.7514.576.25
Darrell CorneliusOH16.2515.2515.2514.7514.576
Scott StuhlmannMN1615.7515151475.75
Katherine FieldUT16.2516.2514.7514.513.575.25
Adam ShepardKY15.7515.2515.2514.514.575.25
Mel AsheMO16.251514.7514.514.2574.75
Josiah MeaderIA15.515.251514.514.574.75
Gary TrkulaMN17.51514.51413.574.5
Matthew ScotchTX17161513.51374.5
Colin HeathmanWI181514.25141374.25
Jim ClarkAL161514.7514.7513.574
Patterson LeeWI16.2515.514.7514.512.573.5
Keith FreeseTN15.515.2514.514.2513.7573.25
Josh StewartTN16.51514141372.5
Mike ElseaIN17.751513.2513.251372.25
Kenneth MorrisOH15.25151513.51371.75
Josue RodriguezOK1715.51412.751271.25
Cole KleffmanIN16.2514.2512.7512.751268
Christa HibbsAR1513.7513.2513.2512.7568
Joe MenoOH1612.7512.7512.7512.566.75
Matt BallOH1414131312.7566.75
Benjamin WagnerIA15.7513.2513121266
Kristine FischerNE1312.7512.7512.512.563.5
Nick ChabarriaMO13.2512.7512.25121262.25
Dave SewellIN17.515.514.7513.7561.5
Ross McveyVA15.251514.514.559.25
Kyler BranaumKY15.514141356.5
Katie BackaTX15.51413.7512.555.75
Jeff ThompsonWI17.2512.7512.512.555
Brian CoyneWI15.51412.251253.75
Randy WagnerIA14.251312.51251.75
Kevin SwanIL19161449
Terrik WalkerOH15.7515.2515.2546.25
Joe McElroyAL17.515.2512.2545
Michael IwasykTX15.514.7514.2544.5
Travis Von NeumannOH16.2514.51343.75
David IwasykIL14.514.2512.7541.5
Pat LassekNE151312.2540.25
Rick ValadezNE15.512.51240
Caroline HibbsAR14.7512.7512.540
Dan EbneterMN1412.512.2538.75
Joe EisnerPA13.251312.538.75
Tim GurleyIA13.512.51238
Todd PatrickOH13.5121237.5
Ryan ThompsonMN1312.251237.25
Lor VueWI17.51532.5
Mike MooneyGA16.2515.531.75
Drew GregoryOH15.751530.75
Arlie MintonNC15.751530.75
George NemethOH15.2514.2529.5
Robert SchusterWI16.512.529
Clayton HaskeOH13.51326.5
Hiep NguyenKS12.7512.525.25
Justin LargenVA1717
Nicole KingWI15.2515.25
Craig StormsNY14.7514.75
Troy NydeggerKS14.2514.25
Adam DewittNE13.513.5
Mark PendergrafTX1313
Caesar NavaIL12.512.5
Simon MorganNY12.512.5
Terry ElkinsKY12.2512.25
Ryan BackaTX1212
Markus AyersUT0
Brian CarsonTX0
Chad DagleyTX0
Jim DavisTN0
Joshua GaugerWI0
Zach GibbonsMN0
Nate GloriaNE0
Jason IsaacsOH0
Toby KleffmanIN0
Elvis LeeMN0
Sean PalmeterWI0
Hernan SantiestebanWI0
Mark SpringerMO0
Neil StenslandMN0
Joey VanyoMN0
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